Top Picture Books Lists of the Year

These are the top picture book lists that received the most visits on the blog this year. My chapter book lists are by far more popular than picture books, which is the reason I make two “top 10″ posts every year. I don’t want the picture books to feel left out! ...more

Ornament Coloring Page

My son loved this brand new ornament coloring page from Melanie Hope Greenberg. I left it on the table for him to find after school and he sat right down to do it! Print it out along with her...more

(Our) Best Chapter Book Lists (of the Year)

At the end of the year, one of my favorite things to do is look back at see what book lists you — my lovely audience — found useful. What I learned last year is that you love a good chapter book list. I understand that ....more

Easy Swedish Christmas Craft for Kids

All my life I have adored Swedish Christmas crafts and traditions, and these...more

Snowflake “Stained Glass” Window Project

I am enamored with our...more

(Our) Best Books of the Year (Part 3)

I love sharing our favorite new children’s books. This part three in a year long series in which I share what my kids and I consider to be the best books of the year. Be sure to peruse our 2014 favorite children’s books, part 1 and best children’s books, part 2 for more great titles, and since good books never go out of style our lists of favorite children’s books of 2013...more

Game of the Month: Gobblet!

Gobblet! is today’s...more

Easy Hanukkah Crafts for Kids

When it comes to crafts, I need simple crafts! Most of my crafty energy (what little of it there is)...more

9 Christmas Chapter Books to Read Aloud

Do you enjoy a good family read aloud book during the Christmas season? These Christmas chapter books may be just the thing to bring everybody together with a cup of hot chocolate and a plate of cookies. This book list meant as a complementary list to my winter themed chapter books....more