Poetry Writing Challenge {Week 3} – Onomatopoeia and Couplets

Did you have fun working on alliteration and color poems in last week’s poetry writing challenge? My 6 year old adored making up alliterative sentences! I had to ask him to take a break while we were brushing his teeth because he was getting toothpaste all over his face! ...more

DIY Temporary Tattoos Designed by Kids!

Is it bragging to say I am in love with this recent project? Don’t you think these...more

Summer Book List for Beginning Readers

Nurturing beginning readers is a delicate balance of finding the right books and not applying too much pressure! Both of my boys love books but they had very different experiences learning to read. My older child spoiled me by learning to read on his own when he was 3, but my youngest is now 6 and still working on sounding out words ....more

Poetry Writing Challenge {Week 2}

How did last week’s poetry writing challenge go for you? We were very casual and one evening around the dinner table we made up similes about our day. I had hoped to get the boys to write down their acrostics, but instead we turned them into songs! ...more

Butterfly Fairy Coloring Page (plus activity)

This month’s free coloring page from children’s book illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg is perfect for my 8 year old self — and doubly so because you can transform this butterfly fairy coloring page into a pretend play theater activity. I’ve always felt a little wistful about the fact that I can...more

Magic Early Chapter Books For Kids Ages 5-9

I’ve been working on putting together book lists that will be useful for summer reading. Since summer is that mythical magical time, it seemed like a list of magic early chapter books would be a good addition to my ongoing series of lists for kids who are past easy readers but not yet ready for middle grade fiction. These books all feature large-ish fonts, illustrations and an easy reading length, perfect for 5-9 year olds ....more

Poetry Writing Challenge for Kids {Week 1}

Welcome to the second annual What Do We Do All Day? poetry challenge for National Poetry Month. Last year’s challenge was all about getting you to start reading poetry on a regular basis with your kids and this year we are going to focus on writing ....more

Awesome Math Art: Transforming Ninja Star

We are in love with these...more

Unique and Creative Non-Boring Poetry Books to Make You Love Poetry

Whenever I talk about poetry I hear a handful of comments along the lines of “I can’t...more

5 Week Poetry Challenge for National Poetry Month

Last year, for National Poetry Month, I put together a weekly challenge to get kids and families excited about reading poetry. It was the first time I had truly, intensely and deliberately started reading poetry with my kids. It was a marvelous experience, and poetry has remained a joyful part of our daily life ....more