Summer Camp at Home: Budget-Friendly Plans

I know summer is supposed to be fun and fancy free, but don’t you ever feel completely overwhelmed at the idea of having your kids at home with you 24/7? I’ll be the first to admit it. I do ....more

2nd Grade Read Aloud Books

Although am calling this...more

DIY Summer Math Camp: Budget-Friendly Activity Plans

Summer camp is really expensive. Maybe not where you live, but in our area, sending one kid to camp costs thousands of dollars. I’d love to be able to tell my kids to keep themselves busy with free play 24/7 for 2 and half months, but then there is a lot of sibling fighting, and… ....more

Make Your Own Kite Storybook Coloring Page

Time for this month’s coloring page, which it just so happens will also turn on the tap of your kids’ literacy juices. What I mean to say is: fans of Melanie Hope Greenberg’s coloring pages will love this darling make-your-own kite storybook coloring page. Kids can color to their hearts content, write a few words (or even a hundred, if they write tiny), and fold it up into a little book to read to mom and dad, or grandma and grandpa at story time ....more

Lunch Box Poetry: Literacy Learning at Lunch!

It looks like I have accidentally turned my “literacy at lunch” posts into a series! Today’s lunch box poetry joins the lunch box tongue twister notes and the lunch box word puzzles as a way to make the school cafeteria a wee bit more exciting. I wondered whether it was too late to make these poetry notes for you seeing as how National Poetry Month is almost over ....more

Chapter Books for Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

May is Asian-Pacific Islander American Heritage Month, and while of course you should be reading these books all year long, it is nice to have a dedicated time to remind ourselves to explore a unique heritage. I adore all the books on this list of chapter books for Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month and I think you will, too. (Bonus: I finally got a list out in plenty of time for you to get them delivered in time to your library...more

35+ Make Your Own Puzzles for Kids: Ideas for all Ages

If you’ve perused this blog at all you will have noticed that we love puzzles. While one of my kids had a rabid love of jigsaw puzzles at a young age, the other did not. However, both kids enjoyed out of the box puzzle ideas that we made ourselves, and fortunately there are many types of make your own puzzles that have nothing to do with jigsaws! ...more

Magic Triangle: Math Puzzle for Kids

Are you ready to give your kids a fun math puzzle and brain teaser to streeeaaaatch their brains? I’m ready to give you one! Have you ever heard of the magic triangle puzzle? ...more

Children’s Poets Your Kids Should Know (And Will Love!)

Long time readers (kiss kiss hug hug) may have noticed that I am not always the best with holiday type deadlines. Case in point: I really should have gotten this list of children’s poets out before...more

Fun Drawing Games to Make Your Kids Laugh

Hold on to your pens and pencils folks. You are going to need them for the awesomeness I am about to introduce to you. Silly art that will make your kids giggle, laugh, guffaw, titter and flail about hysterically ....more