8 Ways to Use Poetry to Calm Your Kids and Bring Joy to Your Daily Life

I am happy to report that our home has experienced an explosion of poetry, a “poetry renaissance”, if you will. Back in April, I started the Poetry Reading Challenge and it would not be an overstatement to say that it changed our lives. As I reflect on how we have infused our daily life with poetry it became clear to me that poems often have a calming effect on the kids ....more

34 Play Dough Activities for Fine Motor

Play dough is great for fine motor work! Originally I had not intended to write a post about play dough activities but as today is National Play Dough day (Seriously. For...more

10 Funny Books to Read Aloud

This list of funny books to read aloud is primarily (with a few exceptions) composed of books that can be found elsewhere on my book lists, but a few days ago a fellow parent and I were chatting about how much fun it is when our kids laugh out loud when we are reading. I thought maybe it would be useful to share which books made my kids roll with laughter. I don’t mean a giggle here and there, or a smile and a chuckle ....more

Train Coloring Page {Perfect for Parties}

This train coloring page is perfect for the child who thinks that no...more

Handmade Journals and Books about Writing for Kids

The kids are back to school and it’s time for another book art project with my partner in bookish awesomeness, Ana from Babble Dabble Do. As you know, I try to encourage my kids to exercise their writing skills in playful ways, including using journals for fine motor work, or making a hobby book. Ana has created a very simple bookbinding project for kids that will also help you upcycle all those gorgeous pieces of art they have been creating on a daily basis since they were old enough to wield a brush ....more

12+ Books for Kids Not Ready for Harry Potter

Every child should read Harry Potter, but not every child is ready to read the entire series in one go. I mentioned in my post about how to choose chapter books for kids that the age of the protagonist is a good general guideline for the age of the reader. Harry Potter is 11 in book one and 17 in the final book ....more

Game of the Month: Story Cubes

You may have seen the popular Story Cubes game on the shelf at the toy store, or buzzing along in your Pinterest feed, and I’m here to say that if you haven’t played this literacy game, it’s time to correct that oversight and that is why Story Cubes is our Game of the Month. (Note: affiliate links are included in this post.) We’ve had Rory’s Story Cubes for several years, but it wasn’t until recently that the boys really started playing it. I think how you approach this game depends a lot on the...more

Literacy at Lunch: Tongue Twister Lunch Box Notes

My kids and I like to practice tongue twisters. They are a silly, fun distraction when we are out and about and make a good alternative to screen time when the kids get antsy waiting for a bus or an appointment. Lately I’ve been seeing lunch box note printables going through my Pinterest feed and I thought it might be fun for my kids to have a tongue twister to share with their friends in the cafeteria every day ....more

Children’s Books for Hispanic Heritage Month

Every kid will love these...more

Children’s Books Set in New York City

Today’s list is all about great...more