Fun and Amazing Brain Teasers for Family Gatherings

What’s the secret for peaceful family gatherings? Hint: it’s not a discussion of politics and religion. If you are bracing yourself for the family to descend, the best weapon you can have at your disposal is a brain teaser or a magic trick ....more

Game of the Month: Crab Stack

My youngest son has been playing Crab Stack every day after school since Blue Orange graciously sent us a set to try out! It has been interesting to watch his strategy evolve over time as he figures out the most effective ways to win the game. It was the obvious choice for my November game of the month ....more

Picture Books for Every Child’s Interest (Gift Guide)

This is my third list of gift books for every child’s interest. Today I’m sharing...more

Creative STEM Gifts for Maker Kids

As a parent, I am always looking for gifts that my kids will love but will engage and challenge their natural curiosity about the way things work, as well as being toys that have staying power, that they can play with over and over again. Toys and games that promote S.T.E.M. (Science Technology Engineering and Math) learning are a good place to start. I’ve chosen the items below based on our experience with the products or because they have caught my eye and I’ve added them to our wish list....more

Learning to Love Audiobooks

Amy from Sunlit Pages is back with some great advice for helping your kids love audiobooks. Audiobooks have saved me on many on occasion. Amy has some suggestions for audiobooks at the end of this post , and you can also visit my list of audiobooks kids love ....more

Sibling Kindness Advent Calendar

Do your kids fight as much as mine? Are you constantly struggling to find ways to help your kids find the positive side of having siblings? I have bad news and good news ....more

Easy Christmas Crafts for Tweens and Kids

The only thing better than an...more

Early Chapter Books to Match Every Child’s Interest (Gift Guide)

Thanks to all my newsletter subscribers who answered my call for feedback on what type of books you want to find for your kids! There will be another list next week, so stay tuned for that. Last week I made a book list of middle grade chapter books for every child’s interest, but if those were slightly too advanced for your kid, this week’s list should do the trick ....more

My Favorite Gift for Kids (That’s Not a Book)

You all know my absolute favorite gift for kids is a book, and we do quite like to give games as well, but I have recently been converted to the absolute awesomeness of subscription boxes. Last year we began a Kiwi Crate and a Tinker Crate monthly subscription and they have brought a lot of joy into our life, primarily because it is fun way for me to spend one on one time with the boys. I do admit, that one of the things I like best about subscription boxes is that they include everything you need!!! ...more

Star Wars Gifts for Kids that Promote Learning!

Did you ever think you would see an educational Star Wars gift guide? It’s no secret that I’ve harnessed my son’s love of Star Wars for learning activities at home, most recently writing Star Wars books together. Every year I like to make gift guides based on the interests that are swirling around in our household, and Star Wars gifts was the obvious choice ....more