A “Tip Jar” to Help Siblings Get Along

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Indoor Activities for Tweens

My giant list of Indoor Activities for Kids is my most popular page, but what about if you have bigger kids, or what is commonly referred to as “tweens”? (Am I the only one who dislikes that term? Although it is quite convenient ....more

10 Math Books for Babies and Toddlers

My oldest son’s favorite subject is math. From a very early age it was clear that he was drawn to numbers and counting. I encouraged his interest with math themed books and math activities continue to be a major part of our lives....more

12 Chapter Books About Diverse (and Loving) Families

This list of books about diverse families came about for two reasons. First, part of my role as a parent is to help my kids become compassionate individuals, and one way to do that is by teaching them about diverse families and cultures. We’ve read picture books about diverse characters, and now we are adding in some chapter books ....more

Indoor Active Game: Land, Sea and Air

A friend of mine taught me this indoor active game you can play instantly (and anywhere) with your kids. With the weather dipping below freezing we are spending time using our list of indoor activities for inspiration, and...more

Emotions Coloring Pages – Help Kids With Feelings

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14 President Books For Kids (That’ Won’t Put You to Sleep)

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Dots and Boxes Game: An Indoor Game You Can Play Instantly

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How to Find Time to Read (Without Neglecting Your Children)

I’m quite delighted to introduce Amy as a contributing author to this blog! Amy previously gave stellar advice on how to help children love...more