May Is National Masturbation Month!

Happy Masturbation Month!     May is Masturbation Month, a time for all of us as adults to get to know ourselves better. It is a also a time to defrost from the stigma of touching ourselves.  It is a time to get to know what we like and perhaps even figure out why we like it. It is a time for us to stand up, lie down, turn sideways and get sexy with ourselves....more

The Crimson Chronicles 7A: Going to Rio or..? Episode 020513

     Today's topic:  to shave or not to shave.     It is always surprising to find that this topic is still a rager. Shaving is a personal preference. For every OCDer shaving the hair yet to sprout, there is always someone a little more relaxed.  Whether shaving, waxing, threading etc the issue basically is to groom.     Except when it comes to genitalia....more

The Crimson Chronicles 7: Equal time denied 300413

One of the worst commercials ever to be shown is this one:      There is nothing wrong with having a disease. There is nothing wrong with discussing said affliction. There is nothing wrong with having support groups, information, blogs, etc offering a pathway of healing and relief.     There is something wrong with it being aimed at only one sex....more

The Crimson Chronicles 6A: Touch 250413

     Touch. It is one of the most basic forms of human connection. Yet it is a constant surprise to hear young women express revulsion at the very thought of touching themselves, of touching others, of post-coital touching and cuddling.  The surprise comes from the fact that these are women growing up in one of the most permissive eras of human sexuality, where sex is available to both men and women, where the Internet offers a cornucopia of various sexual outlets twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Why then this adverse aversion to touch?...more

The Crimson Chronicles 6: Self-love is often the best love Episode 230413

     One lesson learned along the highways and by-ways of life: keep a vibrator close to hand.     Part of being a woman, of being an independent being known as an adult, is the ability to control one's own body and one's own sexuality. Part of controlling one's sexuality lies in the knowledge of what constitutes one's own sexuality, what limits and boundaries, what kinks and secret desires are harboured deep inside.     Thus, the vibrator is the essential tool of the modern woman....more

The Crimson Chronicles Episode 5: How to enjoy the one you are with 170413

     One of the many interesting things about the sex life of your average homo sapiens is the concept(or lack thereof) of monogamy.   One man or woman's ball-and-chain scenario is another's shelter from the storms of the vagaries of dating....more

Why Are We Afraid To Talk Before Sex?

Editor's Note: I cannot overstate the importance of having candid conversations about sexual health prior to having sex with a new partner. Even if you've been with someone before, you ought to periodically ask relevant questions to keep abreast of any risks to your own health. It's YOUR body and YOUR responsibility. Stay safe, stay healthy, and have fun!! - Feminista Jones ...more
Having a pitch... and practicing it... is wonderful advice. "Condoms are required- don't worry I ...more

The Crimson Chronicles Episode 4A: A closed mouth...practise makes perfect edition 110413

     Max and Ben are clients of mine, who visit #TheRedRoom ocassionally for various services and delights.  They are both discreet, respectful, well-behaved, educated and world travellers. They arrive at their appointments well-groomed, with the proper attitude and able to clearly articulate their needs, desires and hopes. In short, Max and Ben are the perfect clients.     So why are you reading about Max and Ben?...more