Crazy Yet Interesting Valentine's Day Facts (INFOGRAPHIC)

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? And do you expect a gift from your significant other? Well, if you do, you are not the only one. This popular holiday is one of the most celebrated holiday of the year as well as one of the most marketable and profitable....more

Saving Miley: From Rags To Riches + Video Update One Year Later (VIDEOS)

When Miley was rescued in November 2013, she was living on a garbage dump in South Central Los Angeles, suffering from a severe case of demodectic mange and so sick, she was on the verge of death. Almost too weak to stand, Miley finally made it to the car and was brought to veterinary care center to be cleaned and to receive medical care....more

A Better Understanding Of Alzheimer's Disease (INFOGRAPHIC & VIDEOS)

On December 31st, 2014, the Facebook picture of Giancarlo Murisciano took the internet by storm in just a few days. He was photographed cradling his 87-year-old grandmother, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease, and he decided to post the picture on his Facebook page....more

6 Essential Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe In The Winter (INFOGRAPHIC)

Now that we have definitely entered the coldest period of the year, we have to think about our beloved furry family members and protect them against these extreme temperatures. Just like us, dogs' health can be at risk when they are outdoors for too long in the bitter cold. Therefore, it's up to us to take the necessary measures so our furbabies stay healthy and happy....more

The Origins Of New Year's Resolutions And How To Stick To Them (VIDEOS)

As we begin a new year, everybody is talking about the resolutions they will make. But lets face it, not many people will stick to what they put on their list and will eventually revert to their previous habits. But did you ever think about how this resolution business got started? And do we really stick to them?...more

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Christmas Tree (INFOGRAPHIC)

Christmas is already behind us and the year is almost over. Some of us remove our Christmas decorations as soon as Christmas is over, but others keep them up until Epiphany. Either way, putting a Christmas tree up at Christmastime dates back several centuries and I thought this could be interesting to know where this all came from and when it all started....more

The Scientific Secrets Behind A Happy Relationship (INFOGRAPHIC)

Being in a romantic relationship is definitely hard work and can require lots of compromises. Although it's not an easy thing to do, you can succeed at being happy with your partner. Some studies, based on scientific facts, can actually help you improve your relationship and be happier with the one you love....more

Dog Body Language: What Your Pooch Desperately Wants You To Know (VIDEO)

Dogs are not like us when it comes to expressing their feelings, they can't speak. But our beloved pups are full of emotions waiting to come out and even though they can't tell us with words, they are talking to us all the time....more

Understanding Dyslexia: Basic Facts About This Learning Disability (INFOGRAPHIC)

Learning to write and read is really hard to do, especially when you have a learning disorder like dyslexia. Also called specific reading disability, it affects 1 in 10 kids and 2.9 million children in the United States. Dyslexia is not a matter of intelligence or visual acuity and is not related to a person's IQ....more

8 Thanksgiving Day Foods That Can Be Harmful To Your Dog (INFOGRAPHIC)

It's Thanksgiving Day in the United States and each year, this is a special opportunity to be thankful for all the good things that happen in your lives. It's also the perfect time to share them with your friends and families and enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving dinner that will be full of yummy treats. Although those foods are really good to eat for humans, they could endanger the lives of your beloved furbabies if, inadvertently, they would eat some....more