The Science Of Spiciness: Why Your Body Reacts To Spicy Foods (VIDEO)

Do you like spicy foods? Well, if you do, did you ever think about the reasons why you like them so much? And what happens to your body when you eat them? Do you enjoy the pain more or are you just tougher than those you don't like spicy foods? In fact, the video below, created by Ted Ed, can teach you everything there is to know about this....more

Three Different Species, Three Different Ways To Breathe (INFOGRAPHIC)

Breathing is something we do without thinking about it and without any effort. But did you ever question yourself about the science behind this? Well, I thought it could be interesting to learn the ventilatory mechanism that helps us breathe and I found the perfect infographic to illustrate it, along with two other species....more

This Is Actually Great News For Chocolate Lovers (INFOGRAPHIC & VIDEO)

Who doesn't like chocolate? That creamy goodness with its wonderful texture and amazing taste is really hard to resist. Well, I don't think there are too many people who can resist it and if you're one of them you definitely belong to a minority! I can honestly say that chocolate is my favorite sweet and I always felt guilty when I ate chocolate because I thought it was bad for me....more

Early Detection Of Breast Cancer: How Getting A Mammogram Can Help (VIDEO)

When you go for a mammogram, you hope for the best. You hope that you won't receive that dreadful phone call from the doctor telling you they found something abnormal on your mammogram X-ray. Since October is breast cancer awareness month, I thought I'd share my story and show how important it is to have a mammogram each year....more

Women Are At Higher Risk Of Having A Stroke Than Men (INFOGRAPHIC & VIDEO)

Strokes among women seem to be on the rise and can be often fatal because the symptoms aren't as obvious as in some other illnesses. Also, it seems that, as the years go by, more women are having strokes than men and more women die of strokes. This disease is now the third leading cause of death in Canada and the fourth leading cause in the United States so it's very important that women are aware of the symptoms and the causes of stroke....more

What A Stay-At-Home Mom Should Earn As A Salary In 2014 (INFOGRAPHIC)

Stay-at-home moms do each day a multitude of tasks that we often take for granted and all of this without pay. That's why has carried out its annual survey which 15 000 mothers have participated to. They narrowed it down to the top 10 most time-consuming jobs moms have to do daily and found out that our mothers juggle an average of 96.5 hours of work every week....more

How Social Media Can Have A Weird Effect On Your Brain (INFOGRAPHIC)

Nowadays, almost everybody is on internet and especially on social media. But did you ever think about the fact that using those social media platforms can influence the way your brain is wired? Nowadays, people are walking around with their heads glued to their smartphone screen and they communicate with their friends through Facebook or Twitter. That's why it's not really surprising that we question ourselves about this....more

The Dangers Of Blood Clots: What You Should Know About This (INFOGRAPHIC)

When I heard about the death of Michael Johns yesterday, I couldn't believe it. At only 35 years old, he passed away on Friday, August 1 due to a blood clot originating in his ankle, according to The Hollywood Reporter....more

Scared Homeless Dog Gets Rescued, Finds Himself Living Like A Celebrity (VIDEO)

This homeless little dog was living in an abandoned lot when the remarkable animal rescue organization Hope For Paws received a call about the stray dog. Right away, Eldad Hagar and his team went to pick him up so he could have a chance at a better life. But the rescue mission didn't go as easy as expected at first, but eventually had a happy ending....more

Complete Breakdown Of The 2014 Back-To-School Spending (INFOGRAPHIC)

Back-to-school expenses are increasing significantly as the years go by. The National Retail Federation (NRF) conducted a consumer survey with the help of Proper Insights & Analytics and the results indicated that the 2014 back-to-school spending will come up to a whopping $74.9 billion....more