Show Us Your Favorite Football Team-Inspired Shoes!

This is how much interest I have in American professional football: zero, zilch, nada, none, nil! So you can imagine my great lack of enthusiasm when my football-loving co-workers suggested that we theme this week’s shoe shot to align with a certain upcoming game taking place on Sunday....more

Piles o' Shoes for Thursday: Show Us Yours!

This Thursday at BlogHer HQ, we have extra bodies in the office. When I rallied the troops, members from different BlogHer teams flocked for the weekly shoe shot at different times. To accommodate the the crowd, we took two! See if you can spot the special guest appearance of BlogHer Editor in Chief, Stacy Morrison...or CEO and fearless leader Lisa Stone...or some of the illustrious members of our Design team......more

Thursday Shoes - We Are What We Wear!

For this week’s shoe shot I asked the team to wear a shoe that best represents them and to describe why.  With the start of the New Year and new resolutions, many of us are in a more contemplative state; focused on self reflection, changes and growth.  What better way to self discovery than through our shoes?!  How do your shoes reflect who you are? And here are our Thursday shoes, clockwise from upper right.  Enjoy!Jane Collins, Director of Market Research:...more

Happy Shoe Year!

Happy 2013!  The BlogHer Events team has hit the ground running this week after a nice holiday break.  To set the tone for the new year we've opted for least a few of us have.  With so much catch up and regrouping for this short work week, we're keeping today's post short as well.  But please take a peek at our Shoe Shot below and feel free to include your Thursday shoes.  BlogHerLovesShoes! Looking forward to a shoe-filled year of fun!...more
You have outdone yourselves!more

Final Thursday Shoe Shot for 2012!

The BlogHer Events team is ending the year with a BANG and dazzling you all with our most splendid final shoe circle of 2012.  Today we bring you diversity of style; fun colors, sparkliness, buckles, heels, snake skin and suede.  ...more
Whoa, those grey shoes are at least 51 shades of hawt!more

Thursday Shoes, BlogHerPro Style!

Live from our inaugural BlogHerPro conference at the Fairmont, San's Shoe Thursday!As promised, we're taking advantage of our newest event to collect shoe shots from both attendees and BlogHer staff alike.  Given that the events team is pretty busy today, we'll let the pictures speak for themselves.   Enjoy!  And don't forget to share yours too: #BlogHerLovesShoes and BlogHerLovesShoes....more
@Elisa Camahort The shoes in the middle, the colorful boots, VEGAN!more

The Thursday Shoe Shot: We Are Trend Setters!

Clearly, we BlogHers are on to something here! First, it was Nine West, and now DSW is following our lead. Look what we discovered this week: Shoe lovers unite! And now, on to the business of Thursday. Our theme this week is funky/textured/cool. We are keeping things fresh with some asymmetry, lots of suede, a few sparkles, ribbons, laces, and as always, loads of fun....more
I WANT those sparkly Toms! LOVE!more

The Holiday Spirit of Thursday Shoes!

Dear Thursday shoe followers, I am admittedly ill prepared for today's post -- I'm recovering from Thanksgiving holiday travel and a nasty cold. My beloved colleague and fellow shoe enthusiast, BlogHer's Director of Market Research Jane Collins, came to the rescue and offered to ghostwrite today's post on behalf of the Events team. (Thanks, Jane!)...more Find quality shoes at sale prices all year round!more

And It's Thursday Again...Show Us Your Shoes!

It has recently come to the attention of the events team that our Thursday shoe meme is seeping into the digital marketing efforts of big name retailers....more

Thursday Shoes – Spotlight on Monique Maestas-Gower!

If you’re hip to the BlogHer fashion scene, you’ll surely recognize my next interviewee, Monique Maestas-Gower.  She reigns as the first Events team member to grace the runway of our first-ever fashion show at BlogHer ’12, NY.  In case you missed it, here’s a glimpse of her rippin’ it up in a luscious Vivienne Westwood gown and Jessica Simpson heels. ...more
@Momo Fali Thanks Momo!  They are super comfy...more