The Helplessness in Yelling

I saw his teary eyes and my heart broke a little. He had been very, very naughty more than once in the last 13 minutes and I just had not been able to stay calm enough. I had been yelling at him like crazy. And it was not even the first time. ...more

Healthy Lunch box Hacks : Puff Pastry Pea Rolls edition

Almost three years into mothering my sweet little boy, I've had to bend a lot of the principles I had in my mind before entering parenthood. There are others though, that with the cooperation of my little gourmand, I never had any trouble to instill - and those all have to do with food.One of them was that I absolutely wanted him to consider vegetables as an essential part of the meal. Not something I would have to push. Not something we would have to fight over. One condition: taste everything. Even just by licking....more

Building a Legacy of Books for your Children

 A few weeks ago, I was weeding through my books, surprised to own so many. In my mind I rarely bought them, because I could not see why I would. Books aren't cheap. In my opinion it was wise to invest only in the books I would want to read over and over again. To be able to make a proper judgement means you have to read it before you buy it....more
What a beautiful idea!more

The Question People Need to Stop Asking Women

Lately, I'm getting it a lot. The dreaded question. The one that each and every woman in has to hear in her life, probably more than once. I honestly thought I would be able to put that one behind me after my son was born. Apparently not. ...more
uneekdiva the getting married one. Yes. That one too (although I had the luck to be be ...more

Real life tradition

Being the romantic soul that I am, I long for a decorated home. While every year I grudgingly go through the hassle of picking out wraths, lights, candles and cute but stylish (and childproof!) stuff, I always feel peaceful once everything is up. Christmassy, so to say. ...more

A love that makes your heart swell

I met the man after a memorial service that I wrote texts and did the music for. He had lived in the same little town I grew up in and spoke with so much love and tenderness about his wife who passed away last year. I had planned to go home after the service, but decided to just grab a coffee first. I ended up sitting next to him, listening to his stories and memories and feeling my heart swell because he reminded me so much of my grandparents....more

Nursing mode. As if

And then there are unexpected events that cross the quiet days I had planned for myself. A sick kid, for instance.One should think: nursing mode. Lots of sleep and cuddles and some light cooking, water, watching movies. Thermometer, medication, maybe the occasional change of sheets....more

Golden Days

  Those last days of Autumn. Cold is already in the air, but when after a rain shower, sun breaks through, the light is still golden and warm. Working inside, snuggling up with books and magazines. Reading blogs and dreaming about setting up for Christmas in a week or two....more

How to Menu Plan With Veggie Boxes

The last few years, I've been subscribing to different veggie boxes or complete weekly menu boxes, to see what works for me. When I lived in my student town, there were different possibilities to subscribe to organic veggie boxes. To me, the biggest disadvantage was that it was a monthly subscription. Where I live now, there's a very similar system, but you can decide each week if you sign in for next week's box. I like that system a lot—but when I got pregnant, I jumped off, too tired to work out weekly menus based on what was in the box. ...more

The Big Book of Everything - and how to use it

I've been known to be a paper lover ever since I was born. That I've turned into a real notebook addict didn't came as a surprise for anyone. My love for all things that fall into the category office supplies is a genetic thingie, put there by my father who still has a thing for fountain pens and good paper to write on....more
Denise Thank you Denise. The main problem indeed is sticking with something, and I think this ...more