How a Blood Clot Changed My Body Confidence

Of course, it hasn’t stopped me from scrutinizing my body with a less than kind eye now and again, but that shift in focus has been a really powerful thing. So my advice to women when they find themselves dissatisfied with their looks is to try your damndest to shift your perspective. Think about the amazing things your body can do besides fit into your skinny jeans. Think about the way it feels, and what you can do to make it feel better. ...more
Leighbra 2nd guessing every little thing.more

We're not Defined by Our 9-5s

The other night, my friend Emma and I were chatting with a bartender who asked us about our work. We obligingly gave vague descriptions of our respective administrative positions. When he left, we started chatting about how boring that was, and how we really should just tell people about our blogging and photography instead....more

Ten Ways to Boost Your Body Confidence

It seems to be such a rare thing to find a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. And with good reason, I think. There are far too many people who stand to profit from keeping women insecure, preoccupied and dissatisfied with how they look, to extremely detrimental effect to women, girls and society overall. So when I encounter one of these unicorn women, I am fascinated. ...more
Great post!  My blog is similar in topic, and might be of interest.... ...more

Flu-Fighting Frankensoup (and other home remedies)

I’ve been fighting off the threat of a cold/fever for weeks now.You know that feeling where you start to get fever chills and your throat has a distinctly raw quality to it and your neck is sore? I’ve felt it coming on strong at the end of the work week for the past couple of weeks but have managed to squash it (or so I thought) in order to do the weekend overtime hours I crazily signed up for or to run around the city eating dumplings and singing karaoke....more

Misophonia makes Loud Chewing the Stuff of Nightmares

I can’t recall when I first noticed the sound of certain friends and family members’ chewing. I can’t have been more than ten or eleven. But suddenly, the slurping, smacking and chomping of people who ate with, shall we say, a certain gusto, began to have a powerful impact on me....more

Today's Unsolicited Beauty Tip: "Short Hair isn't Sexy"

“I mean, figure skating isn’t a real sport. It’s athletic and beautiful, but it’s not a sport”...more
I wasn't offended by someone simply having a personal preference when it comes to who they're ...more

New Manager: How to Embarrass Yourself at the Office

There are not a lot of how-to guides I feel equipped to write, but when it comes to embarrassing yourself in the workplace, I am sadly a bit of an expert.You see, I’ve been on a bit of a hot streak lately....more
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Why It's OK to Get Upset by the "Little Things" When it Comes to Sexism

Every morning I start my day by blearily stumbling into the kitchen and prodding the power button on my kitchen radio (yes, I still have a radio)....more
You're right; society and gender norms are going downhill and have been centered more for the ...more

Why Catcalls Are Not Compliments

Most people who’ve met me would probably tell you I’m a very upbeat, friendly sort of creature. Even on days when there’s no particular spring in my step, I tend to smile automatically at the people I pass on the street. Few things wipe that friendly smile off my face like a bad old-fashioned cat call. ...more

Between a Scalpel and a Hard Place

People post a lot of stupid things on Facebook (Why yes, I will accept this award for understatement of the decade, thank you very much).Usually I respond by either hiding offenders’ updates from my newsfeed or just severing my tenuous facebook friendship with them completely.Once in a while though, I get sucked in....more