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Nailed it or Failed it? Curly Locks on Short Hair

 So since I got my hair cut, I've been experimenting with different looks. "Pushing the envelope" so to speak on the styles I can do with short hair. After going through my hair appliances, I realized that I had completely forgotten about all of the different ways I used to curl my long locks. One of the safest and my most favorite way to curl my hair was to put curling rods in. I have probably close to a hundreds curling rods of all sizes so of course, the wheels started turning.....cred: netanimations.netI figured if I could get wild curly hair, pair it with my new Hendrix shirt, ripped jeans and my new dark Transylvania lipstick, I could really pull off a badass, rockstar type of look. So I googled short,wild curly hair and and there it was.... My inspiration. ...more