Bats and Brats! 6th BlogHer Food '13 Friday Night Excursion!

Have you heard about the bats in Austin? They live under the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge, and just as Ann Richards was a force of nature, so are these bats! It's estimated that there are 750,000 to 1.5 million bats at the height of "bat season." Nope, I didn't know there was a bat season either! But that's when we'll be in Austin for BlogHer Food '13. Around sunset, these bats take off to go get their food (insects, yum!) and with all of them in flight, it looks like a black cloud emerging from the bridge. ...more

Join us for Vegan Vittles, Another Friday Night Excursion at BlogHer Food '13

Join The Blissful Chef (also known as Christy Morgan) and ATX Vegan Drinks at the Austin vegan bar Cheer Up Charlie's where you can rub elbows with local vegans, enjoy fancy drinks or local kombucha, and eat from two of the most...more

BlogHer Loves Shoes, But You Knew That, Didn't You?

It was that time again....last week!  I even scheduled the shoe shot on the calendar so that we could have maximum footwear represented. But alas, work has gotten in my way, what with BlogHer Food '13 right around the corner.  So my fun work had to wait.  But I did get to wear my fun black Taryn Rose sandals with the bling on them.  I have to apologize to my colleagues at BlogHer for the noise that they make (flap, flap, flap) but I won't give them up! ...more

What's a Bustaurant? Find Out on the BlogHer Food Tacos (& More) Tour!

Here's another chance to explore Austin's cuisine -- this time on a taco tour near our hotel for BlogHer Food '13. This is our fourth no-host excursion that will take place on Friday, June 7 after our reception and it will be led by Wendi Aarons, also known as one of the Mouthy Housewives, who lives in Austin....more

BlogHer Loves Shoes, Especially in the Spring!

Spring has officially sprung here at BlogHer in Belmont.  We've got some bling going on and lovely pedicures too.  Even the Dodger blue toes are cute!  Share your own spring shoe shot on our BlogHer Loves Shoes Tumblr or in the comments (leave a link to your photo!)  If you opt to tweet, the hashtag is #BlogHerLovesShoes Melinna Gershik Senior Events Manager, BlogHer ...more
so pretty :)more

What's Angry Tomato Sauce? Find Out on the 3rd BlogHer Food Excursion!

We've already announced the 1st and 2nd excursions for BlogHer Food '13. And as if getting the low-down on down-home Texas BBQ or a food tour as weird as Austin itself isn't enough for a Friday night, we're adding an East Side pub-crawl to the Friday excursion line-up! Join Austinite Joshunda Saunders on a (no-host) pub crawl through Austin's East Side. ...more

South Austin Progressive Dinner: 2nd Excursion of BlogHer Food '13

Last week, we wrote about one of the optional, no-host excursions during BlogHer Food '13. Another option for our attendees will be to experience some of the eclectic food, music, and culture of Austin during a progressive dinner in South Side of town. This trip will be led by Clay Nichols, an Austinite and author who blogs at DadLabs....more
Excursion confirmed. Tacos, craft brews of India, doughnuts!! There really was no question for ...more

BlogHer Loves ALL Shoes: Our Most Unfashionable Kicks!

Not quite sure about where this week's April Fools tradition came from (and too lazy to look it up right now), but we thought in honor of this odd custom, what if you had to show off your least fashionable shoes? And what if, like me, you had too many to choose from? ...more
crocs win. they are so ugly but functional!more

Got BBQ? Announcing the First of Our Food Excursions for BlogHer Food '13

On the first night of BlogHer Food '13, we will be offering several no-host excursions led by Austin foodies to give our attendees a sense of the local epicurean delights. One of these excursions will be led by Amanda Cowan, of Food on the Table, to go to one what Bon Appetit crowned as the best barbecue in America: Franklin Barbecue. ...more
I'm so excited about this! I've gone to Franklin twice, but I've always been too late! Hopefully ...more

BlogHer Loves Shoes for Spring & Spring Holidays

Spring officially arrived last week and we weren't able to post our shoe shot as we were on site at BlogHer Entrepreneurs, hosted by Skype.  For more information about this conference, check out our Virtual Con....more
I LOVE shoes! I buy one for every occasion.  I buy two or three from each color.  I have about ...more