You're Doing it Wrong: Food Shaming

Last week's "You're Doing it Wrong," covered a couple of food pet peeves that were kind of me-specific and ok, a little weird. This week's topic is a little more universal because it's happened to everyone and is probably a pet peeve of yours that you couldn't put a name to. Until now.You're doing it wrong if...You're food shaming friends, family or anyone for that matter....more

The Valentine Alternative

Oh Valentine's Day, you weird, polarizing holiday. We love to hate you because you make us feel so many things.  If you love Valentine's Day, you're corny. If you hate it, you're bitter. If you have no feelings about it well then what the fuck is wrong with you. You just can't win. If, like me, you've been seeing those red and pink decorations at Target since December, you are just over it....more

Amy Poehler and The Smart Girl Effect

Let's take a minute to talk about Amy Poehler. Amy is awesome not just because she had a successful run on Saturday Night Live, is keeping NBC alive with Parks and Rec and is half of the Amy and Tina comedy hour (just a dream of mine that I hope comes true)....more
Elaine Griffin  I need that reminder every day haha! Thanks for reading!more

You're Doing it Wrong

Hey guys it's Monday. You hate everything. I hate everything. We've accepted that Mondays are just universally hated because it's the day that says "hey, I'm here and now you can't take any naps and you forgot that report that your boss wanted 20 minutes ago."  Monday just does it wrong every week so this week I'm calling it out on its bullshit and going back to my roots in a short series called "You're Doing it Wrong."...more

Tipping Optional?

I moved to Phoenix a couple of months ago from Las Vegas in search of better opportunities for career development and a change of pace, a different life. So far Phoenix has not disappointed, especially in the area of customer service. So far, everyone here has been genuinely friendly and not in that smarmy friendly-because-I-want-you-to-tip-me way that I found so often in Las Vegas. ...more