Do You Admit That You Have a Blog?

I'm a social person. I can easily speak to total strangers, and in class I ALWAYS have a question. However, one topic seldom comes up in real life: my blog. I'll share things on Facebook, where I have friends both from school and from the blogosphere, but other than that it's almost a don't ask, don't tell type of thing. I don't like to mix my online and offline worlds. And I become uncomfortable when other people mix them for me. ...more
I'm happy to mention my blogging and online content offline, but I have quite strict rules on ...more

Has a Comment Ever Made You Want to Quit the Internet?

A few days later, I received a comment that tore me to shreds. This person accused me of writing regurgitated garbage just for the sake of luring traffic from search engines. "I bet you're not even Jewish." His evidence was that I knew nothing of Jewish culture, because I used the word "menorot" and everyone knows it's menorah. ...more
People are more bold on line than in person..and maybe much more out of line.more

Must-have Customer Service Skills