Really? Yes, Really

Well, I’m divorced.  We’ve covered that.  Praise Neptune.He came to get his “final list” of stuff from the house.Final…..yes final.  The damn fourth time of GETTING crap.So, we endure that side show of taking things “off the list”.It’s done.Let’s fast forward to over a week later.  During the trading of the kids…..I hear, “Do you have that Christmas ornament?  The one…..”…………………..…………………..………………….....more

Friends, Friends and more Friends

During this whole process of divorce-assery, I’ve realized I’m a lucky girl.I have:...more

An Open Letter to My Ex-Husband

Ex-Husband,(no salutation necessary)As of yesterday, we are officially divorced.  Finally.Thank you — for not only wasting 16 years of my life, but another full year in divorce.  We ended up on the settlement where we would have been 8 months ago.  Thanks for taking up more of my life.  Thanks for costing more money.Thank you — for making me realize what you were doing during all those times you were detached from us.  Me. The boys....more
adelewishnot YOU GO!!!!!!!  The struggle...the lies.....the utter bs.  And?  We are stronger ...more

One WHOLE Year

 I filed for divorce today.  One year ago.One.  Full.  Year.365 days.I remember I was in shock.I remember I was nervous.I remember I had some tears.I remember thinking “oh, he will want to do this the ‘nice’ way”.I remember I thought we could agree.I remember that I couldn’t believe what he told me.I remembered thinking “it can’t get worse”.It did....more

Snow/Ice/Other Crap

We’ve had “the big one”….the one we get threatened with every year….but this time?Ice…lots of iceSnowMeltingRefreezingSnowRecord low tempsMore snow forecastThis is the South.  Kids are out of school the entire week.  Yes…they just said “to hell with it”.  And?  I’m not surprised....more

The World

The world is scary. No, I mean SCARY. Not just headlines. Not just news. Not what’s trending. Not the latest gossip.True fear.True things that you didn’t think were out there in the world.True monsters.True sadness.True depth of sickness.True sheer terror from people.I see it on social media with my friends and family.I hear of it from others.Personal fear. Personal sadness. Personal....more


Astounding is an interesting word.Can be negativeCan be positive.Crap.  Shoot.  On which....more
Denise Welcome!!!  ASTOUNDINGmore

My New Boyfriend

I have a new boyfriend.  He’s a little young, 6 years…but ‘technically’ that’s 42 in people years.He was recommended from a friend.  Which is the best kind.  I had met him through her — we clicked instantly....more

The Rise and the Fall

Christmas is coming.  You know this.  I know this.  Except the wrinkle:  divorce pending.  Of course it is -- it stays "pending". This year?  I split time with my kids.This year?  I have less to do with gifts.This year?  My plan is different.This year?  I have ups and downs.This year?  I have to let some stuff go.This year?  Please end. There are many rises and falls in my life.   Could be every day.  Could be every week.  Could be a slower rolling.UpandDown...more


I think I might have figured out this divorce business.  It’s basically a game of Chicken.Two people.  Barreling right at each other.  At a top speed.  Staring straight ahead.Hoping? The other one yanks the wheel and caves.A high dollar, physically draining, long game of chicken.Now, I’m not so good at chicken.  I’m not a gambler.  I’m a rule follower.  I’m the one that yanks the wheel in chicken.  Historically.But this one?  This Super Sonic Giant Bad Ass Game of Chicken?...more