4 Ways To Accidentally Rock At Children’s Parties

I don’t often get called effortless: In fact in a stand up contest with a one legged emu I reckon I would still come off looking more awkward. It’s a natural gift of mine, my hair is never tidy, my clothes are always creased and I never, ever look like I have my shit together. This is especially true of birthday parties, which for some reason terrify me beyond all reason ....more

The Secret of Successful Shouting

I feel like I am about to admit something shameful here: In our home, we shout. It feels shameful because of a conceited little meme I once came across a meme with a quote from David O. McKay saying that there should be no shouting unless there was a fire ....more

Reflections on Birth Trauma

In six short days, Alfie will turn five years old....more

Putting Down Roots

I’m a fairly permanent person by nature: I don’t like working as a contractor, and I don’t like renting a home: I like roots....more

The Open Mouthed Toddler Kiss

It has taken me four years and three children to capture this fleeting moment in child development. For weeks Miss Olive has been presenting me with her cheek whenever I ask for a kiss, until last Friday, when instead of a gentile head turn she responded by turning into a pocket sized basking shark and very gently trying to eat my face. Call me a sucker, but I have a real fondness for the open mouthed toddler lunge, despite the inevitable string of slobber it leaves....more

Be Still My Beating Heart

So, it's probably the painkillers talking, but I was going over the photos I took at the weekend and I thought I would share this photo. On Sunday we went to Te Papa to see the Tyrannosaurs exhibition. We lost Alfie at one point and eventually tracked him down making notes on dinosaur behaviour courtesy of a CGI wall that superimposed various beasties interacting with the Wellington scenery ....more

The Day The Universe Kicked My Ass

I took the girls out on a trip to the swimming pool at the weekend, followed by a trip to our favourite cafe. We had an amazing time, in fact we had a perfect time. So much so that as we sat enjoying our perfect desserts, after our perfect lunch I thought to myself that maybe, just maybe I didn't completely suck at this parenting lark ....more

Dulce Et Decorum Est

Wellington has a bit of a penchant for street art. I’m not complaining, I’m a sucker for a paper pigeon, and I actually think it is an amazing way to communicate with residents in a really relevant way....more

The Inevitable Pastime

Christmas 2006 was our first a very special occasion, even by the usual standards of the season; it was the first Christmas after Keith and I had moved in together.It was the sort of Christmas you have before you grow into family sized tables, where furniture is crow-barred into a room and people are pressed elbow to elbow, perched on everything from the coffee table to a lawn chair....more

Happy International Babywearing Week

It's International Babywearing Week this week and like any event that celebrates facets of our parenting choices, it feels a bit strange to see people making such a big deal about something that is such a natural part of our daily lives. Having said that, Sunday is the Wellington Sling Walk and I'm so excited that I will be taking Miss Olive for a jaunt through the centre of town with our friends. It's crazy to think this is already our second sling walk; we hadn't long stepped off the plane and I remember feeling deeply and profoundly at home amongst a gaggle of parents all holding their babies so close....more