Are you STILL Breastfeeding?

I’m part of a freaky club full of women who breastfeed their adult children. Only kidding, she’s 18 months and she can’t even talk yet, but as far as a large segment of the population is concerned, same difference. Considering my previous records of one feed and three months, I never in my wildest dreams though I would be saying this but EIGHTEEN MONTHS AND GOING STRONG!!!! ...more

Christmas Down Under

Christmas does not feel like Christmas.THERE, I've said it, and Miss Olive agrees! I can't get my head around the sunny weather. My body is telling me it's summer, and we should be gearing up for two weeks on a beach, and the shops are filled with the trappings of a winter festival ....more

The Morality of Hiding Behind A Columnist

It’s been a bad week for dinosaurs in the UK: Claridges, the UKIP leader and the license fee black hole that is Jeremy Clarkson all managed to bimble into a conversation they were singularly unqualified to have and then compounded their position by ignoring the Third Rule of Life: When in a ditch, stop digging Like many other nursing mothers, I posted nursing pictures on Twitter and wrote to The Sun and it’s about those words that I write this post. Because I received a reply: “Your complaint: ‘Not the Breast Place’,...more

Three Ways to Plan An Empowering Birth

A few weekends ago I was having coffee with a friend. We have a lot in common, not least of which is that we are both caesarean section mamas grieving the loss of the birth we deserved. “I'm thinking about siblings” she said, “do you think it’s worth trying for a VBAC?” It was a simple question; but the weight of it hung between us, sodden with emotion ....more

Kiwi Mummy Blog Review – Little Ones Care Pack (1 of 6)

When the good folk at Kiwi Mummy Blogs asked me to review a Little Ones Pack...more

Burlesque For All The Family!

I like to think that we provide the children with a fairly wholesome array of influences. That said, regardless of whether they are the socially just, the ethically virtuous or the inkily inclined, if taken in isolation, these influences are going to give the children as arrow a world view as they would have from a childhood in a...more

A Simple Gift of (Stolen) Flowers

Most days I come in from work to a stampede of children vying to launch themselves at my legs while giving me the latest news. Except one: Esme is caught up in a stampede of one, tripping over herself to give me a daily gift of pictures or flowers. It's always the same flowers, pink and blousy, stolen from the bush by the gate ....more

Shared Passions

Most people have a favourite childhood memory that even with the passing of time, is held safe in your heart. For me, that memory is horse riding....more

4 Ways To Accidentally Rock At Children’s Parties

I don’t often get called effortless: In fact in a stand up contest with a one legged emu I reckon I would still come off looking more awkward. It’s a natural gift of mine, my hair is never tidy, my clothes are always creased and I never, ever look like I have my shit together. This is especially true of birthday parties, which for some reason terrify me beyond all reason ....more

The Secret of Successful Shouting

I feel like I am about to admit something shameful here: In our home, we shout. It feels shameful because of a conceited little meme I once came across a meme with a quote from David O. McKay saying that there should be no shouting unless there was a fire ....more