A Review of "All I Know Now"

This is probably the last book review I’ll be allowed to write for a while. Hachette were very kind to send me a copy of All I Know Now: Wonderings and Reflections on Growing Up Gracefully by Carrie Hope Fletcher and because my children are closer to being teenagers than I am, I thought it would be a valuable read....more

We Accidentally Bought A House

We've been over here for a while now, and we have been pretty happy in our rented house: our landlord is lovely, the house is large, the rent is cheap, the view is lovely and the area is awesome....more

Review of Nil Food Wraps

I cycle to work every day....more

Attachment Parent in Training

Do you ever look at a part of your life and wonder whether you are dreaming? Like you know that this is your reality but you feel like at any moment, someone is going to come along and whip this part of your life away because you clearly don't deserve it? I feel like that about writing for The Natural Parent Magazine Every quarter I mail the Hannah with some wafty, ill conceived idea for an article and every quarter she replies with grace and enthusiasm and makes me feel like I have something really valuable to add to the attachment parenting conversation down here in the Southern Hemisphere ....more

Unschooling At Age 5: South America

The house is currently in the grip of Latin fever: Keith spends his evening poring over books about Cuba and Mexico ahead of our trip, and thanks to a well timed football tournament, Alfie and I are in the middle of lap booking. Never heard of a lap book?...more

Life as a Working Mama: Can Women Have It All?

I have just come to the end of my first week back at work after some time off with the children. It never gets any easier to wrench myself away from them and back into the 9-5, never. ...more

Max Mad Fury Road Is the Perfect Feminist Film

I grew up watching the original Mad Max films, and my desire to see Mad Max: Fury Road was driven as much by nostalgia as anything else....more

The Toilet Habit of Young Boys

Contrary to the beliefs of pre-children me, I appear to really enjoy having older children. It's been a bit of a surprise to me, I had myself pegged as a "baby person" which just goes to show that if you want to know about the real me, I'm the last person you should be asking. That said, there is one point of having an older child that makes me want to weep; more specifically one point of having an older boy and it catches me out every single time ....more

A Review of Organic Boxes

Is there a mother alive who has not repeated the phrase “Eat your greens” on a semi regular basis? There is a time of year for it, when the cold of autumn is creeping through the cracks and nobody can quite agree on whether the heating needs to be turned on. Down here in the Southern Hemisphere, that time is now ....more

Chase's Battle for Bodily Integrity

I really wasn't sure what to write about this week because the thing that is occupying almost all of my mind and heart is something happening on the other side of the world, and to which I have no direct connection. In Florida today, there is a 4 year old boy who is the subject of a legal battle over his body. More specifically, his right to refuse circumcision ....more