Learning Diaries: Obsidian

Alfie is, by nature, a secret learner. He likes to turn a concept over in his mind and try and idea on for size before he brings it out into the cold light of day. For us, as parents distracted by juvenile female carnage most days, it can sometimes appear to us like Alfie just woke up one morning and vomited knowledge ....more

The Life of a Working Mother

To my friend, on the eve of going back to work. I don’t want to scare you, but this thing you are about to do, going back to work, this is will be your hardest parenting moment so far....more

A Review of The Revelations of Carey Ravine

Once upon a time, when you signed yourself up to either watch or read a period drama, you knew that you were in for a ride into the Land That Feminism Forgot. The genre itself made no pretence of equality; well, you couldn't really if you allow the term 'Bodice Ripper' to go unchallenged. The recurring tropes of period dramas have centred on two clear gender definitions: Women are maidens, mothers or crones; men are either "good husband material" or bounding cads ....more

When to Take A Break from Tech

Technology can be a pretty emotive subject when it comes to parenting; there are some pretty strong views, things were said, punches were thrown, and we all retire with a feeling of smug satisfaction at a point well made. I'll set my stall out at this point; I'm all for technology. I love it, I give my children open access to it, and because I treat them like the cognisant human beings that they are, I would rather have a conversation with them about how to know it's time to take a break, than to impose some bullshit arbitrary time limit on them ....more

The Friendships of Highly Sensitive People

A few years ago, I heard a term that made a lot of sense to me. Actually, that’s not entirely true, at first it made me roll my eyes at yet another –ism entering the vernacular. I wondered whether the world really needed another label to navigate round, until one day, to my shame, I realised that the label, quite literally, defined me ....more

Why Three Year Olds Are Like Drunks

I have finally dried my tears long enough to write about my thoughts on Olive turning three. My tears are not over the loss of my baby; quite the contrary, I was thinking just the other day how exciting it was to be able to go out for the day without needing to hire a sherpa, or having to calculate the infinite permutations of time vs nappies vs number of spare outfits. Having older children is actually really liberating in that sense, especially when the youngest is this amazingly chilled out, happy go lucky child, who makes hearts melt with a single smile and all manner of ills vanish, with the squish of her cheek against your own ....more

Meat Free Monday: Beetloaf

It being scarf and hat weather down here in the southern hemisphere, I was hankering after something earthy, and a bit stodgy, to fill my vegan belleh. After a morning tramping round Zealandia, I somehow managed to do a search on my phone, while pushing both girls on the local swings (because I am multi-tasking QUEEN) and found a very promising recipe over on Oh She Glows for Lentil Walnut Loaf.I usually give lentil-loaf the side eye, because past experience has taught me that it usually ends up as a vaguely cohesive slab of sawdust and rat droppings. Still, God loves a trier, and I needed comfort food ....more

On Having a Child In Hospital

This week has officially reduced my background level of “tired”, to a new low of “barely functional”....more

Cooking for Vegan People

This is not a post for vegans, this is a post for people who are lumbered with...more

When Breastfeeding Comes to an End

I've been dodging this post for a few weeks now, but at 2 years and 11 months there is no denying the fact that Miss Olive is well on the way to self weaning. It wasn't like she was nursing very much: For the last year we had been down to a single bed time feed, but then at some point, she decided that a cuddle was just as good and simply ... stopped asking.Mind you, Olive hasn't fully committed to life after weaning - she is only too happy to fall back on the comfort of nursing when she has a sore puku...more