Carrot (summer) Sauce - Also Known As Flo’s Sauce

      Carrot (summer) Sauce - also known as Flo’s Sauce Flo is my sister Silvana’s mother-in-law, she has made this sauce probably forever – it’s so easy – it can be quick, but I slow cook this sauce....more

30 Something Days Ago, Plus A Decade, Until Now

Thirty days ago or few more days than that, I decided to write for July 2014 Blogher NaBloPoMo; I was intrigued by the theme - DECADE – Why? ...more
Decades spoke to me, too.  I recognize your words here instantly.  I shouldn't have been ...more

I once was confident.

 What has been my best decade thus far? I was not going to answer this prompt at all; I looked at it once in the last couple of days …and thought, I have no idea. Then I thought, wow what if I did not have one yet. Which was followed with, what if I wouldn’t have one at all?...more
LilyLeung based on the comments from friends that know me they are telling me that I am a ...more

Where’s My Sandy Beach…Let’s Call This Post Exactly What It Is - Beautiful

I think I have admitted to this many times, and if not here goes; I have a very eclectic taste in music. Pretenders Performing "Mystery Achievement" Decades Concert TV Special...more

My Message To Me…

I had a rough week, but that is behind me now and this morning on Facebook, I received this messageToday, Marisa, we believe God wants you to know that...It doesn't matter what everyone else thinks....more

He Kissed Her!

By Marisa Bernhard They looked at each other for a moment or two; she knew what he wanted, it showed.  She leaned against the wall, never taking her gaze off him.  He was talking and pacing, saying things about her, all the while getting closer; she thought she was enticing him towards her. ...more
how it all begins ...more

Ten of So Many

Each day I wake up at 5 am to post on one my blog.  I also brainstorm or research something pertaining to my blogs. I am always pressed for time, because I hate to stop writing, it is so peaceful that time of the morning. I leave the house frazzled because I make sure that everything that needs to be done is done, kids dressed, ready to go, dogs walked, fed and settled. I love to listen to music when I drive to work, and on my drive back home. ...more

A post is conceived

I started blogging because I wanted to write; I know everyone says that, but it is true. I think for me, even though I started blogging almost two years ago …because I posted occasionally back then, I still consider myself as a newbie.  ...more
Thank Squaarekat is very special and dear to me - I appreciate your compliment.more

When She Spoke

When She Spoke By Marisa Bernhard When she spoke, she didn't speak with gracefulness or with a smooth flow of words. Her speech was always choppy and broken up.She struggled with words, not because of an impediment of any kind but because it was so much easier for her to be silent....more
LilyLeung she is quiet but gets her point across :) thanks for readingmore

Courage is not always obvious.

It’s Sunday night and I need to write something…. Today I posted Ten Things of Thankful on my other blog, Mangia, Mangia…No Talk!!!...more