I’m probably my own worst enemy

My happy place ...more

Are you going to change your name?

Why do I need feminism? ...more

The feminist series you should all be reading

Subtitled: That missing F-Word post from January 8 because I somehow forgot my own linkup with all the family stuff + blog break laziness going on. ...more

Christine from The So-Called Homemaker

The blogging break has lasted a bit longer than originally planned, but in the meantime here’s a post from Christine! ...more

2014 in review

First, a recap I actually only spent about half of 2014 blogging since I was on a break, but I made a lot of changes on that front. ...more

Hello, my name is. . .

Basically, a lie I don’t use my real name in virtual life. ...more

What I don’t like about blogging

A wildly unseasonable photo, but let’s think happy thoughts this close to winter. I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m ambivalent about blogging and sometimes on the verge of quitting. ...more

Meet Kiersten from She is Fierce

I’m excited to interview Kiersten from She is Fierce again today! ...more

DIY Blog Design Notes

A few DIY blog design things I’ve learned 1. ...more

No inspiration tonight

There’s a first time for everything, and tonight was my...more