What I don’t like about blogging

A wildly unseasonable photo, but let’s think happy thoughts this close to winter. I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m ambivalent about blogging and sometimes on the verge of quitting. ...more

Meet Kiersten from She is Fierce

I’m excited to interview Kiersten from She is Fierce again today! ...more

DIY Blog Design Notes

A few DIY blog design things I’ve learned 1. ...more

No inspiration tonight

There’s a first time for everything, and tonight was my...more

Currently Loving

I’m finally joining Crystal for Currently Loving. Pentatonix For as long as I can remember, I hated going to church on Christmas Eve because of the children’s choir. ...more

Meet Jamie from Ink + Adventure

I’ve been following Jamie’s blog for months now, and I love everything about it. ...more

That obligatory age post

Because I didn’t feel like searching for a stock photo and slapping some text on it. My earliest school photos are of me kind of glaring (or just not smiling) at the camera, because 1) I hated photos and 2) I hated doing anything on command. You can see that not much has changed. 1 ....more

Memo #18


Sexism in the media

Where do I even begin? There’s so much to say about sexism in the media. ...more

I write small

I virtually met Lulu through the F-Word linkup (which is tomorrow btw), and a few weeks back she nominated me for the versatile blogger award. ...more