Must Have WordPress Plugins

Last week, Camila asked if I’d do a post about which WordPress plugins I use. ...more

Annoying tropes about women

Over the winter, I ended up reading a ridiculous number of books, mostly historical fiction with some fantasy, romance, and history. ...more

Lush DIY Angels on Bare Skin Experience

The thing about switching to natural products is that they’re either dirt cheap or ridiculously expensive. ...more

The WP jetpack features that change everything

A few months ago, I was working on my very first blog design for someone else – Michelle, whom I sometimes think of as alternate universe way cooler me and one of the amazing current hosts of Travel Tuesday. There were a lot of challenges, like the fun hover effects, but we also wanted to figure out an automatic way to do an image grid menu using subcategories from a specific category. ...more

Do colors ever make you feel ill?

I’m seriously asking you this. I was complaining about this to my boyfriend...more

Memo #19


My blog is always black

Today, this night, yesterday evening were full of WordPress tedium. ...more

Medieval wives and mistresses

If you missed my last post, long story short: I ended up reading a ton of historical novels, a lot of them set during or about the Wars of the Roses (a big change from my usual epic SFF). ...more

I’m probably my own worst enemy

My happy place ...more

Are you going to change your name?

Why do I need feminism? ...more