Memo #20

[memo]: for the times when I have thoughts but don’t feel like writing a full post 1. ...more

The best posts with zero comments

I inconsistently reference when this blog “began.” ...more

I couldn’t be a wedding blogger if I tried

But hey, might as well share a few things about it. ...more

How to customize Jetpack Related Posts

Like I’ve mentioned before, I love using various Jetpack functions instead of adding new plugins. ...more

Why am I getting married?

Because all my friends are doing it. Just kidding. Only three...more

Meet Shannon from Eurolinguiste

Ironically, I stumbled across Shannon’s blog, Eurolinguiste, post-expat life, when all of her awesome language learning tips were no longer relevant. ...more

How to customize posts with HTML and CSS

To kill time before my shop launches, I’m going to do a few coding tutorials. ...more

Design Shop Updates

So several months ago I had this idea to offer web design services. Actually, from here on out, I’m just going to go with front end developer...more

April Book Giveaway

It’s time for the spring book giveaway! ...more