I think I’m a hoarder

Basically, this is how I went from living out of one large suitcase and a carry-on in a studio apartment to filling up most of a house in one year. From minimalist to materialist 1. ...more

Down the rabbit hole

Subtitled: A crisis status update So about ten days ago I had my existential crisis, and then I kind of took a week off from blogging. Not because the turmoil continued – though despite my renewed commitment to seeing out my obligations after reading everyone’s comments, I ended up quitting and felt so damn relieved – but because my blogger friend Michelle offered up her space as my experiment and I fell down the rabbit hole. I’ve mentioned before that I have mildly obsessive tendencies, and these get exacerbated by the fact that most days there’s nothing I need to do ....more

The Bookworm Giveaway

Confession: I get really annoyed by the physical book vs. ebook/digital format debates and how some people are so proud to be unwaveringly in one camp. ...more

Haven’t done this in 15 years

I had this eye exam a few weeks ago. ...more

Meet Daisy from Simplicity Relished

A few months ago, I met Daisy from Simplicity Relished after she sent me a message telling me that she liked my blog – thus making my day and inspiring me to do that when I find a new blog I love. ...more

Memo #17

1. Finds from around the blogosphere I tend to focus on news articles and stuff for the memos, so it’s time to give a few shout-outs to the cool people I know. ...more

The existential crisis

One of those rare personal posts: just a few tidbits on my current state of mind, which is possibly in slightly more turmoil than may be apparent, because I am the queen of understatement. ...more

Adoption, #FliptheScript, and race

It’s time to #FliptheScript Did you know November is National Adoption Month? ...more

Amy and the Great World

You might know...more

5 ‘Blank Space’ lines that made me LOL

Taylor Swift, I didn’t know you had it in you – especially since the only song of yours I knew for a while was “Love Story,” with its inadequate understanding of classic literature. I saw the “Blank Space” video making the rounds on Twitter, and ended up watching it for whatever reason – I have no problems with her as a person, but her music is...more