Kindness Matters. And Happens Every Day.

I sat down to write early this morning, and could only think of the many tragedies that have been occurring for the last few weeks and months. I felt paralyzed.What did what I might have to say matter?Then I remembered a stranger's kindness, and I smiled.It was the summer of 1988. I was getting my second divorce....more

The Kind Of Shame No One Talks About After Sexual Abuse

Note: If you've been sexually abused, this article may trigger a response -- memories, anxiety, nightmares. Please read with care."I'm so ashamed... I've never told anyone this."...more

A Survey For Women. On How They Feel About Depression And Therapy.

From Maya Angelou to Sheryl Sandburg, women are being reminded of what we can be....more

Why Tell Anyone You Were Abused As A Child? Six Reasons.

There are some stories I hear as a therapist I would never repeat.Not only because of confidentiality.Because I don't want someone else, who has not been listening and learning for 20 years, to have to cope with the horror of how parents can abuse their children. Or what an older sibling can do. What children can be forced to watch. To experience.If you can imagine it, no matter how cruel, it has happened to a child.Maybe it happened to you....more
JasmineJazzy No thank you Jasmine. Your story is just like many I have heard... I am so sorry ...more

One Man. Talking About His Life. With Depression.

"I'm ready to tell my story. It's time."That's what I heard from Stuart Walker, owner of Clubhaus Fitness. A tall, muscular guy with a boisterous laugh and incredibly busy schedule....more

Real Men. More Suicide. What Will It Take For Men To Seek Help?

"He's killing himself".With work. With guilt. With alcohol. We have all described it. Watched it.Now, in the last decade, men are literally committing suicide. In record numbers.I am tired of it for them. For our culture. For our world.If men could admit more easily that they are depressed. Or ashamed. Addicted. Lonely. Angry. Or in trouble.Tired of it because it's so incredibly sad for them. Tired because there are spouses, parents, friends and children who are left behind. Who loved these men....more
I would be so grateful if those of you who read this post can ask the men in your life to fill ...more

A Message To The Princeton Mom About Date Rape

Somehow the Princeton Mom was not on my radar.Until I recently googled her. Real name is Susan Patton.She touts the return of 1950's thinking about women. College being about catching a man to marry.I wasn't all that affected by what she said.  She could have her opinion. After all, I remember the book by Marabel Morgan about how women should wrap themselves in Saran Wrap before their husbands come home from work. That was popular for a while.Never caught on at my house....more

The Surprising Gift That Blogging Gave Me

December 17th.  The date my official blogging began. Two years ago.I have tweeted and pinned. Embedded and pluggedin.  Discovered an addiction to the word "just".My husband thinks my laptop is superglued to my thighs. My dog has become accustomed to my padding past his bed at 5:00 am. If he joins me, belatedly, his gaze reflects the same question. "Why are we getting up when it's still dark?"....more

3 Tips For Coping With Grief At The Holidays

It's hard to describe.It's bad enough that someone dies.  Especially if they are young.When it occurs during the holiday season, all the jingling bells and fa-la-la-la-las are a crude backdrop for pain.  The stark emptiness of loss throbs through your veins.  You can barely breathe....more

12 Things Marriage Is and 12 Things It Is Not

24 years of marriage.That's what October 15th meant for me....more