Empty Nesting Season: Letting Go A Little At A Time

They say things come in 3's.My son left for college again last weekend.He was home 2 days between summer job and college.  No need for us to drive him this year.  He was taking his Jeep.  "There would be guys to help"....more

The Warmth of Freedom

Communist Romania.  July 4th, 1976.The same year that Nadia Comaneci won the Olympic gold medal for Romania and scored the 1st perfect 10.I, along with 35 other sweaty college choir members, was singing the National Anthem in the middle of a very warm, unairconditioned hotel lobby in that country.Tears welling up in my eyes like never before....more

The Joy In Every Wedding

When you see true joy, you can feel it.Sometimes it is in a child's gushing laugh during some wondrous adventure.  Sometimes in an airport on a stranger's face as they race to embrace their soldier husband or wife.  Mom or Dad.It is palpable.  It changes something in the air around you.It's wedding season.  You are going to hear lots of wedding stories.  Some funny.  Some poignant or moving.We visited 2 friends last weekend.  They have been together 24 years.  Same as me and my husband....more

3 Steps Out Of Your Hidden Depression

I have been writing about hidden depression.The person who no one would suspect, behind those smiling eyes and cheerful, "Good morning!" was thinking of driving off the road.  If it weren't for her kids. Or his family.What a horrible way to live....more

How Maya Angelou Touched My LIfe. My Gratitude.

Maya Angelou spoke at Bill Clinton's Inauguration in 1993 as Poet Laureate.  There was just something about this soft-spoken woman woman that riveted me to the TV screen.I  knew her voice was going to be important for me....more

The Perfectly Hidden Depressed Person : How You Got There And The First Step Out

It is a little ironic.Going viral with a post about hidden depression.I both was and wasn't surprised.Weeks ago, I wrote the Perfectly Hidden Depressed Person post (PHDP).  There was an extraordinary response.  I thought my laptop had some sort of strange illness.It was a little nuts.The post ended with a little over 1.3k Facebook likes.  Over 100 shares.  Thank you for that.I wasn't surprised by the private messages I started receiving."This is me"....more

5 Life Lessons I Have Learned From Blogging. So Far.

This month marks my 18-month anniversary as a blogger.A toddler blogger.  Barely up on my feet.  Waddling around.  But very curious.Coming out into the social media world has been quite a trip.  Literally and figuratively.  Due to those of you who are taking your time to read this, I am still on that journey.  The trip offers such challenge that I am drawn to it.I thank you for that.So what have I learned exactly?1) Your value is not reflected by a number....more

3 Ways Social Media Prolongs Breakups

The hardest part of a divorce is not the legal part. That's a drop in the bucket. Getting emotionally divorced. That's the kicker. It is in trying to detach from all of the anger that can so easily turn into bitterness. Perhaps it is watching your partner make changes that you had been begging him or her to make. Sadness, from feelings of personal failure. Watching your children trying to cope. Fear, from new worries, perhaps financial concerns or just being alone. Confusion, as your friends and family try to be supportive, but their lives go on as normal....more
survivelivethrive  So glad you enjoyed it!  That disengagement is hard when you have kids so you ...more

Are You a Perfectly Hidden Depressed Person?

There is another extremely important aspect of Perfectly Hidden Depressed Person. Frequently, something has happened before all these "blessings" occurred. Something painful that has never been healed or even addressed. That, coupled with the energy it takes to maintain the perfect-looking life? It's a set-up for someone trying to look fantastic on the outside -- and feeling quite another way on the inside. ...more
This could be a detailed description of my best friend; I love her SO much, she does so much for ...more

3 Ways To Fight Your Own Critical Voice About Your Body by Dr. Margaret Rutherford

My mother told me I would regret it.Shaving my legs.  I went all the way up to mid-thigh.  She was mortified.At the time, I took her comment quite superficially.  "You are just trying to keep me from growing up," I bristled.My 13 year-old wisdom was quite vast.In 2014, I remember her comment with some irony.  I had started the journey of becoming what our culture mandated a woman should look like. Maybe that's the trip my mom regretted me beginning....more