butterscotch peanut butter bark

I am in love with this flavor combination. ...more

neapolitan dipped marshmallows

I wanted to make a super fast, easy and yummy dessert. ...more

chocolate caramel ginger cookies

Let’s talk ginger. Not the hair (although that would be fun too because I happened to have given birth to ginger baby). ...more

Naked Cakes and Live TV

One of the perks of living in MN is Twin Cities Live. ...more

creamy cookie dough frosting

Today I am preparing some cakes for live TV. ...more

HUGE announcement!

You love cake. ...more

bourbon chocolate tipsy cake (and a contest)

Today’s post has me in quite an unusual state! ...more

christmas cookie sandwiches with wondra

As a baker there are two things that I value greatly: 1. Time 2. Quality ingredients Sometimes, as much as it pains me, I have to set certain recipes off to the side because of the time involved ....more

chocolate pistachio and ginger tart

Every now and then, I feel like acting as if I am classy. (Be advised, it took everything in me to not write classy with a k. ...more

The Easiest Chocolate cupcakes

I was in a pinch. ...more