Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes with the Ultimate Chocolate Frosting

I have finally perfected the perfect chocolate cupcake! This will be your new favorite! This has been a literal labor of love! ...more

Zucchini Pull-Apart Bread

I have never created a more delicious way to use up zucchini! This decadent bread is going to become a classic in your house just like it has in mine! I have more zucchini than I know what to do with, so coming up with NEW ways to use it has been a challenge this year ....more


I remember few things clearly from childhood… as in, I can remember big life events and generalities, but the specific details are fuzzy. One thing I do remember though, is feelings. The feelings of comfort and security and being loved ....more

typography cake

My oldest child turning 9 was a pretty big deal in this house. This meant that I had officially been a mom for just about 10 years. (Pregnancy counts… just ask any mom!) This meant that I had made 10 years of parenting mistakes on my precious first born ....more

Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake

This delicious Chocolate Shortcake with Strawberries, Blueberries and Chocolate Sauce is the ideal summertime snack! Fresh fruit is the perfect complement to this sweet treat. I love making cookies and taking care of my family! ...more

when you are two

When a clear lack of ability to eat without half of the food ending up all over your face/table/clothes is adorable, when your sister is the coolest person in the world and gives the best hugs, when you are first learning about “gentle” and “nice” and people always let you pet the baby animals first, when everyone knows you cry the biggest crocodile tears… but they still love on you and cuddle you and rush to help anyway. That is when being two is the best. When morning hair that is tousled and knotted and going every which way is just about the cutest hair ever, when you...more

Frozen S’mores Cheesecake

Classic s’mores are kicked up a notch in this decadent frozen dessert! Is it hot where you are? I live in Minnesota (and love it) but one of the things that we deal with is humidity ....more

Neapolitan Frosting Cupcakes

Piled high frosting in vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate is a wonderful way to bring some Neapolitan into your life! As you can imagine, this cupcake is all about the frosting. If for any reason you are opposed to such ridiculous amounts of frosting piled high onto a delicious cupcake then: 1 ....more

Sunflower Cupcakes

Simple decorated Sunflower Cupcakes are fun for every age level. This is the perfect cupcakes for any occasion that involves flowers! Next time it’s your turn to bring cupcakes to school/church/work/party be sure to consider these! ...more

Orange Creamsicle Sugar Cookies

These delicious Orange Creamsicle Sugar Cookies are the ideal summer-time snack! Fresh orange zest is the perfect compliment to this sweet treat! One thing that screams spring time and summer time to me is fruit in desserts ....more