How To Open Champagne

Champagne. Nothing says “Happy New Year” like the sound of a cork popping from a a big bottle of bubbly. But movies and TV would have you believe that opening a bottle of Champagne means the cork should ricochet around the room while the precious wine gushes out of the bottle like a waterfall ....more

How To Survive a Kitchen Renovation

This is my life: I’d waited years to finally build my fantasy kitchen, and then I had to live without a kitchen to make the kitchen renovation happen. For most of us, a kitchen renovation means a temporary kitchen in another room in the...more

Fettuccine with Poblano Alfredo

Here's a twist on a classic pasta dish that is lighter in calories but full of flavor: Fettuccine with Poblano Alfredo! Perfect for Meatless Monday! The post Fettuccine with Poblano Alfredo appeared first on Mama's High Strung ® ....more

Baked Pork Chops and Apples

One great thing about the changing weather is that comfort food, like my delicious Baked Pork Chops and Apples, is back on the table....more

Quick and Easy Pan Seared Salmon

Here’s a deliciously quick and easy recipe for Pan Seared Salmon that you need to make because: You know you need to eat more fish. You know salmon is good for you. You need to cook more and quit eating so much crap ....more

Chilled Red Gazpacho

When summer comes, two things are certain: it’s hotter than a firecracker lit from both ends and there’s a big ‘ol pitcher of Chilled Red Gazpacho in my fridge. Gazpacho is a chilled vegetable soup from Spain. The word gazpacho originates from the Latin word caspa, which means “little pieces,” or something like that ....more

Easy Cheesy Chorizo Dip

Oh no, you didn’t! You forgot you had to bring an appetizer to the Cinco de Mayo fiesta, didn’t you? Not to worry, how about this Easy Cheesy Chorizo dip (also known as Queso Fundido) ....more

Ham and Cheese Cups

This time of year is crazy hectic, so here’s a breakfast recipe that’ll make your life just a little bit easier (at least for a few mornings). Whip up these Ham and Cheese Cups on Saturday or Sunday and after they’ve cooled, pop them in a resealable plastic freezer bag. Zap them in the microwave […] The post Ham and Cheese Cups appeared first on Mama's High Strung ® ....more

Cuban Garlic Shrimp

Journey down any Cuban residential street at mealtime and one distinctive, hunger-inducing aroma lifts you up and carries you to the table: garlic. This is not a one-clove-in-a-dish kind of place. Got a bulb of garlic? ...more

How To Make The Best Vinaigrette

Sometimes your mouth craves a little more excitement... and this vinaigrette is deliciously easy, versatile and light! The post How To Make The Best Vinaigrette appeared first on Mama's High Strung ® ....more