What are Your Zodiac Gemstones and HOW to use it!

Amber @ The Chakra Diva.comWelcome July! There has been a lot of crazy awesome “newness” going on … such as new workshops, new business adventure (this one, just bigger!) and well, we are welcoming a new month, July. I’m particularly fond of this month because…it’s my birthday month (Yippee!) and we all love our birthdays right? ...more

How to Repair Your Aura Using Gemstones

Amber @ The Chakra DivaStones are used in correspondence to the layers of the aura to help return the body to a harmonious state. In my practice, I use this technique (along with energy healing) to help clear out any  stagnant, blocked energy or leaking energy that may be causing imbalance. You can do a variation of this process as well to help heal yourself. Make sure you have plenty of room!  ...more

Simple Daily Grounding Activities: Root Chakra

Amber @ The Chakra Diva: thechakradiva.com The root chakra is all about grounding....more

Journal Exercise: Code of Ethics (Family)

Amber @ The Holistic FoodieI mentioned on Facebook earlier this week, that I wanted to add in some more journaling exercises. One of the most therapeutic ways to unleash emotion is by writing it down or journaling. This allows a person to go through the emotions and process events so it doesn’t show up as a “symptom” later. The steps are: write it down, process it, acknowledge it and let it go. But I an assure you, just because it’s written in four steps doesn’t mean it is an easy process!...more

Beginners Crystal Grid + Abundance Crystal Kit

Amber @ The Holistic FoodieIf I could stress anything, it would be that manifesting your dreams and desires are really, really important! Especially if you want them to come true. Writing steps to reach your goals, creating a vision board or making a crystal grids are some great examples of how to do so! I mean, you want your dreams to come true? Right?...more

#1 Imbalanced Chakra is...

Amber @ The Holistic FoodieHi there!Admittedly, I haven’t been blogging (which I love!) because I have been working hard giving chakra healings to clients through reiki. It has been the most beautiful week ever on many different levels....more

Achieve 100 Things This Year

Amber @ The Holistic FoodieRead more at http://www.theholisticfoodie.comI like to spend January contemplating on my goals for the upcoming year. Some people like to do that in a day (January first), some like to map it out in December, I’m a January kind of girl....more

Manifest Your Dreams AND Get What You Want

Amber @ The Holistic Foodiehttp://www.theholisticfoodie.comThis life is amazing. You can have anything that you want and you create your own world. Can it really get any better than that?...more

Journal Exercise: Establishing Beliefs in Root Chakra

Amber @ TheHolistic Foodie.com ...more

Belli Skincare Review

A few weeks ago, I was sent some Belli products to try and review from my home. I have to tell you, I was more than impressed with this line. I always look for products that are safe, not made with harmful chemicals and successfully work ....more