Nightmare #3, by Stephen Vincent Benet

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Your Wonderful, Amazing, Beautiful Child Is Important. Just Like All The Other Children in the Room

Bear in mind that the dreaded, awful, overly-strict teacher your child got this year might be another child's all-time favorite. Even small children are entitled to have personality conflicts, and nobody gets along beautifully with everybody.Please remember, also, that while your wonderful, amazing child is, of course,  the most important child in the school, each teacher also has 34+ other equally important children in his/her classroom. If we're talking about middle or high school, each teacher also has from 150 - 230+ equally important students in his/her classroom....more

Tribute: When The Towers Fell

Mamacita says: I’m guessing that many most bloggers will be posting tributes today, and telling the blogosphere ‘where we were’ when the planes hit the World Trade Center. Here is mine. This is actually the second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth time I’ve posted this on 9/11, so if it seems familiar, you’re not crazy ....more

The Time of the Season *

Mamacita says: Remember those scenes in You’ve Got Mail where Meg Ryan is talking about how, even at her age, she still loves the time of the season when the leaves are colorful, the weather is divine, and every store has school supplies. And then she’s swept off her feet when Tom Hanks, who doesn’t know Meg loves school supplies, says this: As adults, we take seasonal indicators/decorations for granted. We like to mark the season with a centerpiece or bouquet or display, but the days when we were struck voiceless by the miraculous representation of a season, in public, and that’s a shame ....more

. . . So I Blocked Her on Facebook

Mamacita says: I had to block someone on Facebook last night. I’ve only ever done that a few times, and it always makes me feel like I’ve failed somehow, even though I tried my best to be nice. Mom used to say that there are some people you can’t BE nice too, and I thought she just wasn’t trying hard enough, but she was right ....more

Our Bright, Gifted Students Have Rights, Too!

Mamacita says: I was remembering my first teaching job, which was in a school that used the modular system and gave hope to our bright, gifted students. It was fantastic. ...more


Mamacita says: When we lose an elderly person to death, expected or unexpected, we are sad, but there is the comfort of knowing that person lived a long life, and we hope he/she had a happy, useful, satisfactory life. ...more

Education: Step Away From the TV

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10 Things I Care Absolutely Nothing For

Mamacita says: 10 things I care absolutely nothing for might seem like a negative topic, but it’s actually quite therapeutic. Almost like a purge. 1. The Kardashians ....more

Let’s Start School During the Hottest Days of August!

Mamacita says: School has started now for most public school students. If someone could give me a sound, logical reason for starting school during the Dog Days of August, I’d love to hear it. A reason that had nothing whatsoever to do with money, that is ....more