Fact vs. Opinion

Both statements here are fact. Mamacita says: ...more

Opinionated Rant and a Question

Rant. ...more

Eve and Morn: Had You Noticed?

“What Child Is This,” by Caroline Cooney Mamacita says: Oh, my dears, it’s so close now, so very, very close. There are a lot of old, boring, easily offended, humorless...more

Thanksgiving Is All About Gratitude

Thanksgiving Cat! Mamacita says: Thanksgiving isn’t really just one day, you know....more

Those Were The Days

Mamacita says: ...more

Poetry: Beauty and Truth

Absolute and beautiful truth. Mamacita says: ...more

Heavenly Rays and Miracles

Mamacita says: When my children were little, they called these ‘heavenly rays,’ and for heavenly rays to appear, it meant that there were miracles afoot. Heavenly rays I spent the afternoon in court – I’m not in trouble; I’m a CASA – and it left me kind of depressed and sad. ...more

The Relevant Classroom

Mamacita says:...more

Female Comic Book Heroines!

Mamacita says: ...more