The Round Tuit: Things I Haven’t Done, Even Yet

I’ll get around to it. Mamacita says: Here are some more things I still haven’t done yet, but I’ll get a round tuit: 1. I have never been to Ikea. 2 ....more

“It’s The Equinoctial Storm,” said Ma.

Mamacita says:...more

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden fruit by any other name . Mamacita says: ...more

Indiana Weather Is Fickle!

Mamacita says: ...more

We Want Your Money

Mamacita says: ...more

Put It On the Bill, Please

Mamacita says: ...more

Remember the Modular System? It Was Awesome.

Sad but true. VERY sad, and very true. And absolutely outrageous ....more

Freshman Innocence, Then and Now

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Re-Re-Re-Re-Watching Downton Abbey

Mamacita says: ...more