Quotation Saturday: Dreams and Wishes

Mamacita says: Dusty Springfield sang about Wishing and Hoping; Cinderella sang about A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes. There’s something so uniquely wonderful about a favorite student who grows up and still wants to talk to you regularly....more

What I Learned from 12 Years of Blogging

Old school? Me? Yes. Twelve years ago, a former student told me that I should start a blog. "You've got such a lot to say about the world," he said. "Who cares what I think about the world?" I replied. "Lots of people would," he said. Image: Andy Wright via Flickr via Creative Commons license ...more
BlogHer Totally agree that blogs are irreplaceable. There will always be a need & place for ...more

Sweep Your Steps!!!

Sam Levinson, that wonderful hilarious writer who could tug on your heartstrings and tickle your funnybone with one sentence, said that his mother used to say, “If everybody swept their own front steps, the whole world would be clean.” This can be taken literally, or it can be made into a very effective allegory; you pick one....more

I Am Mamacita, and You Are Not

   I have been Mamacita for many years online - 12 years, to be exact.  One’s online presence is of utmost importance, and the names we have chosen as representations of ourselves are equally important, as people associate the name with the person or business....more

I Am Mamacita

Mamacita says: ...more

Dirty Little Secrets

Dirty little secrets must not be revealed. Mamacita says: ...more