Mama. Mommy. Mom. Mother. Mamaw.

Mamacita says: I was reading an article somewhere, by somebody*, that stated that no matter how old we get, there are still times when we want our mother. Our fifty-year-old mother. When our mothers are young, we don’t consider them ‘friends.’ We don’t consider them young, either, because when we’re very young, all adults are old ....more

Quotation Saturday: Mothers

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What Is Blogging Today?

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I’m Eleven Years Old. Old School, That Is.

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Easter 2015

Mamacita says: Happy Easter, everyone. What? Oh, oops ....more

Quotation Saturday: Springtime

Mamacita says: Yesterday WAS the first day of spring, you know, not to be confused with the first spring day, which, as Henry Van Dyke tells us, can differ by as great as a month. The weather here in southern Indiana has been lovely: warm and sunny and breezy, and there are crocuses blooming all over town, unlike the beginning of March when the ground was covered in deep snow, school was canceled, and people were warned to stay off the roads. 1. Spring makes its own statement, so loud and clear that the gardener seems to be only one of the instruments, not the composer ....more