Literature Quiz: Children & YA

Mamacita says: How well do you know children’s and young adult literature? ...more

Watching Duck Dynasty:More Things I Haven’t Done Yet. . . .

Mamacita says: Watching Duck Dynasty might be number one, but there are still a lot of things I haven’t done. ...more

Overcoming the Odds

Mamacita says: ...more

Hoosier Persimmon Pudding

Mamacita says: Autumn is officially here, and it’s time to make persimmon pudding. ...more

Censorship is for Chumps

Mamacita says:...more

Classroom Tips for the Hovering and the Worried

Dear Parents, In this day and age of instant computer access to your child’s progress in the classroom, complete with specifics as to percentage and behavior, please don’t call your child’s teacher daily and ask for an average, at least, not very often. Chances are pretty good that if you can’t find any graded papers in your kid’s backpack or notebook, he’s not doing very well. Please don’t expect that your kid will be allowed to make up all that missing or poor work....more

Nightmare #3, by Stephen Vincent Benet

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Your Wonderful, Amazing, Beautiful Child Is Important. Just Like All The Other Children in the Room

Bear in mind that the dreaded, awful, overly-strict teacher your child got this year might be another child's all-time favorite. Even small children are entitled to have personality conflicts, and nobody gets along beautifully with everybody.Please remember, also, that while your wonderful, amazing child is, of course,  the most important child in the school, each teacher also has 34+ other equally important children in his/her classroom. If we're talking about middle or high school, each teacher also has from 150 - 230+ equally important students in his/her classroom....more

Tribute: When The Towers Fell

Mamacita says: I’m guessing that many most bloggers will be posting tributes today, and telling the blogosphere ‘where we were’ when the planes hit the World Trade Center. Here is mine. This is actually the second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth time I’ve posted this on 9/11, so if it seems familiar, you’re not crazy ....more