The Placeholder

I woke up this morning with a glee in my heart. I'd achieved the coveted level of sleep- plenty of rest...more

To My Children - Black Lives Matter

My Dearest Children,I am writing tonight because I want to tell you something in the big words. Right now you are just five and seven. The words I use are often (but not always....sorry) chosen for your developmental age ....more

A Sanctuary in Orlando

There are times when I rage write. More often than not, those posts are not published. Sometimes they are ....more

Forgiveness and Grace - Kid Style

These last two weeks have been non-stop chaos. End of school activities, work, dance recital, strep throat and more work. Its all a blur really ....more

Its Time to Share the Driveway

A few months ago new neighbors moved in next door. This was worrisome in that it took us a full year to get to know the old neighbors and get through the awkwardness of sharing a driveway with strangers. Well it was awkward for Brandon and me ....more

The Home Stretch

You had a hard time leaving your bed this morning....more

(I Totally Promised You) A Fairy Garden - A Post for the Crafting Challenged Parent

Most people think that because hanging with kids was/is/and continues to be the trajectory of my career that I must be one of those inherently crafty people. Surely I could make anything out of a some twine, bottle caps and a glue gun, right? ...more

Sitting in the Waiting Room

A little over a month ago I was sitting in the surgical waiting room of the hospital with my dad waiting for word on my mom's brand new robot knee. Stressed and tired, my dad talked endlessly. I uttered seemingly random affirmations or answers to his questions but for most of that 3 hours, he was non-stop talking.And I was just listening.Now normally when I am faced with someone who speaks and speaks and speaks and never stops, I tune out and write my grocery list in my head or replay the latest episode of my current Netflix binge behind my eyes looking for nuggets of plot that I may have missed ....more

The Playground

Last week I uttered these words to Brandon in a moment of self doubt and a smidgen of self-pity (Who am I kidding? There was an abundance of self-pity involved - ...more

Childhood Epiphanies Are The Worst

Last night was hard. It all began the exact second we were all back together again and it was unrelenting for a solid 2 hours. Just pure yuckity-yuck, sucky-so-suck, everybody's in the Swamp of Sadness together for no good reason Hell....more