If You Don't Read This Blog Your Kids Will Rob a Bank

There has been a slew (pronounced- sl-eeeee-you) of parenting articles in my news stream lately. The parenting fairy/Universe must think I need to read some because we are talking about a constant flurry of ways to be fantastic and do it right. Some tell me to change what I say, change how I think and change how I skip to my Lou ....more

Meet Gloria. She Poops in My Yard.

Sooo, yeah. We got a puppy. A ridiculous and adorabalicious puppy and I love her so much its not even funny....more


Tomorrow I turn thirty-nine....more

Ray Rice, Domestic Violence and The United States of Disorderly Conduct

Three years ago I left my full-time job to stay home with my babies. For ten years, I had been the child advocate in a shelter for women and children escaping domestic violence. I loved my job very much but I have always struggled with burning my candle at both ends so when I became a mother, I burned out fast ....more

Following Our Bliss: Summer Camp

There is little else more excellent than watching your children bloom. I mean, right? It can bread and butter even the most composed of parents ....more

A New Kind of Mom

I was at Target last night and walking by the infant-toddler clothes when I started to cry. Nothing in that section fits my baby anymore. Sure, I was already bit raw when I arrived but there was a moment where I stopped my cart in front of the cutest damn onsies that I have ever seen and the tears rolled ....more

Sensory Processing Disorder and The Family Pants

I don't write too much anymore about Pants' sensory struggles. He has come a long way and it's just a part of normal family life for us. It's just who he is and who we are as his parents ....more

I'm Gonna be The Laziest Mom of Summer 2014

I said to Brandon last night that this is going to be the best summer ever. Not because I am particularly good at creating such things but because our new town is going to make it so easy to accomplish with all the free stuff to do. When you are used to raising kidlets in the bog land, the excitement tends to stop at "go run in the yard and play with the hose, mommy loves you." But this place? ...more

They Love the Stairs the Most

I don wanna go to our old hallway house, mama. I wanna stay at my house wit da stairs. ...more

Moving? Yep, Moving. 

Now just toss the kids in and let's motor.* I have so much to say....more