Dear Diary (On Snowflakes and Muzak) 

Dear Very Public On the Internet Divorce Diary,...more

From The Other Side of the Desk: Part Two

This post is continued from...more

From The Other Side of The Desk: Part One

I used to sit behind a desk and go through paper work with women who were on their own for the first time. I knew the paperwork inside and out. I knew the caseworkers by first name and I called them often to advocate for my clients ....more

It's Been Two Weeks - This is What I Know So Far

I'm obviously an expert as I now have two whole weeks and one day under my belt as a divorcing single mom with two small children. Its funny because, WHAT?!?! Its only been two weeks?Dear Holy Mother of ALL Candy Bars Except Almond Joy, the last two weeks aged me ten years (because omg, yes they did) ....more

Begin Again in Love

It was Wednesday night and Brandon and I were walking around the house with a secret.The biggest fucking secret.We knew that THIS night was the last night. We knew that they would know tomorrow....more

Life is Beautiful - On Divorce and Parenting Small Children

Three days since the worst day. The leaves are falling. Life is changing ....more

The Placeholder

I woke up this morning with a glee in my heart. I'd achieved the coveted level of sleep- plenty of rest...more

To My Children - Black Lives Matter

My Dearest Children,I am writing tonight because I want to tell you something in the big words. Right now you are just five and seven. The words I use are often (but not always....sorry) chosen for your developmental age ....more

A Sanctuary in Orlando

There are times when I rage write. More often than not, those posts are not published. Sometimes they are ....more