When I Realized That I Am OK With My Kids Growing Up

In the blink of an eye your kids grow up. This was said to me over and over and over AND OVER again from the moment it was obvious that I was pregnant with Pants. Friends, family, strangers, open letters on the internet - they all ...more

Sail On, Silver Girl...

Grandma, You're dying. It's happening right now and I am here in my house unable to come. Knowing you the way that I do, you'd totally understand and then maybe harbor a little guff ....more

I Should Have Known It Was You, Friend.

Every morning (almost) I have a routine. You know, if the kids sleep long enough to let me ease into the day. So about 3 days a week I have a routine ....more

Planting Seeds

This is a...more

Did You Not Know That Boys Can Have Long Hair?

My kids aren't little angels. At times they do frustrating things, destructive things and overall mind-boggling-ly asinine things. Because, well, ...more

It's Getting Dark and I Will Hold Your Hand

Hey Grampy,...more

This Good Life {or How Much I Love Notebooks}

These have been strange days. There is a ...more

Forgiving is Hard Until it Isn't

For most of my life I've had a hard time letting go. I would hold all the things so tight until my grippy knuckles turned white and suffocated the kitty. I'm loyal ....more

For the Love of Her Girl (A Love Story)

Two weeks ago we were in the throws of illness here at the Pants Ranch. Well actually, Pants, Daddy and I were getting through it just fine, it was Plum who was not. My sweet girl, as always, was sicker then the rest of us ....more

Pause the Song, Mama. I Need a Microphone.

We all have those moments when we are punched in the face by love. You know when the wave of Oh My God, I Love You So Much Right Now rushes over you and drowns you in awesome? It happens a lot over here but sometimes that wave brings with it the Memory Train to plow me down, too ....more