For the Love of Her Girl (A Love Story)

Two weeks ago we were in the throws of illness here at the Pants Ranch. Well actually, Pants, Daddy and I were getting through it just fine, it was Plum who was not. My sweet girl, as always, was sicker then the rest of us ....more

Pause the Song, Mama. I Need a Microphone.

We all have those moments when we are punched in the face by love. You know when the wave of Oh My God, I Love You So Much Right Now rushes over you and drowns you in awesome? It happens a lot over here but sometimes that wave brings with it the Memory Train to plow me down, too ....more

I Need to Tell You Something

Doug and Pants back in the day I could see that he was on the brink. ...more

Dear Pants and Plum: On Chaos and Love

Dear Pants and Plum,...more

When Art & Life Collide 

While at summer camp with my family, I had a conversation with a friend. We were talking about Pants and how he seems to be uniquely aware of the complexities of his emotions. My friend told me that she could see him ....more

Real Isn't How You Are Made....

I went to parent-teacher conference night last week. It started out like a parent's dream. Pants is making great strides! ...more

Huey Lewis and The Bluebirds of Happiness

There is a hard and fast rule that I live by. Never wallow for too long. We only get to do this part once ....more

The Moon is His Nightlight. He lives Among the Stars.

Oh man. You don't know how much I have missed you. Well, maybe you do ....more

Hop Along, Grasshopper

There are times when all you want them to do is grow up. There are times when how dependent on you they are feels absolutely suffocating. Of course, we love our kids ....more

Open Letter To Janay Rice

I'm so sorry, Janay. I'm so sorry that you are once again made to endure the scrutiny of the public. You know? If my personal business was revealed to all the world, I would be mortified....more
Courtney Henley The facts are that once a severely battered woman leaves her abuser her risk of ...more