My everyday Makeup Routine

So lately I’ve been spending more time over on YouTube and I kinda love it. It’s pretty similar to blogging and yet totally different at the same time....more

Having a Successful Morning with First :59

I’m not a morning person. I’m just not. It’s such a shame too, because I’d really love to be a morning person ....more

Fun Fall Fashion Trends

Now, I want to be pretty clear about something. I absolutely do not think that you have to go out there and buy all of these trends to be cute, stylish and fashionable. Not one bit. Reading fashion/beauty blogs can be hard because everywhere you look someone else is telling you something else you neeeed to buy. That's exactly why I love working with JCPenney....more

Fun Fall fashion Trends

A little while ago I talked about 4 fun fall fashion trends that I am looking forward to this season, each complete with an outfit I put together from Polyvore. Every piece was under $50 and each outfit was under $170! You could even enter to win a $100 JCPenney Gift Card in that post, so I’ll wait a second while you go check it out… ....more

Stitch Fix Vacay!!

I’m so excited, you guys. If you follow me on Instagram you might already know – today I’m on a plane (yet again) heading to San Francisco! All by myself ....more

Twisted Side Braid tutorial

You know it’s kinda hard to be a beauty blogger in today’s world. Why? Because there are a ton of us and it’s hard to be original ....more

Just Keep Moving

Sometimes life is tough. Just down right hard. It throws you lemons and curve balls left and right ....more

Casual Day & Fair Trade

Natalia’s my name and easy mom fashion’s my game. Yep. You read that right ....more

5 Tips to Prevent Wrinkles at Night

You might say that I’m middy obsessed with my wrinkles. Okay, mage obsessed isn’t the word, but I am often thinking of ways to lessen them, of ways to grow older gracefully. I know I’m going to age, but I want to do is slowly and gracefully ....more

Women Who Do with Vanity Fair®

I love that in today’s day and age women are conquering the world. They are managing families, homes, life, work, and still looking great while doing it. Please don’t misunderstand – I actually don’t subscribe to the belief that women can ‘have it all.’ I think it’s okay to not have it all....more