Beach Makeup Routine

The weather is warming up and we’re all headed to the water! Okay, maybe not just yet, but we’re getting closer! I thought it would be the perfect time to share a simple beach makeup routine for when you’re by the water ....more

6 Clean Eating Recipes

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I’m in the middle of doing a detox. It’s been amazing and I’ve never felt better. I have so much energy and my body feels so light ....more

Natural Skin Care Regime

I have recently, since the end of 2014, started a natural skin care routine where I make all my own products. I love it. It’s really worked for me and I’ve been very happy with the results ....more

5 Ingredient Homemade Guacamole – Detox approved!

Okay, so today is the most beautiful day we have had in our little city in a long time. The sun is shining, the boys are on their spring break and I just started week two of my detox...more

Braids for Long Hair

Right now I have really, really long hair. It’s getting a little too long for my liking. I might cut it soon, so I wanted to make sure that I shared some different braids for long hair ideas before I chop it ....more

Argan & Coconut Oil Hair Mask

You might have read a little earlier that I tried the ‘no-poo’ method for my hair. It didn’t work. I am still nursing my hair back to health! ...more

Natural Skin Care Regime

I have recently put aside all my natural products to test out this system. I have seen the benefits of my all natural creations, now I want to see the benefits of the Renewal Face Care regime. And you guys, if the last few days are any indication, it's looking good....more

How to Wear Jeans and Shoes

I just realized, after I had prepared this post, that I have been writing a lot about how to wear jeans and shoes. I showed you some cute ways to wear converse and how to wear ballet flats! (There’s still time to enter to win $250!) However, there are a […] Author information Natalia Owner & Author Natalia is a mom to two crazy boys and wife to one handsome dude ....more

Best Daily Moisturizer

My kids love the beach. They love the pool. They thrive when they’re outside exploring ....more

How to Wear Ballet Flats

I truly believe in investing in some key pieces that are essential to a complete wardrobe. Ballet flats are one of those items. They can be worn many ways (as I am going to show you), are nicer than just wearing flip flops and if you get a good quality...more