Coming Out of the Chronic Illness Closet at Work: Choice or Duty?

Coming Out of the Chronic Illness at Work: Choice or Duty?...more

Vulnerability: The Struggle is Real

I’m back at Barnes & Noble even after the annoyance of what happened the other time. But today I have earphone and Pandora. Good bye opera; hello Les McCann. I smirked when I thought about the title of this post. “The struggle is real” is a phrase adopted from a brother in Christ who when he talks about rough patches in his walk most always end with saying “the struggle is real”, half-joking but dead serious. ...more

Connecting the Dots


Life Changing? No. Freeing? Yes.

For some, blogging has changed their lives. It’s helped them face fears and overcome challenges, maybe find themselves in the midst of writing. That’s not my story. Not yet anyways. But like a wet dish rag I’ll try to wring some words out of today’s BlogHer topic: How has blogging changed your life? Tell us one thing that is different now than from before you started blogging....more
MoonMaa Thanks so much for reading! You are so right. I've met a few bloggers so far through ...more

Blogging: Life Uninterrupted

Hi. I'm a Recovering Perfectionist.

Since it's Throwback Thursday in Facebookland and this May 2013 post fit tonight's topic perfectly: Does blogging bring out your best or worst self? I'm going to do a blog rewind and it's new to you, lol!...more
I really loved this post. I mentioned it in my blog ...more

Three Paths to Authentic Gabby

Can I be honest? I’m dead tired. Like running off six hours of sleep, working a full day at work with dishes to clean at home, wishing the neighbors would talk loud insidetheir house tired.  I had to suck down a cup of Yerba Mate Peppermint Green Tea, the black coffee of teas, to fight my impending lupus fatigue. And today’s post topic? Meh, lol. ...more

A Writer Without A Voice

My Short List of Interesting

First, let’s just put it all out on the table and address the elephant in the room: the fact that I haven’t blogged in seven months! Oh, I thought about blogging, jotted down blogging ideas, talked to folks about why I couldn’t blog – but there was no actual blogging. Until today!...more
CJ Poindexter We are alike in many ways hun. Here's to more writing! :-)more