Friday Round-Up: Snowy Days

Hello last week in January. How in the world did you sneak up on me so quickly? Do you feel the same way? ...more

2 Easy Pre-Workout Breakfast Ideas

I love breakfast. I’ve always loved breakfast. They always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is true for me since I typically work out in the morning (I like to get my steps in early in the day!) ....more

Do you have the discipline for rest and recovery?

“I really should go for a run this afternoon.” “No, you shouldn’t. You haven’t gotten any sleep this week. You’re exhausted.” “But it’s Thursday and I haven’t run since Monday and I didn’t exercise the last two days ....more

Friday Round-Up: Write to Inspire. Inspire to Write.

Hello Friday. This week was a doozy. I haven’t gotten more than 5 hours of sleep the past week ....more

14 Ways To Get More Steps In A Day When You Work From Home

Squeezing in extra steps by taking a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. One of the daily practices that I’ve cultivating this year is to move more and to take 10,000 steps a day. I know ....more

What ingredients make up your wellness story?

Earlier this year, when I said that I wanted to rest, reset and renew, I was serious. During the last half of last year, I realized that I fell away from many of the “ingredients” that lead to health and wellness. Instead, I’ve focused exclusively on one or two things while ignoring the others ....more


stub·born (ˈstəbərn/):...more

Friday Round-Up: Art, Music, Yoga and Serial

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2 Steps to Make Healthy Eating a Reality

Let’s make...more

5 Easy Ways to Start Meditating

You've heard all about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, from reducing stress, anxiety, and pain to making us happier and smarter to warding off sickness. You've probably added it to your lengthy to-do list as something to try. In fact, one of your New Year's resolutions may even be to begin a daily meditation practice. After all, we all could benefit from a little bit more zen in our lives. But how do you meditate? ...more
GoodHealthGirl I've tried numerous times and I think that I tried to do too much all at once. ...more