Friday Round-Up: Summer Doldrums

Hmmmm, it seems like the last time I did a Friday Round-Up was in May?!? Seriously? Oops… I guess I’ve been busy disconnecting and enjoying a bit of a summer sabbatical...more

Blessings of a Cracked iPhone

The sunset we were rushing to see that resulted in the cracked iPhone screen. At least it was pretty! Last month, while on vacation with my family, I cracked the screen of my iPhone ....more

Post-Run Yoga Sequence

A post-run yoga sequence to help you cool-down and stretch out those...more

On Turning 4-0

Two and a half weeks ago, I passed a big birthday milestone. Or so they told me. I felt like it should be a big deal, that I should feel more adult — be more of an adult ....more

10 Ways to Improve Your Yoga Practice

Sometimes it takes me a long time to find my way back to my mat. Maybe it’s because life gets in the way or deadlines loom. Maybe my body needs to rest ....more

5 Days in the Canadian Rockies

Headed to the Canadian Rockies? Here’s a...more

Summer Cravings with Stonyfield and prAna

Disclaimer: As a Stonyfield Yo-Getter, I received free products from Stonyfield and prAna in exchnage for my review. All opinions expressed here are my own. And poof! ...more

Common Mistakes in Forward Folds

I love forward folds. Typically, you end class with forward folds before you settle into savasana. They are poses that can help you...more

3 Shortcuts to a Healthy Dinner

Stressed about cooking...more

Mastering the Kerfuffles in Life

A few weeks ago, I sat in yoga class at one of my favorite studios. It had been a while since I attended class just for myself and I was desperate to drop in and zone out on my mat. I sat back towards my heels — eyelids slipping closed, sitting bones rooting into the blocks beneath me, crown of the head reaching every so slight up while my shoulder blades made their slow and resistant descent down my back ....more