Chasing the Yellow Line

I’m doing something I’ve never really done before. I’m running and training for a specific time goal. All those other times? ...more

Rise.Run.Retreat. 2016: Why running friends make the best friends

As we sat around the living room, finishing the last tidbits of our breakfast (Stonyfield yogurt, Pete & Gerry’s Organic Eggs and Blissful Eats granola), she slipped right into our midst. With her brightly colored cars and jacket, she fit right in with the ten of us with her wicked humor and down-to-earth nature. Except that her legs have carried her to an impressive running career ....more

Leaf Peepers Half Marathon Recap

These women have my heart. From left: Laura, Kara, Sandra, Angela, Jesica, me, Allie, Natalie, Sue and Sarah I’m not sure where to even begin or how to describe this past weekend at Rise.Run.Retreat. So I’ll start with the most concrete — a recap of the Leaf Peepers Half Marathon...more


I’m always excited when September rolls around. It’s a start of a crisp, new season. It’s the start of a new school year, which always feels like a chance for a re-start ....more

Savory Oatmeal Bowls

Ready to switch up your oatmeal game? Try a savory oatmeal bowl. It’s the perfect healthy meal for breakfast, lunch and...more

I love hill running workouts

What to be a stronger, faster runner? Run hills. Here are 6 hill running workouts for every level runner ....more

Friday Round-Up: Summer Doldrums

Hmmmm, it seems like the last time I did a Friday Round-Up was in May?!? Seriously? Oops… I guess I’ve been busy disconnecting and enjoying a bit of a summer sabbatical...more

Blessings of a Cracked iPhone

The sunset we were rushing to see that resulted in the cracked iPhone screen. At least it was pretty! Last month, while on vacation with my family, I cracked the screen of my iPhone ....more

Post-Run Yoga Sequence

A post-run yoga sequence to help you cool-down and stretch out those...more

On Turning 4-0

Two and a half weeks ago, I passed a big birthday milestone. Or so they told me. I felt like it should be a big deal, that I should feel more adult — be more of an adult ....more