It’s Time to Lose the Cape

When you were young, did you ever dream of being a superhero? I did. I wanted to be Wonder Woman for two reasons ....more

The problem with too many tabs open in your browser

I have this bad habit. When I’m working on my computer, I have a bajillion tabs open in my browser. Okay, that might be an exaggeration ....more

Friday Round-Up: Mercury Retrograde

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Summer Runnin’ aka How to Stay Hydrated

Summer runnin’, happened so fast. Summer runnin’, you sure snuck up fast. Sticky sweaty from head to toe ....more

I am…

I am tired. Do all these posts start this way? But I don’t feel exhausted like I normally do ....more

Lean into Fear

Disclosure: This post...more

Finding My Run: Running After Injury

I waited impatiently. My doctor moved my arm around, pressed down on my collarbone and asked me how physical therapy was going. “Fine ....more

Friday Round-Up: Spring and 9 weeks Post-Op

Happy Friday! You know what’s crazy? It’s been 9 weeks since my shoulder surgery ....more

What are the benefits of practicing backbends?

Backbends are by far my favorite class of yoga poses. Not only do they look beautiful but they feel amazing. Plus, they are an important part of a well-rounded yoga practice and there are many benefits of practicing backbends ....more

Friday Round-Up: Happy May Day

Happy Friday! Can you believe it’s May?? Time feels like it’s moving in odd ways lately ....more