Meditation for Beginners aka Learning to Sit

The first time that I tried to meditate was during the 2-hour meditation module that was part of...more

Ask a Yogini: How to Create a Yoga Sequence From Scratch

So you’ve been practicing yoga for a while. You’re familiar with most poses that your teacher cues in class. You want to start building a home yoga practice, but you have no idea where to start or what to do ....more

Friday Round-Up: Almost Go Time

Can we discuss how painful re-entry from vacation can be? Especially when that re-entry involves coming back to cold cold weather. My poor son stumbled into my room on Monday morning with the saddest look on his face ....more

Relentlessly Raising the Standard with Orgain

When I first heard about...more

Scenes from San Francisco

Ahhh. It’s amazing what a little (or a lot) of sunshine can do for a person’s soul and energy level. Last week, we escaped the freezing cold of the East Coast and made our way to San Francisco to visit family ....more

Icebreaker Merino: Layer Up for an Active LIfestyle

This winter has been relentless cold. Like bitter cold. I thought that I was all tough by training throughout last year’s Polar Vortex for the NYC Half last year but this winter has brought winter running to a whole new level ....more

11 Ways to Manage Stress and Feeling Overwhelmed

My husband always tells me that I stress too much. I like to say that it’s not stress but that I just have a busy and productive mind. The problem is that by the time I outline my ginormous to-do list, I’ve lost the momentum to actually get anything done ....more

20 Minute Upper Body Workout

I have to admit, while I’m trying to be as active as I can before shoulder surgery, there are a couple of things that I miss – really practicing yoga, swimming and upper body workouts. I...more

Friday Round-Up: Mid-Winter Blahs

Happy Friday! I just realized that it’s Friday the 13th!...more

Health is All About the Ingredients

The past few nights, I haven’t been eating very well. OK, maybe it’s been more like the past two weeks. I haven’t been eating as many vegetables ....more