Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes

This sweet potato and salmon cakes recipe is less than 10 ingredients (woo-hoo) and super quick to prepare (oh yeah)!So I had some sweet potatoes sitting on my counter for about a week. They were taunting me. I was in the mood to make something new but had no real motivation to find a new recipe....more

Roasted Vegetables on 4 Ingredient Skillet Flatbread

Roasted vegetables make for a light lunch or dinner. Serve with 4 ingredient skillet flatbread and you’ve got a healthy meal full of color. The hardest part about this meal is all the chopping. Once you’re done with that it’s easy street. You can always buy pre-cut vegetables and then there’s no excuse. ...more

7 Easy Blueberry Recipes You Can Try Today

You like blueberries? I like blueberries! Let's be friends! OK? Here are 7 easy recipes to keep you busy and eating your blueberries. Blueberry Muffins with Orange Glaze...more

Sweet Potato Fries Topped with Madras Lentils

Sometimes you just can’t beat ready to go meals. Packaged sweet potatoes and lentils go great together. This will become your next go to meal. It’s such a great combination! ...more

Recipe: Homemade Green Tortillas With Spinach and Cilantro

These tortillas have some spinach for color and a bit of cilantro. It's just the right amount of surprising flavor. You must try and see for yourself. ...more
stephliebold That sounds great! My taste testers really enjoyed them. Have a lovely day!more

Quick One Pot Beef and Macaroni

 Stumped for dinner ideas? Don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen? This one-pot beef and macaroni will get you fed in no time flat. You can thank me later :)...more

Vegan Banana Breakfast Muffins

No dairy, no nuts, and lots of good for you ingredients. These breakfast muffins will have you looking forward to getting up in the morning. I made these muffins for a dinner party we had last week. I’m pretty sure they went over well. A few of the guests asked if they could take some home for breakfast. That always makes me feel good. Thanks for the ego boost. ...more

Red Bean and Almond Butter Burger

These simple red bean and almond butter burgers will become your new favorite veggie burger. If you’re into that sort of thing. I browse through A LOT of cookbooks. Sometimes there are too many books lying around the house. Seriously too many but I love cookbooks. Not every book is great but there are nuggets of information waiting to be used....more

One Pot Vegetarian Chili Mac

This one pot meal is ready in under 30 minutes and dishes are a distant memory if only for one night. Picture yourself pulling out a 12 inch skillet and placing it on your stovetop. Then you proceed with a couple more steps and in less than half an hour dinner is on the table. Woohoo! ...more

Easy Stovetop Granola

Too hot to turn on the oven but crave granola? You are gonna love this recipe. ...more