Easy Blackened Baked Tofu

This savory blackened baked tofu gets its character from a host of aromatic spices.One of the questions I hear most often from readers is how to introduce new foods to your family. In the case of tofu, it’s people who want to start eating a more plant-based diet.   ...more

Healthy Fruit and Granola Parfait

A simple homemade fruit and granola parfait that comes together in mere minutes. This protein breakfast will keep you going! ...more

Sweet Potato Noodles with Coconut Curry Sauce

A delicious and healthy dish with sweet potatoes and coconut curry sauce. Throw in some vegetables, top with cashews and cilantro. ...more

Friends, French Fare and Plum Cake Tatin


Farmers Market Finds

(Bounty of mine)Last weekend we decided to go the farmers market in search of a feast. It was a beautiful Saturday morning! Some years ago we frequented farmers markets. We had been regulars for about two years.  We would go at a reasonable time on Saturday morning and be back in time for lunch. Our meals teeming with fresh vegetables. ...more

Lentil Burgers with Peach and Mango Salsa

(Making changes)Around three years ago I decided to cut back on my meat consumption. Countless times over the years my favorite guy and I have made some wonderful meals together. Looking back they were heavy on meat. Now I am not a vegetarian but I don’t have the same urges anymore to consume meat all the time.  ...more

Making whoopie pies

(Part of the club)Taste tester #1 has patience. She takes on some complicated recipes. These whoopie pies took about 2 hours to make. I like to bake but I tend to go for recipes that take under an hour. I have several reasons for this. 1: I have limited time.2: I have limited time.3: Eh, I have limited time. ...more

Berry Breakfast Bowl

(The beauty in it)When I first saw smoothie bowls all over Instagram I was surprised. They were so beautiful and filled with ingredients that I wanted to try. I've had many a smoothie over the years so smoothie bowls as a progression just made sense. ...more

Simple Peach and Mango Salsa

(Come on back y’all)This is one of the easiest side dishes. We bought these peaches on our vacation to Tennessee and ate several. These were the stragglers. ...more

We Make Cake Doughnuts

( Whip these up today)During my teenage years sweets were usually on my radar. Dunkin Donuts was one of my favorite treats. The apple fritters were so good, which back then were filled with apples. Yes I know how unhealthy but oh so yummy. ...more