Hay . . . Whatever Floats Your Goat

Once upon a time, in a story so complicated and convoluted I can’t possibly get into it here (and I promised I would never tell!) a tiny little goat saved our farm from a very bad person who would have closed it down and sold it for development. Literally saved it! She was our hero, and when we finally lost her to old age a few months ago, we were deeply saddened, and buried her in an honored spot on the hill in our yard. In the evenings, as we take a few minutes to rest in our old, plastic, lawn chairs, we still talk to her ...more

A Happy Ending for Some Lucky Goats


Walk With Me

It was 20 years ago this past week (August 11th, 5pm, to be precise) when I met the man who I would eventually marry and everyone would soon refer to as “Poor David.” Why? Well, because he’s married to me. “Poor” has nothing to do with me being mean or running up credit cards, etc.; actually, I am terminally nice, annoyingly optimistic and “thrifty” is an understatement....more

Horse Politics in Connecticut Come with a Bite

Above - the author with Baby Bobby, a horse pulled from a kill pen in Tennessee several years ago that had been beaten so badly he still has PTSD from the experience. Sometimes, when he is startled, he is capable of nipping or kicking....more

The Trouble with Vegans

Last week, a van parked at the end of our rural road and a pack of men in jackets and ties and women in high-collared, long sleeve dresses and sensible shoes, all of them carrying small black, leather satchels, poured out and began a door-to-door campaign of our neighborhood. By the time they reached the first few front doors, the phone brigade had begun pull down your shades, don’t answer your door the Jehovah’s Witnesses are in the ‘hood clutching their Watchtower magazines with pictures of children surrounded by peaceful lions and lambs....more
This is one of the best of your many wonderful pieces! Totally spot on.more

The Business of Bullying

This morning I was insulted/bullied on Facebook. It was by a man whom I have never met and who doesn’t know me, and it was on a friend’s Facebook page, not mine....more

Is Being a Bad Ass All it's Cracked Up to Be? Or . . . How I almost got arrested on my first official day as a Bad Ass Chick

My daughter, Bo, and I joke often about being “bad-asses.” You know, as in all tough and ready to tangle, etc., etc. So when I got a text around 6 a.m. this morning from my friend, Noelle, telling me that I’d been chosen to be the Bad Ass Chick of the Day on the Elvis Duran show, a nationally syndicated morning radio program, I thought she was kidding. And yet I turned on the radio, and there I was! An Official Bad Ass Chick! It was thrilling until I realized I had to break the news to my nine grandchildren think about it ...more
@calmarsden Sorry, "I" just saw this - Calmarsden, the entire point of a blog is to speak to ...more

Parker "The Porker" Pet Pot-bellied Pig Pointlessly Pulled from Pound

To All Fans of Woodbridge, CT,  Animal Control, and animal lovers everywhere: This morning, all of the farm animals at the Woodbridge animal shelter were confiscated by police and brought to a local farm of questionable integrity (I will explain why I believe it’s “questionable” later in this column.) Apparently, the officers don't believe a shelter is the best place for them. However, every one of those animals was well taken care of and very loved by the staff and the many, many area residents who visit there....more
Woodbridge isn't in my area and I'm not sure I understand what is going on, but I so hope the ...more