Synesthesia - do YOU have it?

I was supposed to blog about synesthesia a while ago but it got lost in a jumble of knitting, spinning and food items.  I heard about Synesthesia on a podcast when a woman was talking about associating certain people with colors.  As the podcast went on, I realized that I have a form of this, the "spatial sequence" form....more

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Oh, you know... we had the usual:  eggs, sausage, toast with homemade strawberry jam and a five pound chocolate bar.We've been putting off opening this humongous thing, until just the right time.  And Sunday morning breakfast it was....more

There Is No Knitting in Prison

Some days working at the yarn shop just cracks me up.  This weekend, starting today, is the yearly Old Songs Festival at the local fairgrounds.  Every year there are some new customers who discover the shop while attending the festival but also "regulars" who only come to the shop once a year when they come to the festival....more

Problems. I Have Them.

It's good to know that others have the same 'problem' I have. I have to close my eyes as I walk ...more


The doodlebugs have hit the "Why?" stage.  Wish me luck getting through it....Conversation the other day with B:B: (as he is getting into the stroller and sees a leaf on the seat) "Can I eat that?"Me: "No. You cannot eat that."B: "Why can't I eat that?"Me: "Because we don't eat leaves."B: "Why don't we eat leaves?"Me: "Well, actually, we can eat lettuce leaves. But only lettuce leaves."B: "Why can we eat lettuce leaves?"Me: "Because they are good for us."...more

Peep Fest

Busy, busy weekend around here.  A regular peep fest you might say.These peeps were on super sale at Target:As you can see, we bought a ton.And these peeps were at Tractor Supply:...more

No Spring Chicken

I'm no spring chicken when it comes to knitting.  I've been doing it for a lot of years and especially a lot (read: non-stop) for the past 6 years.  So, one might think that I don't make many mistakes.  But one would be WRONG.I was plugging along on my stealth knitting project and thought I'd take a partial picture of it to tease you on the blog.  When I did, I found this:...more

Two Arugula Recipes

I love the Shutterbean Blog.  Lots of great recipes and, in addition, Tracy is a great photographer and her design sense is inspiring.  Recently I made a couple of her recipes.......more

Two Baked Things

We celebrated my dad's birthday last weekend and since he is not a big sweets eater, but will tolerate apple pie, I made him an apple pie.  After all, when you celebrate someone's birthday who doesn't like sweets, how can you NOT have sweets for all the people who do like sweets?...more

Blog Silence

It's been a week and a half since my last post.  I don't like to go that long between posts because I know you are very likely checking every hour or so to see if there is a new post and I don't like to do that to you.  But things got busy.  In that time:There were several days of working at and filling in at the yarn shop....more