Streaming Media to TV, Worry-free Entertainment

Streaming media to TV is fun. If you come across problems along the way, or you are still a newbie in this area, you are in the right place to find the great and detailed guide and tips....more

20 Useful Android Apps to Make Your Children Smarter

Children are the hope of a nation and they should be well-educated. For this task, parents are looking for better ways or tools like the following useful android apps to educate kids to learn smarter. Check educational apps for kids (ios version) here....more

15 Fun Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone 5S Could Do

Though Apple posted the main features of the iPhone 5S on their official site, there are still plenty of tricks buried in your phone.  Compared with my previous article about useful tricks on the iPhone, which focuses on iPhone 4, today I will show 15 useful tricks specific (for the most part) to the iPhone 5S that Apple rarely mentions so you can get the most from your phone. ...more
Thank you for the tips! I just got my IPhone 5s and am still learning how to use it.more

10 Best Google Drive Add-Ons to Help Tech Writers Work More Productively

After Google posted “Bring a little something extra to Docs and Sheets with add-ons” in its official blog, Google Drive comes again in sight with all sorts of powerful adds-on. I’m a Google Drive user for 2 years as well as a tech writer for 7 years and highly appreciated this fancy upgrade. Now I’d like to introduce 10 best Google Drive add-ons (found in Connect More Apps after click “Create”), which can help your work more productively, especially for tech writers....more