cauliflower cream soup

As the colder weather seeps in and Winter finally approaches, there are two things...more

live & laugh: apple coffee crumb cake

Whenever I think about Fall, I think about a lot of the usual things: crunchy leaves, crisp/cool air, football, pumpkin flavored everything, sweatshirts, apple cider, etc etc. All of those things I love dearly and enjoy often, but there’s one thing I have always thought about when it comes to Fall that I had never actually experienced…apple picking! For the past few years I have said every Fall that I was going to make a trip and enjoy the whimsy that is apple picking, but it just never seemed to work out or happen ....more

kias kitchen: peanut butter snaps

Between life and moving into a new apartment, baking Kia homemade dog treats has not exactly been top of mind for me. And ya know, sometimes it’s just easier to pick some up at the store! That said, Kia has been in my face in the kitchen as much as ever, so I started to get the hint… Story of my life right there ....more

live & laugh: the chef’s kitchen

Earlier this year I had the amazing opportunity to be a guest host on a cooking show, The Chef’s Kitchen. I shot about a dozen episodes, a few of them some test shoots, and got to work with some amazing chef’s! While I have worked on several commercials and done some print work in the past, working on a television show was a completely new experience....more

stuffed cheeseburger & carrot fries

Everyone keeps talking about how summer is ending and they’re ready for fall — I mean there’s pumpkin flavored coffee out already. Um HELLO — it’s still August. While I love the fall (it is my favorite season after all), there is a time and a place ....more

basil, corn & tomato salad

Corn is one of those vegetables that you can enjoy any time of the year, but there’s something about corn in the summer, when it’s a little bit sweeter and a little easier to find on the cob, that I absolutely love. One of my go-to recipes that is a perfect summer dish is my...more

harissa lamb leg with creamed spinach & herbed potatoes

A few weeks ago when the World Cup was just getting into the swings of competition, I decided to make some of Mirza’s favorite food to watch the Croatia vs. Cameroon match. Since he lived in Croatia for a while when he was younger, it was an exciting game to follow and the perfect opportunity to make lamb — one of his favorite proteins ....more

foodie finds

15 refreshing and interesting ways to use watermelon...more

chocolate, basil, brie panini

I know what you’re thinking… Where have you been?! This panini sounds scary and semi-gross. Well, it pains me how little I’ve been able to keep up with Live ....more

live & laugh: mojo’s chicken fried steak

With only a couple of classes left, it was recently Morgan’s turn to take over cooking school and make a delicious meal for the rest of the class! Morgan (or as some of us lovingly like to call her, Mojo) took a little while to decide on what exactly she wanted to make. Every time I would talk to her about it, the only thing she consistently knew was that she wanted it to involve a lot of butter and she wanted a comforting, not-so-healthy-for-you type of meal ....more