"Little Worlds" - Creative Photoshop Tutorial

I spend a lot of time surfing the net for photographic inspiration - and there's a lot of it out there. From the moment I discovered "Little Worlds" I was fascinated by them. These are truly stunning little works of photo-editing art.For the purposes of this tutorial, I'm going to assume you already know how to stitch together a panorama. Feel free to ask me if you don't, and I'll write an entry for you....more

... Because I Couldn't Stop for a Photograph.

When driving, I sometimes feel as if I am standing still, and the world is moving past me.This is especially true at dawn.Yesterday the trees were coated in a thick layer of powdery snow. It lay over the branches, a soft white shrug worn by each tree according to their individual fashion sense. I loved the deep green pines sweeping their bristles down under the contrasting fluff. I loved the way the powder piled up on the bare branches of midwinter oaks down by the lake....more
Mmm, this is lovely. I forced myself to stop the other day and snap a photo of a sunset, a ...more

Alzheimers: Waiting for Forgetting

I read an article in the online New York Times and suddenly find myself crying. Although I cry easily and have come to accept that as part of who I am, something about this crying jag disturbs me. I sit for a moment and let that feeling wash over me, trying to identify it. Ah: Terror. ...more
How utterly terrifying. I don't know if I have this horrid disease in my family, I really don't ...more

Daily Ferret: Breakfast!

@Your Daily Ferret  Yep, we had three but one passed away last August... and I haven't updated ...more

Daily Weezel: threesome

Ferret of the Day: Deeeelicious!

Photo Excursion: Button Rock Dam path, Lyons CO

I went twic on this hike over two weekends. I love winter hiking so much.Read more here. ...more

Daily Ferret: Innocence Personified.


Gigibean learns the new pet door

Book Club of Two: The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined.

I am beginning this book today. This entry is for my dear online friend Bruce and I (and anyone else who wishes to join in) to discuss the book as we work our way through it.WARNING: there will be spoilers....more