why it's ok to read the message {and why you shouldn't judge others who do!} a guest post.

Hello and good morning! This is LONG but worth reading....more

How to Propagate Succulents! {or how to make more succulents from other succulents} AN UPDATE!!!

So almost two months ago I wrote you a little tutorial on propagating succulents and thought you might enjoy a little update on their growth! You can find the how-to and sources for the plants on the original post done in June. I started these with some cutting I bought on Amazon and the results have been pretty awesome....more

why 35 is going to be the BEST year ever!

Today I turn 35....more

we are the same.

I'm reminded again today why I don't watch the news....more

good monday mornin!

Good Monday morning to you! I wish I could say I had something profound or tasty to share with you this morning, but this day finds us lost in a fog....more

all the things!

Hello and happy Friday morning to you!...more

Making memories, then and now {a post sponsored by Chevy}

One of my favorite ways to start off an activity with my boys is, "I loved doing this when I was little..." and seeing their eyes light up and this special look of wonder come across their faces....more

easy and delish homemade pimiento cheese!

I first had pimiento cheese this past year and fell long and hard in love with it!...more