Choose the ending.

Can I be perfectly honest here? I am wading through some really ugly emotions....more

Kids and Teeth {and a chance to win $100!}

The ProNamel® brand has compensated me in connection with statements made in this post. Teeth. Kid teeth to be specific ....more

It's Time to Talk About Teeth

Teeth. Kid teeth to be specific. When you have kids, one of the many, many things that no one ever teaches you about yet you are expected to know how to care for, understand the process of and be successful at ushering into adulthood-style teeth, is teeth!...more

Let Go of Doubt

That's my simple goal for the week....more

Creative Friday {some of my favorites from this week}

Hello there! Happy Friday to you! Congrats on making it through another week of life! ...more

Daring to be You!

The most terrifying thing you can be, is yourself. Isn't that the truth? Being who we are, feeling our own feelings and going our own way is downright terrifying....more

Lately in Handmade

I figure that a good follow up to the last post is a little update on what's going on with my shop!...more

Trust Falling in Small Business

Small {handmade} business is a special creature. Sure, I get to spend every day doing precisely what I LOVE to do....more

An Essay - 1

"LEAVE IT!" he screamed, as my siblings and I followed him down the broken pavement road that looped through my grandparents mobile home park. "PUT THEM DOWN" he yelled in reference to a stack of cards I was holding in my hands. Cards from birthdays and Valentines Day and Easter and my grandmother had kept buying and kept filling out and kept saving for us for "one day"....more

Encouragement for Monday - On Healing

I'm setting up a little Ebenezer here this morning and I'll tell you why. God has shown me over the last four days, that when you have dedicated yourself to doing the long, hard work of healing and getting yourself right, you will rebound from being knocked down faster than you would ever imagine....more