How to cook a pot roast {sunday supper}!

This post may seem like a boring one....more

Turn a Mason Jar Into a Spillproof Cup with a Straw!

The glassware of choice in this house is the mason jar.  It's simple, easy to replace, durable and goes with all the dishes.  We are still working our way out of the every cup needs a lid phase of life with little ones...because if they don't have a lid... This inevitably happens.  On purpose and on naughty.  Yep.  ...more
This is definitely an amazing way for me to drink out of my mason jar on the go....without ...more

how to be a good mother {kudos to you}

This week my heart has been heavy for mothers....more

How to make a pop-art pillow!

When you friends with a creative type, you just never know what kind of gift you are gonna get!...more

Favorite Peeps {a free Easter printable}

In case you're looking to give a little something to a few people this Easter, this printable is perfect for that!...more

craft and app night!

Creating and eating are two of my favorite ways to heal....more

the end. {not bad, just different}

THIS is a post that I never thought I would write....more

dealing with conflict {lessons I've learned}

I've been quiet around here lately and here is why: I've been dealing with a large conflict for the last six or seven months....more

Worship Wednesday: Bible Journaling Cards {free scripture mini-printables}

This week I thought I would do something a little different....more