Labels and Lenses

I think we are born with the ability to see ourselves as Jesus does and over time, the world around us either erodes that lens or tends to it. I, on one hand, had that lens completely destroyed at a young age and saw myself as an unloved, beast of burden to my parents....more

One Day.

Another week, another post from Ryan....more

A Minimal Valentine {for a 3rd grade boy}

These almost need no explanation....more

On Being Messy and Centering Yourself Again.

Emotions are crazy and totally untrustworthy....more

On Waiting Well {Purposeful Waiting}

Did you ever have a yearning in your heart for something good that was so pressing and present that you thought about it all the time?...more

Whoopie! It's Valentines Day! {a free printable}

Are you getting ready for Valentines Day yet?...more

We're Not Gonna Take It

I am talking to you today deep feelers. Feel all the feelings....more

Simple and Easy Bread Recipe

We were snowed in this past weekend, nothing like a few days of forced retreat to give you a good reason to try out some recipes....more

The Benefits of Pain.

I am sitting here in the quiet of the morning, before the boys are awake and just wondering what in the world to share here this morning....more

I'm a Little Sad About It.

I've shared before about what has been going on with us here in our world....more