crafting a heart for jesus - approaching God's annointed

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful feedback on my last post! I am so excited for this next chapter of this fun book God is writing just for me....more

hello? hello!

I am humbled with a grateful heart....more

I'm going to say things out loud {do you need help?}

Dear Hurting Soul, First of all, know you are loved....more

Sassing the Lord {aka 50 pairs of socks}

This was not a planned post or a planned morning....more

How to organize a freezer swap! {the easy way!}

A couple of months ago I acquired a free spare refrigerator and with that extra space decided that I could finally get a freezer swap going in my area! I had watched lots of friends all over the states do them for years so I was thrilled to get started myself!...more

vintage inspired bible journaling prompts! {free printables}

Good morning! Once again I have some lovely little journaling prompts for you! Feel free to drag these to the desktop and add them to a document to print off....more

free printable Friday - Measuring Love - Jen Hatmaker Quote

I'm currently reading "For the Love" by Jen Hatmaker and this is currently my favorite quote thus far (though the choosing is tough!)....more

Easy No-Bake Energy Bites!

Don't let the name fool you! These cookies are wonderful little bites of goodness pretending to be mostly healthy (and they mostly are!)....more

Halloween hohos are ready for YOU!

Have you gotten a Halloween hoho yet? Cutest fabrics ever this year!...more