The Thoughtful Parent's Guide to Positive Parenting Guides

Whether you are an expectant parent, a new parent, or a seasoned parent, looking for a parenting book that resonates with your beliefs can be almost as overwhelming as parenting itself. The choices are practically endless when it comes to mainstream (read: punitive) parenting guides. In fact, if you go to the library or browse the shelves at Barnes & Noble or check out Amazon's best-sellers in the parenting genre, you will find a predominance of popular, punishment-based, obedience-focused parenting guides....more

11 Tips to Bust the Mom Blues

Mountains of laundry. Piles of toys. Diapers and dishes and dust. Sticky fingerprints to wipe. Muddy shoe prints to mop. Bills to pay. Appointments to keep. Shopping to do… The parenting list is endless because "done" doesn’t exist in a world where little ones live and play and grow. But parents are people, too, and we can get overwhelmed at the sheer redundancy of the cycle of life with children if we don’t intentionally take the time to feel the joy of little arms wrapped around our necks and to find something of ourselves in the busyness of daily life....more
Thank you! These are great suggestions. I've been having some of these mom blues, lately. I ...more

Where are all the Black Babies? Abortion, Eugenics & Genocide

I don't normally address political or controversial issues outside of the parenting arena. My writing centers on connection and communication in parent/child relationships as well as infant, children, and family issues. However, when in my research I discover something that negatively impacts those that I've made it my life's mission to serve, especially someth...more

12 Tips for Gently Parenting Your Adult Children (Hint: It starts when they’re newborns!)

 “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.” ~Ralph Waldo EmersonI am a ‘baby mama’ when it comes to parenting my adult children. That means that my adult parenting skills are in their infancy despite the fact that…...more

American Moms are Not Female Dogs

Disclaimer: I strongly believe that the author of the New York Magazine article, ‘Sit. Stay. Good Mom!,’ inadvertently mischaracterizes the philosophies of the Resources for Infant Educarers foundation as well as its founder, Magda Gerber. If you’d like information about RIE, please visit Educarers. ...more

You're Not the Boss of Me!

 Few things ignite a parent’s temper like defiance. It feels like a slap in the face, a direct challenge to our authority. Power card…played. Gauntlet…thrown. Challenge…accepted?Time out! No, not time-out as in punish your child, but time out as in hit the parental pause button, take a step back, assess the situation, and get some adult perspective....more

The Trouble with Kids Today

The Trouble With Kids Today“People are telling parents like me that we are failing our children because we practice controlled discipline in our homes....more

Bubble-Wrapped Kids? You bet!

 There is a lot of debate in the blogosphere about Helicopter Parenting and Bubble-Wrapped or Cotton-Wool Kids. I make no apologies for protecting my children. They say crime is down. Maybe per capita it is overall down. Maybe there are less arrests or convictions or whatever. Or maybe there is less shoplifting and littering and other non-violent crimes. Or maybe ’they’ are wrong....more

I Spy...A Bad Mom


Rethinking Tattling

 She won’t share!He took my crayon!They won’t let me play with them!He looked at me!She poked me!They’re jumping on the couch!He won’t be my friend! ...more