How to Be a Better Global Citizen

When I hear the term “global citizen,” I think of someone whose sense of belonging extends beyond the borders of one nation state. I think of wanderlust and cosmopolitanism. I think of travel blogs and mixed-cuisine restaurants. I think of growing international migration and the fact that today, over 46 million people living in the U.S. were born in other countries....more

Learning to Live Away From Your Friends After Graduation

College is a bubble—it protects you from the real world in many different ways. Opportunities to get involved, to explore new subjects, to learn useful skills, or to meet really unique and interesting people, are practically thrown at you. In the bubble it’s easy to make friends—and stay friends—with the people around you. However, once college ends, you and your friends will burst out of that bubble and find yourselves doing very different things in very different places, oftentimes with a lot of distance in between....more

Why We're Worth More than Our Work Clothes

For me, it all started when I was 11 years old. My parents and I had just moved to a suburb outside Ft. Worth, Texas, and it was my first day of sixth grade at a brand new school. Like every teen classic movie, the teacher sat me next to the resident mean girl who of course wanted nothing more than to take me under her wing and teach me how to be like the other popular girls in class. But first, she had to check the tag inside the back of my shirt. Limited Too: I passed....more

How I Turned My Side-Hustle into a Full Time Job

Somehow along the way it’s become standard operating procedure to have a side hustle on top of your full-time gig. As if you aren’t tired enough after your 40+ hour a week job, you’re generally expected to have something else to stand out. Perhaps it’s a natural progression for adults that grew up as super-charged kids who had countless extracurriculars from the time you were five. We’re used to being booked all hours of the day and night, so is it any wonder we’re taking on extra after hours work?...more

Dear Men's Magazines: Feminism is Not a Commodity

We’ll start off with my husband. He’s a Marine, so he gets his hair cut a lot. Like, a lot. Ever the diligent sidekick, I invariably end up tramping along to various barber shops on a weekly basis, sitting and sifting my way through the stacks of dog-eared magazines because I am, apparently, too old to play with Legos....more
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How to Stick to Deadlines

Ah, deadlines—one of the most feared words in the English language.Most people would admit to having a problem with deadlines, either because they are perpetually unable to meet them, or because they only just manage it each time and drive themselves crazy about how they should have started earlier....more

The Truth About Waist Training

In addition to the sudden celebrity fascination with overly lined lips and bold brows, waist-training has become the latest body-modification fad. ...more
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Unpacking What's In Your Tampon Box

Many consumers have gotten savvier about paying attention to the food and beauty products they toss into their grocery carts each week....more

Homeless Women's Taboo Struggle: Their Periods

I watched the homeless woman as I waited to cross the street. She sat with her head in her hands, shaking slightly. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen her around–she usually walks the blocks near the building where I work, with a vacant look in her eyes that says that somewhere, sometime, something worse than living on the streets happened to her. I had to pass her to get to my office; I thought about ducking into the breakfast joint down the street and grabbing her a biscuit. As I approached, however, I saw her real need....more

The Problem with Hollywood Father Figures

There is nothing quite like a good dad. We are interested in their stories, praise their body type, sing their praises in cheesy Instagram posts on their very own national holiday, and even use the term as a term of endearment for our favorite celebrities (dad AF, amiright?). ...more
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