How to Make a Fridge Inventory

Ideally, a fridge/pantry inventory is something you do once and then maintain. I couldn't handle having to go through and count everything once a month. But once it is done, you have this new handle on exactly what you have available to use and you will probably be surprised just how much is actually in your house. ...more

Celebrating the Diverse Women of Indie Music

I—like many of us here at LD—am a big fan of women in indie music. Jenny Lewis, Lady Lamb, and lots of other brilliantly talented ladies with flawless bangs rank among my all-time favorite artists, and were originally to be included when I decided to make a playlist of women in the indie scene that everyone should be paying attention to....more

Let's Stop Using "Just" to Justify Ourselves

Sometime last fall, as the leaves were turning brown and the chill was starting to set in, I noticed a trend in many of my conversations. The word “just” came up more often than is likely to be natural. Then I noticed something else. These weren’t conversations I was having with friends or with peers. I didn’t softly utter sentences like “I’ll just be real quick, I promise,” preceding every sentence I spoke over a game of Clue. They were sentences sent in emails, spoken during conference calls, and in work meetings....more

Why Are We So Obsessed with Women's Last Names?

What is in a name? A whole hell of a lot, especially when it comes to deciding whether to keep your maiden name after marriage. For many women, changing their last name is symbolic of their change from an individual to partner. In fact, the wedding site, The Knot found that 86% of the almost 19,000 women who were married in 2010 took their husband’s last name. This is a significant increase from the 1990s, when only 77% of women did....more
This is the second time today I've seen this error. While minor, it's irritating, and it's yet ...more

How One Men's Magazine is Fighting for Women's Rights

It says a lot about our culture when a popular, men’s magazine feels compelled to dedicate one of its issues to addressing women’s rights.Esquire’s April issue, aptly titled “Women and Men,” is a must-read for anyone grappling with the current realities facing women. As editor-in-chief David Granger points out in his editor’s letter, the last seven months should have provoked us to do some soul-searching....more

13 Amazing Women's Autobiographies and Memoirs

Closing out Women’s History Month, we celebrate the stories women write about themselves, tracking their fantastic lives on paper for us to read and draw inspiration from. So here’s to writing women everywhere, your voices deserve to shape history as much as they have done and more. Love, LD. “Bossypants” by Tina Fey...more

The "B" in R.B.G. Stands For Badass

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is everywhere nowadays. Her face is plastered across shirts and sweatshirts emblazoned with the words “Notorious R.B.G.” and permanently etched into the arm of one college student. In the last ten years Ruth Bader Ginsburg, affectionately referred to as RBG, has become a feminist icon, and a piece of American pop culture. So what is it about the one-and-only RBG that launched so many memes?First and foremost, RBG is a badass....more

Handling Your Family As a Misfit Adult

By the time we arrive at our mid-twenties, we’re either independent or almost there, and relationships with families are settling into a pattern. For some twenty-somethings, they’ve managed to hammer through any teenage drama and emerge on the other side with a healthy family relationship. But for some of us, the drama and passive-aggressive communication continues, which, if you’re a like me, you’d rather turn your back on....more

Handling Negative Feedback in the Professional World

ou would think that by the time we get into our twenties we would be used to the fact that we screw up. Sometimes we screw up a lot, and then we’re regularly astonished when our bosses, professors, or supervisors call us out on it. Astonished is putting it lightly—sometimes we’re crushed. But the reality is that if we want to grow professionally and personally, we have to suck it up and face the negative music....more

Sweet Briar College Closing: Is It Taking Liberal Arts With It?

Girls at Virginia’s small all-female Sweet Briar College will spend the next two months waking up to the sickening realization that they haven’t been dreaming.On Tuesday, March 3, SBC’s president announced that the century-old liberal arts institution will be closing up shop, effective immediately. The school, which is located in a rural area near Lynchburg, is citing “insurmountable financial challenges” as the reason for the closure....more