10 Lame Things That Are Awesome Now That I Am An Adult

Next month I will be 26 and over the past few years I have changed. I would say I have matured, I have become responsible, professional and reached a bit of success career-wise. After the college days were over and I experienced true independence I started to find happiness in different things. I traded in my time partying for time reading and relaxing, my money eating out for cleaning supplies and cookware and my love of carelessness for a love of responsibility. I became an adult!...more

This Is The Sound Of Your Unhappiness

Sometimes unhappiness can reverberate through your body like a drum, echoing through your limbs until it pounds your mind into submission with its percussive refrain:This cannot continue.You have to stop this.We must make this better....more

7 Healthy Substitutes for Baking

Two things that I love in this world might seem contradictory to most people: baking and eating healthy. I have always been a healthy eater and my love of baking has recently grown stronger because I have been learning about healthy substitutes for baking recipes. I started experimenting with these ingredients by making muffins, dessert breads and cakes the healthier way and I learned this: I cannot tell the difference. The things I baked with healthy ingredients were delicious, moist and guilt-free!...more

Make Money With Money: Why Savings Accounts Suck

I’ve never had any idea what I should be doing with my money. For a long time, I figured keeping it in savings accounts was good enough. I kept asking people what to do, but no one really wanted to answer that question because money is a big secret no one is supposed to talk about. I heard I should buy mutual funds, but how do you do that, and was I supposed to know which ones?...more

5 of the Best Gifts for Foodies

It’s that time of year when we’re all doing last-minute gift shopping for friends and family. It can be especially difficult to buy for someone who’s interest you are unfamiliar with. I know every year I debate whether or not we should just get my dad a gift certificate to a lumber yard because he builds furniture and I know literally nothing about wood....more

Why I Work For Charities

When you break out the pros and cons list, working for the not-for-profit sector doesn’t look like the wisest career move....more

5 Minutes With 5 Products: Your New Lazy Everyday Makeup

I don’t know about you, but when I wear everyday makeup, I want it to take as little time as possible. I’m a master of trying to figure out shortcuts to my beauty routine just so I can spend five more minutes in bed (it makes a difference when it’s like 8 a.m.)....more

On Having a "Bad Attitude"

Hello my sisters in snark, my colleagues in curtness, my friends who are frank and my associates in assertiveness: Today we salute you.You, who so boldly and decisively refuse to stand for bullshit. You, who do not cower; you who do not yield. You who most likely suffer from moderate to severe resting bitch face.Like you, I have been told at times that I have a bad attitude problem....more

Being Scared Of Life After College Is Dumb And This Is Why

Here’s my ideal happy ending with college: Hi, I’m Ella, I’m graduating and I know exactly where I’m going with my life. I’ve made it through my student loans and look at me say this while I flip my hair at you with my perfectly-painted-never-chipped-nails-because-I am-just-hashtag-flawless.Yes, that is what would happen to me if unicorns were real, if fish could ride bicycles, and if I were Beyoncé (yes I know she has the same hours in a day as we do but I’ve decided she’s a robot)....more

Fourth-Wave Feminism Can't Play Favorites

A few weeks past, news sources everywhere were aflutter with new information pertaining to the “Palin family brawl” that reportedly occurred at a party in September. Namely, leaked tapes of Bristol Palin’s teary description of an assault she endured that night at the hands of an unnamed man. In the recording, Bristol was heard giving a clearly upset, obscenity riddled explanation of the events that transpired to a police officer. She recounted how she was knocked to the ground, dragged by her feet and cursed at repeatedly by a male attacker....more