What Would Betty Friedan Say about the "Lean In" Debate?

The contractions started at 7,000 feet. I was on a plane from San Francisco to Chicago to pitch a new client for our advertising agency. Twenty-three weeks pregnant with my second child, I had just been promoted to vice president and was eager to prove my worth. My career was on fire. So was my belly. ...more
LisenStromberg you're welcome. Been on a blogging hiatus myself. Picked quite a week to not be ...more

Soccer and My Daughter’s Concussion: What’s A Good Mother to Do?

At first, I didn’t even realize it had happened. My sixteen-year-old daughter was playing goalie for her premier soccer team at a college scouting tournament during Thanksgiving break this past November. As a player from the other team charged the goal, by daughter went in for the save. They both missed the ball and hit each other head-on. The other player fell down and then got up and brushed herself off. My daughter stumbled but didn’t fall. She then managed to capture the ball and save the goal....more
Would love to get an update on your daughter.  I read your story and its so similar to what I've ...more

Mother of Gay Son Ponders Gay Dad Project

“I’m gonna getcha,” cried my son who had just arrived home from his first fall at college. It was Christmas and our extended family was gathered to celebrate. He, this newly formed man, was on all fours scrambling after his toddler cousin. Our collective laughter spiraled the room as the new-to-walking little boy mimicked Frankenstein in his efforts to get away. My son scooped his cousin up and razzed the baby’s belly creating fits of giggles for them both. Later, my son asked, “Mom, do you think I’ll be a good father?”...more
Our oldest, 18, is also gay.  And I enjoyed your article very much.   I will say this.  Whether ...more

How To Never Fail At Gift Giving Again

It takes far more than ten fingers to count the number of gifts my husband has given me that I have returned....more
This is a great, great post! I've picked up that book so many times, wanting to read it, but ...more

Be Happy, Son: The Millenial Generation Is Not Screwed

We’d spent the day cleaning his room, sorting his belongings, and beginning the long slow journey toward separation. My son was heading off to college and I was trying to make peace with it. The “It” here being his future. So when the daily mail brought a magazine with an article asking “Are the Millennials the Screwed Generation?”, it was hard to ignore. After we both read it, my son turned to me. “Do you think we’re screwed?”...more
 @bnjmn_mxwll  Uh... would it be way too matronizing to say..."out of the mouth of babes?" P.S. ...more

When Will Female Authors Get the Respect They Deserve?

It’s not really that easy for a writer, and in particular a woman writer, to make money. Or is it? For the first time in history, women writers are actually making “gobs of money.” ...more
 @Lisen Stromberg  @sassymonkey I do think part of the lack of respect for women authors is ...more

Graduation Means New Beginnings; It also Means Endings, Too

It’s graduation week around town. We’re hearing lots of speeches about new beginnings, following your dreams, and choosing roads less traveled. Students are told repeatedly “it’s all ahead of you.” But for those of us with children in cap and gown, it’s not all about the future. For us, it’s also about the past....more
Mine just started college a month ago, and I'm the one that ended up homesick.  Missing those ...more

The Vassar 76: On Rejection and Other Life Lessons

That kind of switch and bait probably didn’t occur to most of the 76 students who were recently accepted and then summarily rejected by Vassar College. A computer glitch, just the kind my own son worried about, sent 122 early decision candidates letters of acceptance. For 46 of them, the news was accurate; they had been accepted. For the remaining students, the computer system, in fact the entire system, had failed....more
Yup, Dawn, can't argue with you. I'm hoping to be able to send my daughters to college ...more

Our Mothers, Ourselves: Did Your Mother Prepare You for Motherhood?

Eighteen years ago this month, my first child arrived six weeks ahead of schedule. While he was hooked up to tubes and toasting away in the ICU’s isolette, I spent those first days as a mother praying for him and reading Annie Lamott’s memoir, Operating Instructions. Between the laughter and the tears, I was hoping to find that elusive “how-to” manual for mothering....more
@nikonMom Mmm - love that: "Giving her heart away to us." It certainly feels that way to me ...more

Is College for All? Does a Proposed Two-Tier System Work?

Sometime in the next few months, my son will receive an acceptance letter to college. And with it, a bill. A big bill. A bill so big it will shape his future, defining what he does in the classroom and after graduation because the schools to which he is applying will cost him (and us, his parents) upwards of half a million dollars.Which begs the question, is it worth it?...more
I come from a country where there is a multi-tiered system (UK) and I'm not sure what I think ...more