Bunny Love // Bunny Inspired Fashion + Home Goods

Happy Easter everyone! Who doesn't love an adorable, fluffy bunny hopping around handing out delicious chocolates and candy filled eggs? I know I do! Bunnies are just too cute for words and so is this bunny inspired merchandise. I thought everyone should own something with a bunny on it, in spirit of the warm, spring weather that is upon us!  And the holiday of course! ...more

Rainy Day Looks

If it's not snowing, it's raining here in Pittsburgh and you better be dressed appropriately!  You need 3 item to stay dry in this weather:  a rain coat, rain boots and an umbrella.  Sometimes finding cute rain gear can be tricky, so I put together 4 very different, but super chic looks that will make any rainy, gloomy day seem bright.  Classic with an Edge; All Black Look ...more

Turn any Dress Into a Skirt

One of my favorite things to do with any dress is to layer it up and make it look like a skirt. Layering is the key to this look, so I prefer to do this during the fall and chillier months. Since it's officially spring and it's still chilly out, you can definitely wear this now....more

Skirts and Dresses Week: Saturday's OOTD

I didn't have time to make a post this weekend, so here's a late one of my Saturday OOTD.  Even though it was gloomy and raining all day (which caused me to get a cold!) I tried to incorporate some springness into my outfit.   ...more

Primary Colors.

I just bought these 3 gorgeous necklaces and I had to share!  ...more

Skirts and Dresses Week: Spring to Cool Summer Nights Look

This week, I will be showing different types of skirts and dresses and how versatile they can be.  Not just for warm weather, but for the colder months as well.  Skirts and dresses are my absolute favorite items of clothing to wear.  They are a better alternative to shorts on a hot day, appropriate for work (not too short now!) and can really be paired with a lot of different top options.  I tend to go for hi-lo hems or maxis, I just feel more comfortable in them, especially at work....more

Make a Statement.

Today I am combining two trends: pastel and statement necklaces.  I am on the hunt for a pastel blue statement necklace to be my go-to necklace for spring.  I'm drawn to cooler colors, and I want to embrace the pastel trend, so I'm sticking to light, barely there blues. Forever21 has a bunch of necklaces that I am currently checking out for a pretty low cost with a lot of variety to choose from. ...more

Lucky Charm.

Happy St. Patty's Day!  I celebrated on Saturday and I am still recovering (unfortunately) but I wanted to share my St. Patty's Day outfit, the only day I ever wear green.  I wanted to look more fashionable than look like a leprechaun threw up all over me, so I stuck with the green/white theme, some gold jewelry, threw on some cute booties and some shamrock socks and celebrated the day, into the night, away! ...more

And it's just, like, honey...

Ok, so maybe I didn't have to reference a Mariah Carey song (or maybe I did?) but that's besides the point! My Marc Jacobs Honey Trio came today!  And it smells so delicious, like sweet vanilla honey ice cream with a hint of peaches.  With the weather doing a complete 180 from yesterday to today, I need something sweet and springy in my life!...more

OOTD: A Crazy, Glorious Monday with an Outfit to Match

I thought I was walking into a calm start to the week, but it was a crazy and glorious day with an outfit to match.  I'm slowly switching out my winter wardrobe with my spring clothes and it's rubbing off on my mood and my overall day for the better.If you haven't noticed, floral prints are practically on every piece of clothing in stores right now.  Like I have stated before, daisy print is huge this spring.  From floral head pieces, to tiny skater dresses, you will find pretty little flowers all over clothing in stores now....more