8 Tips to Help You Manage Your Time

A friend recently told me I used my time more effectively than anyone else she knew. I don’t know if I personally always feel this way, but I will say that I thrive on being busy. ...more
So true!  Too much free time kills it for me.  Morning person all the way!more

5 life lessons I learned from blogging every day for a month

Last month I decided to participate in NaBloPoMo for the first time. For the entire month of November I blogged every day. Every. Single. Day....more

What I Learned from Taking a Blogging Vacation

Last week I decided to take a week-long hiatus from blogging and social media. It was the longest I've been offline aside from when I had my baby back in November. ...more

4 Tips for Having a Spectacular Etsy-Buying Experience

Long before I was selling my jewelry on Etsy, I was a huge fan of the site. It is the online marketplace for buying handmade products. Anything you could possibly dream of can be found here. (Warning: It can also be highly addicting!) ...more
Linkouture It was the publishing network email that they send out..weekly or so!more

Catharsis & Nesting

If you read my post last week, you know that Sam and I had to pack up almost everything in our house to get it ready for deleading. Which is exactly what every woman wants to do when she is 38 weeks pregnant, right?Yeah, not so much....more

7 Reasons that Participating in Craft Shows Is Just Like Going to College

Several months ago I applied to a local arts show, thinking there was no way that I would be accepted. This has been my first year exhibiting shows, so the whole experience is very new to me, and this was the first show that I applied to that asked for a statement of my qualifications.Uh, statement of qualifications? What does that even mean? Was I even qualified? Clearly I was out of my league. ...more

Embracing My Pregnant Body

This past weekend I spent several wonderful days with a few of my college friends on Cape Cod, celebrating the engagement of one of them to her fiance.The weather was absolutely perfect, the company of course wonderful. I have been fortunate that I have had ample opportunities to hang out with this particular group, almost more than I usually do in a typical summer....more

I'm a Blogger, And Damn Proud of It!: Reflections from a #BlogHerNewbie Part 2

As I mentioned in my previous post, I left the first day of BlogHer '13 feeling both exhausted and energized, and ready to see what day two would bring....more
Love this.  I'm so bummed that I missed the Lean In circles, but the Unmarketing session at the ...more

Reflections from a #BlogHerNewbie: Part 1

I've been itching to sit down and write this post for the last several days, but I also needed a couple days to unwind and process what was a whirlwind of an event.Where do I even begin?The first words that come to mind: inspirational, motivating, connectedness, energized....more

On Not Giving Up