Spring Break Bullet Points.

We have survived spring break 2015. Hallelujah and Amen. Here are a few bullet points of the rest of our week ....more

Springbreak Shenanigans.

We are nearly halfway through our Spring Break for 2015. So far the weather has been pleasant and the time has been spent with many a friend, so all in all it has gone well, and for that I cannot complain.This past weekend was absolutely GORGEOUS, so we decided to kick off spring break with a family bike ride. I realized that we are (very) slowly entering into an age in parenting where we can all ride together without someone needing a large amount of help (except towards the end when we realized we probably pushed Connor a little too much ....more

Yes Way, Jose.

I'm currently sitting in a home that is filled with sunbeams and springtime warmth. As I was chopping up potatoes for our Sunday night dinner, it occurred to me how truly blessed I felt. We went to an incredible church service, ate lunch with some of our best friends, shopped with clothing for kids in need (more on that later), and Tyler and I rested while Drew and the big boys went on a bike outing.As I was thanking the Lord for the bountiful blessings, I was also convicted of my sour attitude during the past few weeks when the weather was dreary and the cold seemed so overwhelming ....more

I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham.... Or Snow.

It has been a whirlwind of a weekend and I just realized that I haven't caught up on life. Partly because I had to pick myself out of the bad attitude trash can I lived in at the beginning of the week due to the winter weather.We had a slew of awesome plans planned for LAST weekend, but those were quickly changed when we awoke from nap on Friday afternoon to snow that would not let up. That pretty much dampened all of our weekend plans and forced us to stay home the entire weekend ....more

Snow Days

I've come to the opinion that winter must have at least one good snow.Which means that the Louisiana girl in me is leaning more towards Arkansas than she is to her roots. Because Louisiana people get worried if the temps dip into the 40s.Truthfully though, I've actually been quite grateful that the temps this year have been rather mild. After last winter, I swore up and down that I would never complain about the hot weather again ....more

Just a Boy in his Boots.

Tyler just turned 21 months old this week.Someone needs to come scoop me off of the floor because between that and him getting a rather horrible hair cut the other day, I'm about done in with emotions.He's currently obsessed with boots. There is no preference to the type of boot, so long as it is a boot.I'm currently obsessed with his big toddler belly. Every time I put a shirt on him his belly protrudes so much that the shirt gapes at the bottom ....more

Everyday Moments.

I was washing the dishes today and it occurred to me that it felt like it had been years since I had blogged. As I was pondering why my blogging has taken a back seat over the past several months, I began to realize two things: life with three kids means that it's filled with more kids stuff and less me stuff, and life with three kids means that life is sometimes more ordinary.Neither of these points of focus are a bad thing. While life with three kids means more kid things, it doesn't mean that our world revolves around them ....more

Whole30: My Favorite Meals, Seasonings & Salads.

When people ask what whole 30 is, and then I tell them basically what I can't eat they look at me, eyes wide and say "what CAN you eat?" I've learned to just laugh it off. To the outside looking in, it does seem like you are greatly restricted. Yet, I never tired of anything I ate the entire month (excluding eggs, which is why I started making monkey breakfast rather early in my whole 30 journey) ....more

I Did it For My Health.

Come Sunday, I will close the book on my first ever whole30. Over the past month, I've gotten all sorts of comments from people. People who are proud ....more

When Life Gives you Lemons and Warm Weather.

(for the record, my title was a play on words... we are all fine).I swore up and down that I had blogged only a few days ago. Then I checked in to read some blogs and realized that I hadn't blogged in over a week.. ....more