We're in the thick of change of seasons. There are days that are humid and hot and just feel like summer may never end.And then there are days that are cool and literally smell like fall and tempt me to pull out my jeans and my comfy boots and welcome the colder weather with open arms. To remind us that the seasons are indeed changing, the pollen count is super high, which has wreaked havoc on all of us despite my best laid plans of essential oils and rigid antihistamine dosages ....more

First Day of Preschool 2015.

Today was the first day of Connor and Tyler's MDO program. This is also known as my sanity break.AND ALL THE ANGELS SANG THE HALLELUJAH CHORUS.Connor and Tyler were both so very excited this morning when they saw their lunch boxes packed and ready to go. The hardest part is waiting between the time of dropping Brayden off and their own school starting ....more

Instagram Killed the Blogger.

If video killed the radio star, then logical reasoning would have one conclude that instagram killed the blogger.It occurred to me the other night as I was perusing through old photos that Tylers first two years of life are largely caught on camera... the phone camera that is. Which makes me a little sad to think that I won't be able to blow up big pictures of lots of fun memories ....more

Summer Exits.

Today I was reading back through the post I wrote about Kindergarten last year. It made me smile thinking about all the ways Gods hand was evident throughout the year last year. Public school is not a choice I had ever considered for our children initially, but so far it has been the biggest blessing not only for Brayden, but also for Drew and I ....more

First Day of First Grade.

Today was Brayden's first day of first grade. I'm not a runner by trade, but I imagine that if I was and I had taken it upon myself to run a marathon, the feeling I am currently feeling is what I would feel like post-marathon run. My body aches, my head feels like it's going to explode and I am not sure I'll even muster up the strength to peel myself from the couch to the bed ....more

The Weekend Before First Grade.

Greetings from the land that is exempt from sales tax for 2 days... aka the place where all the peoples get out and do their back to school shopping at one time and clog the aisles of supermarkets and shoe stores everywhere.Last year I braved that battle, but this year I opted out of the drama and just paid the extra 10% to Uncle Sam. It was worth my sanity and my time to just battle the aisles in peace (which is a joke of a saying, because if you have ever shoe shopped with a 4 and a 6 year old, you will know that it is not the most peaceful experience you could pursue in life).So while all the peoples shopped, the boys and I showed Drew around our new children's museum ....more

Wrapping Up and Falling Out.

Thanks to the aisles of pool toys being replaced by blue capped pens and vast assortments of binders, it seems that although the heat may not leave us anytime soon, summertime is wrapping up. Brayden and I had a conversation last night about this, and we both agreed that while we were excited about first grade starting soon, the fact that summer is coming to a close is a bummer for a variety of reasons (his was that he can no longer sleep in. I feel like my work on earth is finally done now that he admitted that sleep is, in fact, a good thing).I was able to get away with a bunch of my girlfriends this past weekend ....more

Dog Days.

We have officially hit what we like to term the "dog days" of summer in the south.If you are a southerner (heck, even the midwest joins this party), you know the days I am talking about. The ones where you have sweat dripping down your sternum as soon as you walk outside to check the temperature at 8:30am in the morning.These days are really fun and involve things like your kids whining about how hot it is, the splash park being so packed that you question your own sanity for even arriving there in the first place, and your air conditioner in your car suddenly seeming like it's blowing 90 degree wind at you (which, during the dog days, 90 degree wind does cool you off just a tad. Then you get mad at the fact that everything is hot and nothing is helping) ....more

Road Trips and Trips on Bikes.

The boys and I were adventurous and tried our hand at two road trips within 1 month. I decided that it'd be a good idea to attempt said road trip after everyone had stayed up way past their bedtime for fireworks festivities the night before; thankfully nothing backfired on me, and everyone did really well. It helps that our trip was only a 3 hour trip as opposed to a 10 hour one ;)Several of my friends who live in Little Rock had wanted to get together with our kids ....more

The Start of Summer: Cousin Camp and Beyond.

Apparently I took an unintentional summer break from blogging- ha! ...more