Tales of the Thumb.

Last Wednesday morning I made a mental note to myself: I wanted to update the blog with some fun things and pictures of what has happened over the past two weeks. I didn't think much of it throughout the day, until that afternoon. I was slicing potatoes with a Christmas gift: a new mandolin slicer ....more

Closing Out 2015... Ushering in 2016.

Well, it's halfway thru the first month of the year and I am just now blogging about Christmas. Good thing that my New Years Resolution wasn't to stay on top of things. #yikes ....more

Looking Like Christmas.

We have been in the thick of all things Christmas lately, with parties, parades programs and the like. The odd thing is that our weather has been close to 70 every day for the past week. I didn't complain one bit.. ....more

And Then He Was Five.

Two weeks late but better late than never. Connor is now five years old. I can barely believe it were it not for his little reminders of the big milestone we've hit.Life lately with Connor is pretty sweet ....more


We have had a busy several weeks with life happenings. Such is fall.A few weeks ago we FINALLY dedicated Tyler at church. Bless his heart, the third child just gets put on the back burner sometimes ....more

Pumpkin Patch 2015.

Looking at our fall schedule, I wasn't even sure if we would make it to the pumpkin patch this year. But Connor kept insisting that we go (I think he is my traditions boy... he remembers everything we have done and will not let me forget it!), so we found a spare few hours one afternoon several weekends ago to make it happen ....more

Playing Catch-Up.

Three years ago, I would have never thought it possible for me to go several weeks without blogging. Sure, a couple of days. But even weekly seemed manageable ....more


We're in the thick of change of seasons. There are days that are humid and hot and just feel like summer may never end.And then there are days that are cool and literally smell like fall and tempt me to pull out my jeans and my comfy boots and welcome the colder weather with open arms. To remind us that the seasons are indeed changing, the pollen count is super high, which has wreaked havoc on all of us despite my best laid plans of essential oils and rigid antihistamine dosages ....more

First Day of Preschool 2015.

Today was the first day of Connor and Tyler's MDO program. This is also known as my sanity break.AND ALL THE ANGELS SANG THE HALLELUJAH CHORUS.Connor and Tyler were both so very excited this morning when they saw their lunch boxes packed and ready to go. The hardest part is waiting between the time of dropping Brayden off and their own school starting ....more

Instagram Killed the Blogger.

If video killed the radio star, then logical reasoning would have one conclude that instagram killed the blogger.It occurred to me the other night as I was perusing through old photos that Tylers first two years of life are largely caught on camera... the phone camera that is. Which makes me a little sad to think that I won't be able to blow up big pictures of lots of fun memories ....more