The Start of Summer: Cousin Camp and Beyond.

Apparently I took an unintentional summer break from blogging- ha! ...more

Kindergarten's Over, and Summer is HERE!

I have had a lump in my throat the past week as we have had a continued stream of school things being returned home for the inevitable close of the school year. This has been such a great year for so many reasons (some bloggable, some not) and with its close comes a set of varying emotions. It has been mentioned before, but worth noting again, we received the best Kinder teacher EVER this year ....more

Last Day of (Pre)School.

Today was Connor and Tyler's last day of MDO for the year.Not gonna lie... I think we were all sad. I think the reason I am sad was obvious.. ....more

The End of the Kindergarten Year.

My fingers and mind cannot believe I just typed that we are coming to a close of the Kindergarten year. This year has flown by, and although in years past I have always felt that the year was filled with lots of change, somehow as summer dawns on us for 2015, I find that this has been the biggest year of change for Brayden. In pictures alone this is evident, but his demeanor, his intellect and most definitely his physical size have all changed SO much ....more

End of the Year Whirlwind.

Earlier this year I had bemoaned the business of our schedule. Past Lindsey is laughing at herself, because had I known then what I know now, I would have thought that a walk in the park.I now know why Jen Hatmaker writes blog posts about the end of the school year and it goes viral. Have mercy, the end of the school year is like trying to drink from a fire hydrant ....more

Family Beach Pictures.

It goes without saying that life rarely happens the way we imagine it will go. Family beach pictures are no exception.I'm not quite sure why I had it in my head that things would go smoothly; smooth and two year old toddler are not in a symbiotic relationship. Nevertheless, we tried ....more

Family Beach Trip 2015.

Several months ago, Drew and I decided that we were ready to take our first real family vacation. When we were trying to chose what to do, the beach always came to the top. Both of our older boys had been asking about when they could see the ocean, and I had several friends who had recommended a beach trip as a great family trip ....more

Good Weather and Birthday Shenanigans.

I feel like I'm having an out of body experience, as this is the third post in a row where I am actually blogging within an acceptable time frame post-events. AND the post has pictures from the big girl camera, which seems like a rarity these days. It's like you're getting a double bonus and you didn't even ask for it ;)The weather this past weekend was iffy on the forecast, but we were given glimpses into perfection, of which we took full advantage of ....more

Boogers and Boys.

I don't know about y'all, but Easter being early this year really has thrown me completely off track and I'm not sure I'll recover until we hit summer. I knew that April would be busy, but I was caught off guard when Easter came and went and now we're on this ever quickening downhill slope of school ending, sports colliding and me standing in the middle of it hoping my kids will one day soon eat foods other than pizza and corn dogs.A few short stories for you tonight:For his birthday, Brayden received a card from my dad that said it was made out of recycled boogers. Brayden carried it around for several days, then on Monday before school we had this conversation:Brayden: Mom, do you think this card is telling the truth? ...more

Brayden Turns 6.

Six years ago today, the world changed and not many people knew it.Six years ago, Brayden Thomas entered the world, and our lives changed (for the better), forever.This birthday has been particularly bitter sweet for me. It just seems so.... BIG ....more