Tyler Paul {18 Months}

Well, I'm not really sure how we got here, but somehow it's time for me to document that my BABY turned 18 months old. Say it aint so! Truthfully, I have a love/hate relationship with 18 months ....more

Connor Andrew {4 Years Old}

In general, I begrudge my children growing up. Except for the fourth birthday. The fourth birthday, much like the 6 month birthday, is a landmark of sorts for me as a parent ....more

Easy Vegetable Soup

I'm just going to go ahead and admit that I have been a bit begrudging towards the change in seasons. I've never been one to truly hate winter, but after last winter where I was stuck inside with 3 boys for what seemed like an eternity, I have learned that summer (and the outside) is my best friend as a boy mom.With that little truth nugget out of the way, I would also like to tell you one of my saving graces in the fall/winter months: soups. They are relatively easy to make, and super easy to double and put away in the freezer for another meal later on ....more

Birthdays & Fall Pictures

We have had a slam-packed weekend. November always has a way of sneaking up on me, but this year seemed quicker than before. That sneaky November.One thing about November is that it inevitably is filled with lots of parties, be it holiday or birthday ....more

Rolling Up Fall.

I realize we're into November and well on our way towards Thanksgiving, but there were a few loose ends from October I wanted to wrap up.We kept with our annual tradition of carving a pumpkin. The boys were so excited about it this year. It's so fun to watch them anticipate some of the traditions we have started as a family ....more

Old Places, New Memories.

In the fall of 2000, I met Drew on the campus of the University of Arkansas. And in the spring of 2001, I fell in love with him and knew that he would be my husband one day (don't worry, I didn't tell him right away... otherwise he'd probably have run) ....more

Pumpkin Patch Shenanigans.

I'm keeping up with my trend of being a day late and a dollar short. My life is just a bit busy at the moment, and since it looks as though it has no intention of letting down, we'll just move on.We recently went to a local pumpkin patch/farm with a bunch of our friends from church. This has become an annual tradition for our family and something that I look forward to every fall.(You can click here to see our trip from 2013, which also includes links to all previous years as well.. ....more

10 Kinetic Kindergarten Sight Word Recognition Activities.

In case you're wondering, the first two months of Kindergarten have gone quite well. I think I've had to adjust more than Brayden, who has fallen into the routine and changes better than I could have even imagined. He absolutely LOVES school, LOVES his teacher (we do too!) and LOVES learning.One thing that I was not prepared for was the amount of creative energy I would need to exert in the afternoon, which has historically been the lowest point of the day for me ....more

Five on Friday.

Well, I tinkered with the idea of blogging every day in October (apparently there are blog hops that give you prompts or help you develop a theme to go with the month). It sounds fun. But it's just not in the cards for me right now ....more

Little Guy, Big Personality.

Admittedly, the phase between years 1 and 3 are not my favorite as a mommy. It's not that my kids aren't cute during that phase (by dang, they are CUTE), but it's just that the phase is SO FREAKIN' EXHAUSTING.However, there is a silver lining. Watching the personality come out in a little human is quite possibly the best thing to ever witness ....more