What's the Upside to Being Sixty-four and A Half?

Two mornings ago I woke up and asked my husband: "What's the upside to being 64 1/2 years old anyway?!" His answer: "Well, you're not yet 65."I hit him with my pillow....more

Putting a little Faith in My Day

Every now and then I sit and muse philosophically about different things. Recently I read something someone had written and in their piece they mentioned 'having faith' in whatever it was they were talking about. Made me stop and think because I'm not sure the writer used the correct word.What really is Faith?...more

What Would You Do with 4 Ingredients?

Have you ever played an intellectual cooking game with yourself? I do, all the time now that I'm utterly and forever hooked on the Food Network's show, "Chopped." I know, it's been on for a kabillion seasons now and everyone I know asks me, "Linda where have you been?" I just never watched food shows until this summer. Happened to catch an episode of "Chopped" on the Food Network's website and now our parrot, George, and I watch an episode every morning while having breakfast....more

Loving Hinterland and Netflix

I am admittedly a binge watcher! One of my Christmas gifts last holidays was the box thing for Apple TV and it allows me to "do" Netflix on our television set. Yeh, you do have to pay a monthly fee for Netflix but for me it is worth every penny [it's less than $10]. Like my mother before me, and now my daughters and little granddaughter after me, we simply enjoy TV....more

I Didn't Find My Tribe at BlogHer '14

I found my village. Seems that it has become pretty popular to write about, or talk about, finding one's "tribe." Finding a like-minded group to which to belong. A group that thinks in ways similar to you; or rallies around a cause or champions a segment of society. In the blogging world, seems a "tribe" can be expressed as "mom bloggers," or "food bloggers," "one-cause bloggers (i.e. breast cancer), or "women of ___" [certain ethnicity]. And there seems to be great value in this for those who belong to such. ...more
This is such a great perspective. The only place I felt like I belonged to a tribe was in the ...more

Gee I Love Blogging!

Back-in-the-day, some 30 years ago now, I made my living as a newspaper reporter. And I truly enjoyed it. My 'beat' was Lifestyle and it included doing many interviews on quite a variety of topics. Loved interviewing. Still do.The magic for me now is blogging. For me 'the blog' fills the place the newspaper page used to park. I can still write; still have my words 'published;' still have fans who appreciate what I write. And, best of all...I can still interview....more

I'll Never Look at PE the Same Way Again

They said "PE." No kidding. Well, I'll never look at PE quite the same way again.For me, 'PE' used to mean 'Physical Education.' Not the best memories. In grade school and high school I was the skinny kid and always next to last in being chosen for team games or sports. However, it got better in college because I could run. I ran cross country. Running felt great...just me and the air and breathing in and breathing out.Now 'PE' has a whole 'nother meaning and it, too, is all about breathing. ...more

How BlogHer '14 Will Be Different for Me This Year

I'm going to the BlogHer conference this year in San Jose, CA. There are a couple reasons. Okay, more than two reasons. And I think they are good reasons. ...more
I commented a few months ago --I share your sentiments after returning home. Did it pan out for ...more

A Thought About the Pepsi Super Bowl Ad Campaign

Last evening my husband and I sat together and went through all the ads that appeared during this year's Super Bowl. We were hoping to find something as entertaining as that little boy who played 'Darth Vader' - who can forget the awesome cuteness of that!...more

It's OK to Be Sad at Christmas

I finished our Christmas cards early this year. Wrote a nice "here's what we've been doing" letter to include. Got them in the mail. We sent them out early this year because we bought a new home just this summer and many on our extended family and friends list don't have the new address. ...more
Thank you! I have been feeling sad, also- and this helps put things in perspective!more