This is Pediatric Cancer

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A Boy Mom Analyzes Disney's "Frozen"

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His Soul Is Burned Into Mine: Moving On Without Someone You Love

It is sometime during the 4:00 hour. I am lying, wide awake, in my bed sucking on a lozenge because I can't stop coughing. I've got a toddler's head rammed between my shoulder blades. I'm hot from all the blankets and lovies my ten-year-old has brought into my huge king-sized bed with him. The house is quiet and feels a little emptier with Hubby on a business trip despite all of the company I have in bed with me. Edgie has been pushing Slim in his sleep, "Move over Slim!! This my bed." And I roll my eyes because, no, it's MY bed; I smile in spite of it. ...more
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When Your Baby Has a Birth Defect - Advice for New Parents

I received a phone call from someone the other day. It seems as if my expertise is needed once again. Her son and his wife just found out that their baby will be born with a cleft lip, and she wondered if Hubby and I could give them advice. Of course I agreed. We can tell them about which surgeons are more competent than others and what to expect from surgeries and time frames and whatnot. After I hung up the phone, I couldn't stop thinking about this young couple, though - how they are feeling, what they are thinking, and how they are handling this news. ...more
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My Way Back From Depression

Kathy@kissing the frog   Last week, I was out of my little white happy pill.  The pharmacist had to call my doctor, and I knew they would play phone tag all week.  I've been out of my Lexapro before, and I knew what was going to happen...   One morning, I wake up feeling sad for no apparent reason.  A sadness that has nothing to do with any ...more