I was in an abusive relationship, and cooking saved my life.

Sometimes I feel like I have a lived a hundred different lives and that I have found some impossibly clever way to tuck them all up inside of myself, revealing them only in the most deliberate of fashions. Like a wooden matryoshka doll stuffed full of smaller and less-full people, I sometimes seem to unfold.Which brings me to this story. This story I have been trying to write down for years now. This story that I am just now accepting as a part of my life, as something that happened in it and to me. It’s the story of how cooking saved me....more

Merguez-Inspired Scotch Eggs.

Do you ever dream about food?Because I dream about food, a lot....more

I Like My Body. Is that Okay with You?

I was running one morning earlier this week when I noticed something strange. I noticed that I like my body. ...more
Thank you for posting this! I think you talked about some things we all can do well to think ...more

Paleo Sweet Potato Casserole Donuts.

Two weeks to go until Thanksgiving, and I am ready for it. But because it’s still too early to cook the main feast, I am prepping the only way I know how — with these donuts....more

Paleo Pumpkin Spice Donuts, Frosted Two Ways.

Like pancakes, donuts are good for you. Maybe not in the most traditional of ways, but they do have their outstanding benefits....more

I've gained weight.

I’ve gained weight. I haven’t gained a lot of weight and, in fact, it’s hard to say exactly how much. But I have gained some.I’ve gained weight because marathon weight gain is a real thing. And because chocolate. And because bacon....more

Roasted Acorn Squash with Sage and Nutmeg.

I’ve been waiting such a long time to share this recipe with you....more
Mmmm, this looks yummy.more

Sweet Apple Turkey Sausages.

How To: Slow Cooker Ghee.

I’m a from-scratch kind of person. There’s something about doing something — doing all things — the hard way that has always appealed to me. I like to labor over things, like to roll up my sleeves, and put in the work. Because what’s more magical than holding in your hands something that you have created — something that did not exist in the universe until you came along? ...more

Jeweled Brussels Sprouts.

I remember the first time I set out to cook Brussels sprouts. It was a handful of years ago when I was still living in Connecticut in my somewhat run-down but hugely spacious third-floor walk-up apartment — the one that I wouldn’t come to appreciate until I moved into my first Boston studio....more