I Believe In Magic - Or At Least In Possibility

Every year, about this time, I always see several articles talking about all the reasons why parents choose not to embrace "the whole Santa thing." The reasons usually boil down to one of two things: either these parents are rejecting Santa because they want to focus their family's attention on the religious im...more

13 Easy Winter Life Hacks

As a Michigander, born and raised, I've learned a thing or two about winter. Lenawee County is no Fargo, North Dakota, or anything, but in an average winter our temps hover in the mid-twenties during the day and we'll get about three feet of snow before the spring thaw, which any gardener will tell you is just before Mother's Day....more
EmiliePeck For sure! Plus, layers are great for when you go inside and need to shed a bit!more

I Don't Want My Children To Be Independent

I keep seeing things pop up on social media about how to make sure your child is independent and, after a great deal of thought on the subject, I realize that I don't really want my children to be independent....more

Confession Of An Introverted Mother

When I was growing up there was a conversation that happened repeatedly between my mother and me."Why don't you go talk to so-and-so (call them, go to a certain place, do a certain thing)?" She would ask.I would shrug, "I don't want to." I would tell her."But WHY?""Because I'm shy," I would say and go back to reading my book."You're not shy!" She would declare, and she was right. I'm really not. I'm not timid. I was always happy enough to raise my hand in class or take a part in the church Christmas program....more

3 Things You Never Need To Say and 3 Things You Can Say Instead

I've overheard a few comments lately and it made me realize that there are a few statements that simply never need to be uttered.1. "You'd feel better if you stopped your bad habit."...more

Writing Is Easy

If you're new around here you may not have heard: November is National Novel Writer's Month, affectionately referred to by writers as "Nanowrimo" or simply "Nano."...more

Easy DIY No-Sew Alien Costume

I have found, in the past few years, that I have a ridiculous amount of fun crafting with duct tape. I couldn't give you any logical reason but, judging by the fact that there is an entire aisle of the stuff in my local supermarket, I'm guessing I'm not the only one who feels that way....more


Last November was life-changing for me.   My dreams and goals took a whole new turn.  My confidence in my own ability to accomplish something huge was strengthened in a big way. I pushed myself physically and mentally further than I had in years - and discovered (remembered?) that there's something very satisfying in that.  I found a very special way to connect with both of my daughters. November became my favorite month of the year....more

Sharing My Story - Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness

I have two babies that died.I don't really talk about it and I don't think I've ever written about it before. Not because I'm ashamed, but because what happened seems so intensely private to me.I have come to realize though, that I have found healing in hearing the stories of others and realizing that I'm not alone. It is my hope that my story will help someone else....more