I'm Sick of Cancer, But it Won't Be a Good Day When My Treatment Stops

There is a bell in cancer centre chemotherapy unit. Every time someone has their last treatment, they ring that bell in triumph and the unit explodes in applause. But not me. If I was dozing, I keep my eyes closed. If awake, I stare fixedly at my book. It's not that I'm not happy for whoever is walking away. It's just that, while I'm sick of being a cancer patient, it won't be a good day when my treatment stops. ...more
CatherineTheWriter I welcomed the opportunity to get our voices out there, especially admidst ...more

Sharing Our Stories: This is Why We Need to Talk about Mental Illness

Last week, I was very moved by an interview on CBC Radio with Newfoundland actor-comedian Andy Jones and his wife Mary-Lynn Bernard on the death of their son, Louis who "passed away by his own hand after a lengthy and brave battle with mental illness... age 28 years." (from Louis' obituary.) Despite pain that was practically palpable, Ms. Bernard and Mr. Jones have been doing media interviews across the country to shed light on mental illness and the very high toll it takes on those affected and their loved ones. I was very, very moved by their story, and the brave decision they have made to share it. ...more
You are a brave woman.  It is sometimes hard to share our vulnerable sides.  I write about my ...more

Swimming Suit Shopping After a Mastectomy: I'd Rather Go to the Dentist

In 2007, when Suzanne Reisman launched The Swimsuit Brigade For Honest Photos, I promised to take part. But I didn't. I chickened out, as I did again in 2008 and 2009. ...more

I am so moved that you read my book and that it helped you.

Please feel free to contact me ...more

he's only six years old

My younger son, D., had an appointment at the dentist's today. I decided to turn the day into a special outing and go out for lunch and then to the movies (G-Force. I still do not like rodents). When the movie was over, he announced that he had to go to the bathroom. As I wrapped up a phone call with my spouse and went to open the bathroom door, a man stepped towards me and said, "I think he's way too old to go in there with you. He looks like he's at least four years old." ...more

I wish more palces did have family wash rooms. My oldest is five and feels more comfortable ...more

a good man: a blogher '08 story

On my first full day in San Francisco, I spent the early part of the day playing tourist. A highlight was a visit to City Lights Book Store. When I am away on my own, my kids and my spouse are never very far from my mind and this wonderful and historic book store seemed like as good a place as any to buy them some presents. ...more