How Do You Celebrate Holidays After Divorce?

Among divorced parents, there is a crescendo of dread, anxiety and sadness that builds throughout the Fall. The mixed feelings arise in relation to not spending every holiday with their children.The idea of ‘celebrating’ Thanksgiving without your kids seems vaguely absurd. And the idea of waking on Christmas morning and not hearing the squeals of excitement from your kids is downright awful. I’ve heard many a divorced parent state that they’d like to take an Ambien and just sleep through the holiday when they don’t have their kids....more
The first time I had to spend Christmas without my son I was depressed.  It got so much easier. ...more

The 7 Steps to a Happy and Relaxing Holiday Season

 As over-scheduled moms, we tend to bite off more than we can chew.  We over-extend ourselves with our kids, our work, and our social lives.  We time our schedules perfectly so that we are able to pull off logistical feats.  We have our ‘systems’ down to a science.  We know that if we leave home at 7:37am, that we can get child #1 to school, child #2 to practice, and get ourselves to work on time.  We run our morning routines more tightly than an army unit.  And, most days, it works....more

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Why Do Women Stay in Empty Marriages?

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