Customer satisfaction remembering a time when I wasn't 'delighted'

Ok the event I'm about to desribe happend a long time ago, the hotel I'm referring to is no longer under the same company and neither am I but I just had to vent because I never really got a chance to at the time of the event.  I am currently studying Marketing at University, and am taking a course on customer satisfaction and loyalty.  The course is very interesting and I'm learning a lot but after reading several articles, especially the one I'm reading now on delighting customers, I keep thinking back to time when I was not delighted, when I expected I would be....more

I don't want to say I'm cursed but....

Things could be worse, I definitely know this and its what I have to keep telling myself after every new thing happens.  Here's whats happened thus far:  The flooding that started it all: On Dec 14th (my brother's birthday)  we had a wild rainstorm which flooded our street causing the storm drains to back up.  This also caused our roof to leak so badly the ceiling in our kitchen started to buckle.  If it had been our own place we may have drilled a hole in the ceiling to relieve the pressu...more

I'm back did you miss me?

Good Day Folks!  I've been away for almost two years, well actually I didn't go anywhere I just stopped updating the world on the details of my life.  I've decided to return and start blogging again, the reason being partly that I missed writing on a regular basis and I've had a lot going on in my life recently and I found in the past that this was an excellent way to get things off my chest.  I left previously partly because I started a new position at my work which has not allowed me as much free time to get online and vent but I'm going to make time now, I think its a vali...more

So he proposed...sort of

I am definitely not a person who believes that one has to be married to be happy, really I'm not.  However it would seem I'm in the minority because whenever I tell anyone how long my boyfriend and I have been together (almost 10 years) the immediate response 99% of the time (for the past 7 years or so) is... oooh how come you're not married? or where's the ring? ...more

Happy Canada Day!

I'm delaying the post I had scheduled for today to wish all the Canadians and friends of Canadians a happy Canada Day!  I actually worked today so I celebrated yesterday.  Lucky for me I know an artist collective who rented 2 houseboats for the week. ...more

We were a little sleep deprived yesterday, but it was definitely worth it :)more

so much to say

So much has been going on since I last posted, first of all I guess I should say RIP Ed McMahon, Farrah and MJ the world lost some incredible although sometimes strange and troubled people this past week and Michael Jackson's death was a particular shock and it really crushed J who was a big fan, fortunately for him so is his boss at the main nightclub he plays at (or these days I should probably refer to it as the nightclub that gave him his start as a DJ as he's playing so many venues) and he was thrilled when J played mainly MJ mixes and remixes on Fri. ...more

I like to ride my bicycle

Yes I do have a Queen song in my head, but I don't mind.  I got my bike back two weeks ago (it was in storage at my roommates parent's place) and I have been biking everyday, yep everyday, with the exception of a particularly rainy Sunday when I had just come down with a cold where I did give in and call a cab to work.  I have been biking to and from work and I have my route down, it is getting easier mostly however I have to cross a bridge to get to work and today it was so windy I did actually get slammed into the guard rail (probably have some new bruises to discover this evening) ...more

Currently out finding myself will return soon

I have been taking the time I usually devote to blogging and spending that reading an online 'self help' book I'd recommend it to anyone (although I've only read the first 3 chapters, but so far so good!) its at, it was mentioned last week in another blog on this site a little over a week ago.  I realized quite awhile ago I have been stuck in a very deep rut so I'm hoping this will provide a bit of motivation and allow me to get up and go and make the necessary changes to make myself a happier me, of course I'm not relying entirely on ...more

I miss you mom

So its mother's day and first of all being in a customer service position it still feels weird not being a mother and being wished a happy mother's day I guess I'm mother to my cats?  Also with my mom being very far away, she's in Calgary and I'm in New Brunswick I didn't really do much to celebrate today, I did send her an e-card which I made myself and I do plan to call her when I'm don work (which will be soon), my dad told me she was bummed out that she didn't have any of her children to take her out to dinner or do anything with but I can guarentee all three of us are thinking about her ...more

A Change of plans and he's off and running

I had my reasons I wanted to move: A failed attempt at a career, the possibility of getting stuck at the same call center for the rest of my life, very few family members around and only my grandmother with whom I'm close to.  He had his reasons he wanted to stay: His career is taking off, he has lots of connections here, and his family especially his younger brother who has ADHD and Aspergers and looks up to him are here.  I wanted to move to Toronto because I know the city, and we have friends there, not to mention my sister lives there.  Originally J had been all for the move to Toronto ...more