Bad Mom? When Being a Parent Isn't Enough

There are days when parenting gets the better of me.  Hell, if I’m being honest, it’s more like weeks, maybe even months, where being a parent takes every last bit of inner strength I have.  I’m positive that there are days most parents have felt this way.  Days when they feel like one more little thing, one more whine or “no” out of their sweet child’s lips they will absolutely lose it. ...more


I’m angry. Well, maybe that’s too strong a word. I’m frustrated. No, that just won’t cut it. I’m angry, frustrated, sad, disappointed, surprised… Over the past week this amalgamation of negative emotions has reached its boiling point.  ...more

Working Moms Versus Stay At Home Moms: Who Wins?

A friend and fellow SAHM sent me an article recently. I believe she even pulled off the road so she could text me to tell me how much it had frustrated her. In summation, the article was a study of the children of working moms and it found that their daughters are more likely to become CEO’s and their sons grow up to be more caring and compassionate people than their SAHM counterparts. It wasn’t particularly opinionated, just relaying basic information to the masses....more

Throwing Away the Red Shirt

Next week Man will participate in a “moving up” ceremony, a graduation of sorts, from pre-school.  I remember the first day so clearly. I cried; he walked right in.  I was fearful; I knew what a challenge he could be at home—what  if they couldn’t handle him?...more

The Parenting Question That Makes Me Cringe

Picture it:Sicily, 1942: A young peasant girl goes to the local market to buy food for dinner.Shit; wait, wrong story.Picture it:Suburban New York, 2015: A mother, still in her pajamas in the middle of the afternoon (well, the pants at least). She is going through the supermarket with her two young children, a task she attempts to avoid like episodes of those idiotic Real Housewives. (By the way, why do they call them “real housewives”? That’s about as unreal as a housewife gets, but I’m getting off track.)...more

Swimming Lessons: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

So, the family went for a swim lesson. ...more

This Lady Sucks: Fanning The Flames of the Mommy Wars

Today I read a blog that just downright pissed me off.  It was a post called UNPOPULAR OPINION:  Being a Stay-At-Home Mom Is Not a Job, and the only credit I can give this woman is that she realizes hers is an unpopular opinion.  Otherwise, it enraged me so much that I feel I need to write my own rebuttal....more
I've been both working mom and currently SAHM, so I understand both sides.  I do feel blessed ...more

Please Don't Call Me "THAT kid"

I recently read an article written by a teacher titled “Dear Parent: About THAT Kid.” ( I loved it; it did a wonderful job of highlighting the fact that there is usually an underlying reason why “THAT kid” might possibly be displaying some of the behaviors he does. I finished it, nodding in agreement as I silently thanked her for sticking up for “THAT kid”. ...more

Mom, On The Edge: One Year Later

“Why don’t you find a support group for moms of kids with special needs?” asked a good FRIEND today.“I don’t really think I fall under that category,” I immediately said, somewhat exasperated.I could see she was debating going further, but she didn’t have to.  I immediately flashed on his new therapy schedule: S.E.I.T ten hours per week, occupational therapy twice weekly, in-home family behavior training once a week.  There is no denying it; he does have some special needs....more

33 Reasons My Daughter Will Have A Tantrum

I recall a conversation I had with another mother while still pregnant with Man.  I already knew that I was having a boy, and she already had both a boy and a girl.  We began discussing which was the more difficult sex, “Girls, girls are much harder, S just sort of goes with the flow, but I can cream cheese A’s bagel wrong and it’s as if I have committed a crime.”  I silently thanked God for giving me a boy....more