Don't Be a Chicken-To Buy Spring Chickens!

 It’s that time of year again, here in the South, where all the agriculture supply stores pull out their medal tubs and put out those cute and cuddly little chicks and ducklings! I personally have to remind myself not to buy anymore birds, as I already have too many. ...more

Living With Disease-You Are Not Alone

By living with a disease, I've learned honesty is the best policy. Although I don't usually offer up the gross and detailed symptoms of my disease to passersby, if they really want to know, they're going to get the truth....more
Compassion and empathy for others, accepting what we are dealt with and still smiling can be so ...more

I Quit My Brand-New Job

About a week ago, I found myself at a crossroad. I had just started a brand new job and was already asking myself, "Should I stay or should I go"?...more
Thinking of what was best for you, which is what we all should be doing! We are in control of ...more