What Worries Me About the Boys of #SAE

I used to love “If you’re happy and you know it” until I heard SAE’s twisted, bigoted version. It’s a worrisome earworm, but one that will be shaken...eventually. More worrisome are the boys who led the song in the now infamous video. (yes I know the law says they are men, but 19 years-old? Really? Men?) They don’t worry me because of their cavalier attitude while singing about lynching or objectifying a whole race’s ugly history. I’m worried they will become victims of good intentions to identify, vilify and expose racism wherever it raises its ugly head. ...more
The SAE young men displayed what they felt as a group. The "person" is smart and most likely ...more

What's Behind My Tears Over Ferguson

No indictment against the man who caused the death of Michael Brown. No need to investigate further, it just happened.A crying lump in my throat threatened to push its way into tears. I swallowed it back and sat glued to the coverage.I'm still ferreting out from where the threatening tears were coming....more
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Healing in Missouri

Something happened the other night in Missouri.Hours south of Ferguson and miles away from the blare of squawking talking heads, cameras’ glare, fortified police force and protestors, a quiet vigil was held.A small group of people in a rural Missouri town stopped, as they have every year since 2001, to reflect on what happened there August 19, 1901: the expulsion of the town’s black population and the lynching of three men that led up to it....more
nancy328 Thank you, Nancy. Healing -- of all kinds, both of sinew and bones and of hearts and ...more

Monsters Are Real

The more I think about it, the more I think we’re all on that plane with William Shatner flying through the Twilight Zone, seeing a monster on the wing that no one else does.It’s one of the creepiest Twilight Zone episodes, not because the special effects were extraordinary, but because the episode tapped into our most primal fear and our most basic need: to be heard -- or at the very least acknowledged -- and the fear we won’t....more
Parthenia Queen Agreed. I've thought for years that History needs to be inclusive of all the ...more

We're Learning to be Selfish

We're learning to be selfish, my tween-ager and I.I know you're asking why considering that  kids (and some adults too, if we’re being honest) have the propensity to believe they are the sun and the rest of us are mere planets revolving around them.Selfishness is just a built-in perk of being human....more
Pecked2DeathByChckns I LOVE gold stars! And thanks...to be honest, it only popped up because I ...more

I Knew Him by His First Name: I Grew to Call Him Dad

Percy. I only called him “Dad” selectively, usually when I needed something. My friends marveled that I had the balls to call my dad by his first name. But it wasn’t an act of rebellion; my mom called him Percy and we just parroted what she said. He never seemed to mind. It’s taken years to piece together who Percy really was and how that same Percy intersected with Dad—a title I instinctively started using only after the picture of who he was as a man, as a father, became clearer as I grew older. ...more
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Sudanese Woman Sentenced to Death: I'll Stand with Meriam

Why are the headlines filled with news about Solange and Jay-Z and not about the Sudanese woman sentenced to death for her religion?...more
An update via ...more

The Dumbest Question of Them All

A little over one year ago for the kid barely in his twenties.A month ago for the forty-nine year old rock star’s girlfriend.Barely a week ago for the twenty-two year-old entrepreneur.Come July, it’ll be seven months for the thirty-some year old mom of little ones not yet in their teens.Sometimes death by suicide makes headlines. Sometimes, the loved ones drowning in its wake are the only ones who know about it....more
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Why "But" Is a Very, Very Dangerous Word

But. It’s the lovechild of Truth and Denial, second cousin to Nevertheless....more
Elaine Griffin  I think we all do it, but (agh!) I meant AND -- just being aware of that can ...more

Forgive and...Remember

Does anger have stages? You know, like the five stages of grief?Maybe there's just two: the Anger itself and Forgiveness. I figure Forgiveness either happens quickly and replaces the anger, or it slowly sidles up to anger and co-exists alongside it.Forgive and Remember. It can happen.Right now, I'm angry. Forgiveness is inching its way to my anger but right now, that emotion is so wide, it's not leaving a sliver of space for forgiveness. Not just yet anyway....more