What Happens in a Disney World Bathroom

Unless you're in a public bathroom with me, because I might blog about it. Coming off a fun-filled holiday at Disney World with Capricorn, I've gathered enough witness testimony to declare: I think the atmosphere in the Women's bathroom is drastically different to the Men's bathroom. Every bathroom I ventured into had women complaining about hunger, humidity, male cohorts not wanting to stop ...more

Wordless Wednesday: Holiday Happenings

Just home from a long holiday with Capricorn, which brings me to my wordless wednesday post. Me, any given day that involves walking miles around crowded, humid Disney World. I can be a monster when my blood sugar dips too low ....more

Retail Confessions: Messing with Marketing Data

Black Friday, the world's worst day to work in retail, is upon us. And I used to work for The Gap. Ok, I worked for Old Navy, but The Gap owns it ....more

Sassy Starfish of Social Media

The aquatic representation of how I feel about social media at the moment. Sassy Starfish (other people) disapprove of your life and thoughts captured on the internet. Yet, she/he is sassy herself and is beyond approach of any judgment or criticism ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Post Election

Hmm... y'all see the elections last night in America? This Independent is feeling pretty skeptical about congress getting anything accomplished in the next few years - just more of the GOP bitching and acting like petulant children, in majority or not ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Halloween Decorations

This week's Wordless Wednesday is about Halloween activities left to do and cool DIY decoration ideas for cheap. Let's all go Halloween crazy this year :) ...more

Halloween Doctor Who: Let's Get Creepy

Happy Halloween Week! In honor of my favorite holiday and one of my favorite tv shows (Doctor Who) this post is dedicated to my cousin David and his awesome artistic skills of creating the DW Weeping Angel below-I'm going to challenge myself to post Halloween-only all week.Don't blink. Let's start off creepy: ...more

4 Places to Find Fabulous Plus-Size Jeans on a Budget

After spending some four hours in a department store with my mom today, I realized that there are some great plus-sized (size 12+) jean choices out there ... if you can afford them, that is. What about us girls who want great fit, but can't afford over $100 a pair? Jeans are a big deal for me—I'm 5'8, curvy, and I range between a size 14 and an 18, depending on the brand. (There seems to be little continuity in sizing. That's enough to frustrate me most days.)...more
I've had lots of luck on the resale sites Tradesy and Threadflip lately too. Bonus, not many ...more

Six Word Sentences: Harder Than it Looks

Have you tried to write six-word sentences? After being called wordy- lovingly, might I add- I was challenged to write less, tell more. A few years ago I would have said, "I have a bachelor's degree in English Literature ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Funny Ones

I never participated in the Wordless Wednesday blogging trend because I thought it was lazy. I mean, we're writers and you just want us to submit a photo and be done with it? I guess it's still a little lazy ....more