I Saw A Sex Doll at the Zoo. Twice

I witnessed Lars and the Real Girl come to life. Again: This is an update to my Sex Doll at the Zoo post because... I saw the man again! Him and his latex lady love were well, enjoying a stroll near the rhinos at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago [suburbs]. ...more

Plus Size Sports Bras | What Works?

I was not always plus-sized, but I have always had large (plus size) breasts. Finding a great plus-size sports bra was always difficult for me. This is not a cloying attempt at attention, it's an issue that made me too self-conscious to try high-impact aerobic classes or run full on. And sports bras are generally a joke. So, I'm here to put a end to that joke for all of us. Let's find a good sports bra together. ...more

Sex is Like a Good Doughnut

I knew a girl named Karen, whom in the midst of a late-night conversation, tried to explain sex to Anna, a virgin cocktail waitress, with this analogy: "Sex is... sex is like a good doughnut."...more

Why Squats Are Not Your Friend | Working Out

I am worried about what my ass looks like just as much as the next woman. So I work out. However, I do not buy into the fact that squats are the way to achieve a perfectly sculpted lower body....more

Why Didn't He Call? He Said | She Said

Why didn't he call me after our date? Our great date. It's the question we ask ourselves. This might be the true equalizer of women: we have all had that date that went well, exchange numbers and a sweet goodbye and then he never calls back. And it's this unanswered question of why didn't he call that plagues our thoughts....more
wa2k1999 I know :) Saw him once in Vegas. Good comic.more

Burlesque: Why We Need More of It

A few nights back I was lucky enough to score free tickets to a burlesque show. From my limited knowledge, burlesque meant Dita Von Teese, feathers, sequins and dancing. Turns out it really means female empowerment, beauty, fun and yes, all the other stuff....more


Have You Seen a Sex Doll In Public? I Have.

Someone wise once said, "Write what you know." I would like add my own gem of knowledge, " Write what you see and shocks you." Because while I was at the zoo, I witnessed Lars and the Real Girl come to life. Shit got real. I was waiting for my fiance to get back from the bathroom, headed towards the nearby giraffe-safari area. Saw man near the giraffes. Then I saw his life-sized doll in a wheelchair....more

Stop Letting Cardio Kill Your Workout

I touched on this idea before in my post ...more
@sundayswithstacy Congrats to you! That is a big achievement to get the lean/muscular look and ...more

Starting My Hunt of Women's Sexual Health Apps

As I jumped on the smartphone bandwagon a little late (2013) I did the first thing many newbies do -- I browsed apps. Then I started to wander towards sex-related apps... ...more
@AlyssaMompoint Thanks! I'll take the a look.more