And the Band Played On | Writer's Block

I have started drafts for four posts... and then I saw something shiny and inspiration left me. Hopefully this will pass, because I keep writing, just haven't quite put something together that feels finished enough to publish ....more

14 Unanswered Questions in Life

Perhaps you would call them Rhetorical Questions. I call them the things that will keep you awake at 4am. And I haven't come up with a decent answer yet, but in case you want to give it a try: 1 ....more

5 Things A Stripper Taught Me

I'm talking about Life Lessons: My friend Natalie was a stripper. She was not a girl who climbed the stage at after a few too many--she did it for a living, she made decent money and she had many side businesses/projects at the same time....more

What Kind of Woman Owns A Sex Shop?

Have you ever wondered what kind of person opens a sex shop? Through the wonderful women of The Urbaness, I was able to meet and interview Searah Deysach of Early to Bed, Chicago's first women-owned sex shop. She was charming, intelligent and took every question I had (and incoming store customers) seriously ....more

What Would Your Warning Sign Say?

Have you heard the quote: If you had to wear a warning sign, what would it say? ...more

Apparently They Hate Me In Kansas

Dita said it best. Be the best peach you can be. One of the first things you'll discover in marketing is the root word: Market ....more

4 Plus Size Dress Looks For Less

For me to create a post that includes full-body pictures is a big deal. Because I like to keep my privacy as much as I like to talk to you all. I'm still in the middle of my weight loss, even though I think I will always be a plus size woman; but I have areas I wish to tighten and tone ....more

Summertime Update - Totally Not Like KISS

Hello Readers, Just like the band KISS, I need a break once in awhile. Unlike the band KISS, I will not be embarking on four (?) farewell tours and manufacturing coffin merchandise. Seriously No, this isn't an option ....more

Find Plus Size Workout Clothes

Finding plus size workout clothes can be difficult. Being plus size and working out can feel like you don't belong amongst the hotties in crop tops. When I started I felt self conscious, so I tried to find cute workout clothes to make me feel more attractive while I set out on the journey to get fit ....more

Secret Stuff We Do When Home Alone

Imagine you're home, it's just you and you know no one will be showing up anytime soon: What do you do? Which behaviors do you change (hide?) when your significant other or roommate leaves? I wanted to know, so I took a survey ....more