What to Wear to Work

Michelle Pimm is back with her fashion expertise on what to wear to work. Her advice for networking over coffee was so great, I know you’re going to like this one. So if you just started a new job or need to upgrade your work wardrobe, keep reading! Thanks Michelle! XO Katherine Image: Elle ...more
Great photo and the tips are right on point! Love them all. My tip: Best Cardigans and button up ...more

Katherine Schwarzenegger's Summer Reading List: 12 Great Books

As the weather heats up and we spend our weekends at the beach, what better way to enjoy those rays than with a great book. Here is a list of 12 great summer reads to take with you no matter where your summer travels take you! ...more
I think I might buy The Vacationers for my dad for Father's day.  Thanks for the summer reading ...more

VIDEO: My Morning Beauty Routine

So last week I did another video with the fabulous celebrity makeup artist, Jamie Greenberg. We did a mini tour of my morning beauty routine and even got a chance to talk about my new book! Finding the right routine that makes you feel beautiful everyday is so important to your self-confidence, so I shared a few of my beauty rituals and favorite products. It was so much fun!! Check out the video below… A few takeaways from this video:...more

Head Therapy: Tips for Healthy Hair

Maintaining a healthy head of hair requires effort, especially during the colder months. So I thought it would be a good time to share some helpful tips that will keep your locks looking lovely all year long. ...more