Prepare for Cyber Monday

Black Friday is just one of the best sale days we are lucky enough to have these next few days. I am not one for shopping Black Friday deals but Cyber Monday I am all about. I have a few ways I like to prepare for my shopping on Monday. ...more

Yeast Free Chocolate Syrup

In honor of National Chocolate Day, I figured I would share one of my treats while going yeast free. Yeast Free Chocolate Syrup. It kept me from wanting to eat all of our cupboard snacks and allowed me to feel like I was indulging. It's so easy to make quickly and you can double or triple to have some on hand at all times. ...more

What Scares Me About Having a Baby

This is in no way shape or form indicative of my current state (non-preggo lady here) but after 2 years of marriage it has come up that we might eventually, possibly, potentially, entertain the idea of bringing little humans into the world. There are days where I think I am fully capable of this when the time is right. Then, there are other days where I ask myself, uh, really, can you do this? Thanks, anxiety. ...more

DIY Framed Ring Holder

The Framed Ring Holder has been floating around Pinterest for a few years now but it's still a popular, personalized gift to hold your wedding ring and engagement ring. It's really easy to make and can be personalized to the recipient's taste. I included one in each of my friends engagement gifts baskets but they also make great bridal shower gifts, wedding gifts and birthday gifts. Easy, personalized gift.  ...more

Being Royal

If I Were A Royal  If you haven't heard, there is a new set of Royals in town. The new show on E, The Royals. I love reading all about the royals and I was one of the crazy ones that got up at 5 am the day of William & Kate's wedding just so I could watch it. I am actively watching to see if their new bundle of joy will be a boy or girl....more

5 Ways to Kick the Winter Blues

If you're over the cold, snow & winter, raise your hand. My guess is that more than half of the country has their hand raised. We are entering into the dreaded part of the year where we just want winter to be over. Spring cannot come soon enough.As we await the awakening of spring and continue to curse the season that is winter, there are just 5 simple things I think you can do to kick the winter blues....more

5 Goals for 2015

As we enter the New Year, I am even more excited to make my goals and resolutions for 2015. Ever have one of those years where you just have a feeling it's going to be amazing? That's this year.There will be a best friend baby, a best friend wedding, a best friend moving back to the East coast and celebrating two years of marriage. Mixed in all of this excitement, I will be working hard to achieve my best self this year....more

Grief | It Just Hits You

You don't see it coming. There is no warning. It just hits you.This time of the year it comes at you full force.It could be the smell of a fresh tree or the laugh of children.Maybe it's cooking a family recipe or the change in weather.Whatever might trigger it, you can never be sure. It just hits you.  One minute you are laughing and singing your favorite song.Then, it just hits you and you are overcome with immense sadness.As much as you want to be ok, you want to smile and decorate the tree, you can't....more

10 Reasons to Love December

Happy December everyone! Tis the season am I right? In case you aren't sure why you should love December as much as me, let me give you 10 Reasons to prove my point. ...more