10 Things a New Blogger Needs to Know

If you do not know my blogging story, it started when I was going through a lot of things and wanted a way to document my feelings and also be able to write. It was on a platform called Webs and I kept it primarily to myself. ...more

Having Coffee at Central Perk from the Hit TV Show Friends

This weekend. If there would be words for this weekend, there just wouldn't be any. It was a weekend of celebrating my husband's birthday and a weekend of spending time with friends.  Friday night we headed to Philly to see Aziz Ansari. He did not disappoint. Had me laughing the whole time and especially loved his jokes on relationships.   ...more

Fall Wardrobe on a Budget

As we are almost full into fall mode, it is time to update the fall wardrobe. There is just something about sweaters, boots, fall basics that makes you all warm and cozy.   ...more

Everybody is Fighting a Battle: Including Robin Williams

It was utter and complete shock when learning of Robin Williams untimely death. Especially, when his representative released the statement that he had been battling "severe depression" and it was suspected suicide. The guy that put a smile on so many of our faces was depressed. The guy that caused us to break out in laughter the past 15 years was depressed. The guy who seemed to have it all, a wife, kids, fans. The guy we have all grown to love felt like there was no other option available to him but to take his own life. ...more

Body Image After the Wedding

Your wedding day. You worked so hard to get to that day looking your best. You munched on salads, tried crazy diets and avoided sweets for months to drop those pounds. Maybe even a slight stomach flu to help you drop those last 5 pounds. After all of that, you looked amazing. The dress fit flawlessly and you pranced and danced all night, glowing in your new marriage and hot body. Because you are supposed to drop weight to be beautiful, hot on your wedding day, right? But after the wedding, after the pounds make their way back, comes a new body image struggle. ...more
I had this on reverse...I wasn't worried about my weight prior to the wedding, even though I ...more

I Want All of You, Forever. Ode to The Notebook

It was 10 years ago the greatest love story ever written was brought to life. Brought into our homes, Noah and Allie and their love that withstood time. A love that every girl, woman can ever dream of. The kiss in the rain, run into his arms, write 365 love letters kind of love. Because after all, If you're a bird, I'm a bird. ...more