Where's the Beef?

If you've logged in to the farm Facebook page or followed us on Twitter or Instagram, then you may be wondering where the cow came from.  I'm going to take a few minutes to give you the low-down....more
You probably know these since you've been following a Paleo diet for some time, but just in ...more

Life is Crazy!


Photo Walk

One of our local camera shops holds these amazing "Photo Walk" events.  Basically, a bunch of people get together at a specific location and take photos.  It is open to all ages, all skill levels, any type of camera, and it is free.  The staff from the store is on hand for tips and advice, and you will meet a ton of people that are willing to help you out.  Who could ask for anything better?...more

Life is Good!

I love it when things work out.  I posted previously that I was going to build a honey warmer.  I know, some of you were like, "What?"...more

Productive So Far...

I've been doing my best to get some spring cleaning done.  I know.  It's not spring, but I'm running on Bee Light Savings Time, and there's no time like the present.  If you have no idea what Bee Light Savings Time is, catch up on the post I wrote previously - Solving The Problems of the World!  ...more

Success or Failure!

I committed to posting on this little blog of mine for the entire month of November, and I almost made it.  I missed the last two days!  I was really bummed about this, but this is the closest I've ever come to actually doing it!  I posted something every day!  Days that were crazy busy!  In the end, we were just having too much fun!...more

Thanksgiving Day Countdown!

I have no business sitting down at my computer right now, but I love you guys and I wanted to share something real quick. Yesterday I told you that I tend to go through rooms without an ounce of sentiment.  Getting rid of things that are not being used or worn, and therefore I deem them as clutter. Well...I'm struggling with something. ...more

Solving the Problems of the World!

Solving the problems of the world is a daunting task.  So daunting, I would never consider it.  I would be happy just to solve my own problems, and possibly the problems of those near and dear to me.  I am no where near accomplishing such a feat, but I think I may have made a small break through.  I have struggled all year.  I have felt over-whelmed, under prepared, and like I've just been hanging on to the shirt-tails of life, flapping in the wind behind it as it blows by.  ...more

God's Promise

register what? if you are in need of promotion. you may contact pohaa.net,  we can help you do ...more

The Upside!

We have more than one toilet.Hauling water to the barn is a workout.Probably getting a new phone this week....more