All in a Day's Work.

I want to fire my Cat!

Can You trust YouTube?

What can Brown do for You?

You know what I'm talking about.   We've all heard the commercials.  We've all seen the army of brown trucks roaming around our streets.  They move at top speed and a non-stop pace.  Right up until you ask them to deliver something like this... ...more

I'm Here.

Okay, so I might be back.  I was going to take the whole month of April, but you know how things go...they change.   Change is good people! This may have been a confusing time for some of you, and I realize now that I could have taken some extra steps in explaining what was going to take place on this blog for the month of April, but I didn't and for that,  I apologize.   ...more

Chapter Six

Feeling not so refreshed from her bath, she must have sat on the couch for an hour or more.  Could it all be a nightmare?  Will she soon wake up to find that nothing has changed?  As she sat on the couch, trying to sort through the million thoughts running through her mind, she just cried.  Not even attempting to look for a tissue this time, she grabbe...more

Chapter Five

Sliding into the driver’s seat of her brand new Lexus, Amanda checks herself in the mirror.  At first glance, she startled herself.  The look in her eyes was a little more menacing than even she was used to.  At second glance, she gave herself the once over and a nice smile.  This was going to be fun.  The dirty work had already been done.  Now just to see the look on that little slut’s face when she realized who she had been messing with, and what it had cost both of them.  Amanda...more

Chapter Four

 Heading south with a truck full of supplies, the weight of the last couple of days seemed to really get heavier.  I’m so tired.   Turning off the paved road, I made my way for the old house at the end of the road.  There were no other houses built on this road, and as soon as I made the turn, I felt like I could take a breath finally.  Quiet. ...more

Chapter Three

The alarm sounds and he hits snooze.  Automatically, his brain kicks into gear, going over the list of things that need to be done today.  Not waiting for the next alarm to sound, he hits the top of the clock, shutting it off, and throws the covers back.  He drops to the floor beside the bed, just as he does every other morning, and knocks out fifty push-ups.  Not wanting to deny his abs, he turns and knocks out fifty sit-ups.  Feeling the heat in his abs, he grins and heads for the shower.  At six foot even, he has a very athletic build....more

Chapter 2

Seeing this old dusty town appear on the horizon brings tears to my eyes.  Damn it.  I don’t have time for this!  Pulling over to the side of the road, I reach for my bag.  Surely there is some tissue or a napkin in here somewhere.  I hate crying.  I have always found it frustrating to cry.  I hate being weak.  It’s just at this moment, I have too many emotions to manage.  I really feel out of control.  Damn it!  Where is a tissue when you need it?...more